Natural Hair Care (Hair Care 101)

October 09, 2013

Hi all,

Since about March this year I have been trying to look after my hair in a more ‘natural’ way and I have seen excellent results. I wanted to share some of my tips and hope they help you too.

Washing Frequency

Try not to wash your hair too often, it strips your hair of its natural oils and dries the hair out. On the other hand you don’t want greasy hair sat on your scalp so it can’t ‘breath’. It’s my opinion that you don’t want a build up of dead skin and other such nasties sat on your scalp as I think this will hinder your hairs’ growth and is generally not good for you. I think you need to find a happy medium that suits you. 
I try to have one ‘uncomfortable’ day per wash cycle; that is one day where my hair feels (and looks) greasy before I wash it. This can mean I go two to three days without washing my hair but it all depends what I’ve been up to, how much I’ve been to the gym, etc.

Wash your hair ‘properly’

By this I mean shampoo twice, condition once. Every time. Make sure you only apply shampoo to the roots and your conditioner should only go onto the ends of your hair. Your ends will dry out quicker than your roots as they are further away from your scalp and the natural oils it produces. While you must try not to get shampoo on your ends as it will dry them out, the opposite applies with regards to conditioner – you need it on your ends but not on your roots because they get conditioned naturally by your own natural oils.

Avoid Heat

Try your best to reduce how much heat you put on your hair. If you blow dry your hair 
every day at the moment why not try to do it every other day instead? Then you can wean yourself off gradually! I used to blow dry and straighten my hair everyday but now I use my hair dryer once or twice a month and my straighteners even less.
If I do use heat on my hair I make sure I use a heat protecting spray – one chemical filled product that I actually do recommend everyone should have. Why not let the chemicals take the brunt of the heat instead of your hair.

Use weekly treatments

Either buy a deep conditioning masque like the Macadamia Deep Repair masque or use a DIY hair oil like the one I featured previously – click HERE to read more. (video and updated blog post to follow next week!)

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

Use hair friendly tools

I strongly recommend buying a tangle teezer or something similar. You really can feel the difference when brushing your hair – it is much gentler. Also make sure you use ‘ouchless’ hair tyes – metal free ones won’t pull your hair out or damage it as much.

Avoid chemicals where possible

Did you know that Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) is the main ingredient in most commercial shampoos AND in industrial degreaser? Not a nice thought is it? I try and avoid this where possible as I find it irritates my eyes, sinuses and skin but it is easier said than done. I have found it impossible to buy a SLS free shampoo from a ‘standard’ shop and can only find them online or in specialist shops. They are also much more expensive and my budget doesn’t stretch to it at the moment. I am making do with a ‘low sulphate’ shampoo from 
Tresemme, I picked it up in my local Asda at about £5 for a fair sized (750ml) bottle.

Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo

Love your hairdresser

If you are trying to keep your hair healthy and encourage it to grow your hairdresser should be your best friend. Regular trims will keep you looking smart and your hair looking healthy. It will also encourage your hair to grow – I try to get my hair trimmed once every other month and because I go regularly I only need a very small trim each time.

What you eat will shine through

For really healthy, shiny, long hair you need to make sure you have a good diet. Your body will only work on growing your hair as a last port of call. What I mean by this is that it will look after your vital organs, muscles and immune system before it turns to your hair, nails and skin. Make sure you eat an abundance of fruit and vegetables so that your body has lots of nutrients spare to use for growing luscious, long locks. And, I say this all the time but it can’t be said enough: drink plenty of water. It will work wonders for lots of different things including your hair.

Hope you found some or all of these tips helpful and that you can try them out.
Rach xx

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  1. Love it! I am going to have to put some of these into practice :)

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