Recovering from a Holiday! Can I get back to clean eating??

October 02, 2013

Hi all,

At the start of last month I was very lucky, I spent a luxurious week away in the Algarve... All inclusive meant 'All indulgences' for me!

Normally I find that a low salt, low sugar diet with very little 'processed' food or 'white carbs' works really well for me. It means I have the energy (and the patience) to keep up with my little girl, it keeps my skin clear and helps prevent my frequent headaches.

On holiday I knew that I was slipping well off this virtuous path... but I didn't care! There was no work to go to, no deadlines, no washing up, no cleaning or tidying! It was heaven and I lived in this consequent-less bubble for a whole week, loving every second.

However, when we landed back in the UK I landed with a bump! If I'm honest I had felt bloated, lethargic and slow while on holiday but it didn't matter as we spent our days in or next to the pool doing everything at our own pace. When we came back home to all the usual house work, pre-school and work related tasks that needed doing again I hated feeling so sluggish.

It has been a couple of weeks now since we got back and I have weaned myself slowly back onto a 'cleaner' diet again. I am finding it VERY hard to fully wean myself off sugar. In it's very nature it is so addictive - the more you have the more you crave and I find it impossible to go cold turkey. As I said I am prone to headaches as it is, so cutting out sugar would be a nightmare, also I would never have the energy to get through a day with my (nearly) 4 year old if I just pulled sugar straight out of my diet without a bit of a transition.

Long story short - we got back on the 12th September and I am still eating more sugar than I would like to be but I am struggling to 'kick the habit' and next time I solemnly swear that I WILL NOT be falling off the wagon so spectacularly! I will certainly indulge my sweet tooth a bit but no amount of ice cream or cake is worth this much struggle when you get back home!! (In my post holiday opinion... This is a typical hangover induced 'I am never drinking ever again!' type statement.)

The moral of the story is that I genuinely enjoy eating a healthier diet; the benefits well out way the sacrifices or difficulties, so I will not be straying too far off my virtuous path again!

Hopefully I will be able to write again next week telling you that I am living 'clean'... hopefully I don't relapse again at Christmas.... Hopefully... Oh. Dear.

Anyone got any coping techniques?? How to wean off sugar? How to avoid falling off the wagon in the first place?

Rach xx

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