HOW and WHY to use HONEY to wash your face... trust me!

August 27, 2013

Hi all,
I have been using honey on my face for about two months now and I cannot believe the difference it has made to my skin. 
I am prone to hormonal spots at certain times of the month and I also notice my skin get worse when I am stressed, am eating a bad diet or if I am very tired. Previously, I would have normally always had 5-6 small spots and 1-2 larger, more noticeable ones. Since using the honey this has completely changed. I rarely have larger spots now and my smaller ones are only really noticeable on close up inspection! 
I still get the odd blemish here and there due to other factors but the overall tone and feel of my skin has been massively improved.
Honey is SO good for your skin… Here are some reasons why:
- It is Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial so really good for spot prone skin. It will kill all the nasty bacteria on your skin and in your spots – stopping them in the tracks and preventing more coming.
- It is very moisturising. It locks the moisture in leaving your skin feeling very soft.
- Honey contains beneficial enzymes and these can be anti-aging.
- It is reported to soak up impurities, removing them from the skin.
- It is full of anti-oxidants which are known to be excellent for you and your skin, showing some restorative properties (e.g. reducing acne scars, etc)
- You can buy honey anywhere – no need to go to an expensive or specialist shop
- It is inexpensive to buy and a little goes a long way, very low price daily face wash.
- Tastes nice if it accidentally goes in your mouth!
So now you know WHY to wash your face with honey, here is HOW:
-          Start with a make-up free face (honey will not remove make up)
-          Dampen your face slightly
-          Put a small amount of honey into your hand and use two fingers on your other hand            to apply it onto your face in a circular, upwards motion.
-          Keep clear of your eyes!
-          Either splash your face with water or use a face cloth to rinse the honey off.
-          Gently pat your face dry.

I don’t even need to moisturise after I’ve washed my face with honey! It feels so soft and  supple, none of that horrible tight feeling you get with most face washes or soaps.
Now enjoy your spot free, youthful looking, extra moisturised skin!
You're welcome :-)
Rach xx
p.s. If you find it easier, you can watch my video about honey that I have posted to my YouTube channel. Here is the link:
Honey Video

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