My Natural Skin Care Routine

August 28, 2013

How I look after my skin WITHOUT using chemicals or expensive products...

Hi All,

Here are the details of my current skin care routine:

I like to keep things simple, if I made it too complicated or long winded I would never stick to it! Also, I think your skin responds best to being left alone as much as possible, with just a little help here and there to be at it's best.

So, here is a summary of what I do:

  • Dry brushing (all over)
  • If I'm not having a shower I wash my face with honey (click here to watch my video)
  • If I am having a shower I wash my face, neck, shoulders, chest and underarms with honey
  • I also wash with my own DIY body wash of castile soap and coconut oil
  • After the shower I moisturise with Coconut oil or Coconut and grapefruit oil
  • If needed I apply tea tree oil on blemishes
  • I apply homemade DIY lip balm after brushing my teeth

  • I use the Oil Cleansing Method to remove my make up (if I wore any that day) (click her for my OCM Video)
  • Appy tea tree oil to blemishes (if needed)

  • DIY simple Sugar scrub (body)  (watch the video here)
  • DIY Face mask (honey & banana) (watch the video here)
What kind of routine do you follow? Are you looking for inspiration as yours isn't working or do you have some great tips to share?

If you prefer to watch rather than read you can see my You Tube video here: skincare routine video

Rach xx

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