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October 23, 2013

Hi all,

You may remember in my hair 101 I suggested using hair ties that are thicker or have no metal joint on them? Well, I'm going to show you how to make your own for mere pennies!

First off, buy some 'Fold Over Elastic' or FOE for short. You can get this from sewing or craft shops, or good old Ebay!

Next gather the following: 

  • Fold Over Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Lighter (to seal the ends)
Now, I am not prepared or organised enough with dedicated photos for this blog post but I have taken some screen shots from my video. (sorry!)

You can watch the video by clicking here, or continue reading below.

1. Put the elastic over your wrist with extra on either side (you need this for the knot)

2. Cut the elastic at the desired point (remember to do more rather than less - you can always cut more but you can't add it back on after)

3. Tie the elastic in a knot. Keep both ends together, loop them then push them through)

**This final step may require adult supervision or assistance, please be careful with the lighter and fire.** 

4. Hold the lighter a good distance from the ends of the hair tie. The heat from the flame will seal the ends (you will see them move and curl up a bit) so it will not fray.

Now you are all done!

You can wear these hair ties on your wrist as cute little accessories, or (of course!) in your hair.

As they are thicker they are less likely to leave a kink/band in your hair when you take it out of the pony tail. They are less likely to damage or rip your hair, they take seconds to make and only cost a few pennies each.

Here some photos of the little beauties in action ;-)

I hope you've enjoyed this little tutorial, I love making these hair ties and I use them all the time. They are very 'in vogue' right now actually so if you wear these you will be right on trend! Fashionable and looking after your hair, two very important things right? :-)


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  1. I love these! I keep meaning to make some, but FOE doesn't seem to be in any craft stores near me. Thanks for reminding me about it. :)

    1. I buy mine from eBay, very inexpensive and loads of choice! :-) let me know if/when you do make some, I'd love to see them. I've just used up the last of my FOE so need to buy some more in a different design now... love the pink but want something else next time. Thanks so much for commenting! x


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