An Introduction To More Natural Cleaning

November 11, 2013

Hi all,

So, I talk a lot about reducing the amount of chemicals we put on our skin but we come into contact with some pretty dangerous compounds when we clean our homes.

This blog post is just a really quick introduction and overview. Here I tell you about some simple ingredients/tools you may want to purchase to help reduce the amount of chemicals you use when cleaning.

Microfibre Cloths
These are widely available and hugely effective.
Use them for dusting and polishing - without any sprays or other products
They clean your windows or mirrors easily and effectively without smearing at all.
They hold 5 times their weight in liquid so great for mopping up spills instead of kitchen roll (which then gets throw away - not very green!)
I use them throughout my house BUT NOT for washing up or on kitchen sides as they hold onto the grease too well and get ruined!
They have a long life, remember to wash them WITHOUT fabric softener as it will render them nearly useless.

Vinegar (white or distilled)
It has a strong odour but is extremely effective and very inexpensive.
Great for cutting through grease, limescale, etc.
Cleans windows beautifully (specific details to follow in another post)

Bicarbonate of Soda
Adds an abrasive quality to your natural cleaning.
Great for drains, dishwashers, etc.
Keep an eye out for another post all about Bicarb, how and why to use it. 

Beautiful fresh scent
Easy to get hold of and very inexpensive
All natural!
Works wonderfully for a number of reasons, I will explain all in due course!

Steam Mop/Cleaner
This is an investment but a very worthy one.
Not only can you mop your floors but you can also clean hard to reach areas, deep clean your oven, bathroom, kitchen, tiles, etc 
You can also use it to sanitise and sterilise hard surfaces without any chemicals at all - the high temperatures of the steam kills bacteria.
Very practical and easy to use with excellent results.

H2O MOP® X5™ - Steam Cleaning System

I use a steam mop pro X-5 and I absolutely love it. You can visit their website by clicking here, I am not sponsored in any way (boo!) by Thane Direct, I am just a huge fan of their product and have had excellent customer service from them. I have recommended steam cleaning to all of my friends and many have taken up my advice and never looked back! Again, I will go into more detail later.

So there is my very brief overview of natural cleaning and some advice about things to buy and use to help reduce the amount of chemicals in your home.

To keep these posts at a reasonable length I cannot go into too much detail today but more will follow soon, including specific mixtures you can use to clean your home far more effectively than the store bought sprays! I have done away with conventional cleaners and keep my house clean and sanitised without harsh chemicals. Stay tuned to find out exactly how!

I also covered this topic in a video:

My video, click here!

Thanks for reading!
Rach xx

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