Bare Minerals Get Started Kit - Review

November 25, 2013

Hi all,

Picture the scene, we're sat at the table eating our family dinner and the following conversation takes place:

Hubby: You look different
Me: I'm trying out bareMinerals make up, what do you think?
Hubby: You look glowy.
Me: Glowy good? Or glowy bad as in sweaty or oily?
Hubby: Glowy good, like healthy or something.

This is as close to a compliment as I will get: 'like healthy or something' lucky me!

But, the point I am trying to make is that even my unobservant husband noticed (without prompting) that I looked healthy, glowing and better with bareMinerals on.

I recently bought the bareMinerals Get Started Kit. I am completely new to mineral make up but I have heard a lot about how much better they are to your skin and they are a more natural type of make up. Luckily, bareMinerals make it really easy for beginners, they make it so simple. The get started kit has everything you need for your base and all I did was select my skin tone from 3 choices (I went with Light instead of Medium or Tan) -  fool proof even for a self confessed makeup-phobe like myself.

The 9 piece set I purchased was reduced from £49 to £35.28 on

It includes:
2 face brushes
1 concealer brush
1 primer
2 foundations (SPF 15)
1 Warmth (all over colour)
1 Mineral Veil (finishing powder)

Although £49 (full price) is a large chunk of money to spend in one go you have to look at what you get. If you bought a primer, 2 foundations, a setting powder, a blush and 3 very high quality brushes you would have spent about £70-80 in a 'drug store' and well over £150 if you went high end- which is how this kit feels. When the kit I had been eyeing up for a while was reduced it was a no brainer and was what prompted me to just take the plunge!

So... here is a bit of 'bumf' from BeautyBay and bareMinerals themselves, after that I'll tell you what I thought of it!

BareMinerals started the mineral makeup revolution. Their bareMinerals makeup looks like a powder, feels like a cream and buffs on like silk to give skin a natural radiance and a bare skin look.

Go bare with no preservatives, no oils, no fragrances and no other chemicals and makeup so pure you can sleep in it! Those new to bareMinerals: begin with a Get Started Kit – everything you need to fall in love with bareMinerals cosmetics and great value too. Our favourite product has to be Mineral Veil – a translucent, skin perfecting powder that is like no other face powder you have ever used.
Free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrances and other chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts, it's ideal for all skin types and conditions, from sensitive skins to acne and rosacea. The weightless, silky materials give you flawless coverage with the amazing look and sensation of radiant bare skin. Plus, it provides natural SPF15 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. What's not to love? Now packaged with a lockable sifter to prevent any spills and give perfect portability. bareMinerals SPF15 Foundation is also paraben free.

Two SPF 15 Mineral Foundations
My findings:

To be perfectly honest with you - given the choice I would not wear make up unless it was a special occasion (gasp!) I did a lot of research about natural, organic make up and it is all just SO expensive. I decided that I wanted my base (at least) to be mineral and I have wanted to make the move to mineral make up for a while now but have not known where to start.  

When I spotted this deal on I just couldn't let it go, I had to spend some of my Christmas money early.

So, later on in that dinner conversation I mentioned earlier - I was telling Hubby how amazing I felt wearing bareMinerals. I said it was like I wasn't wearing anything at all, and I looked like I had perfect skin, almost as if I was airbrushed... The hubby redeemed himself with the phrase: 'It's like Photoshop for real life'. Well done Hubby, that describes it perfectly!
Warmth (all over colour - use sparingly for best effect)
That is what bareMinerals is: Photoshop for real life! You look flawless but also like you have not got anything on your skin. It really is amazing and I have found it so empowering. Often I feel self concious with make up on - as if the people looking at me see my make up and think, 'what do you really look like though?' but with bareMinerals I look like a perfect version of me.

I won't bother going into applications methods and technical things as that is not my fortay, I do not really consider my self a 'proper' beauty blogger- I probably cannot tell you anything you don't already know about make up application. Maybe I can come back in 6-12 months time and do another post based on my personal experience of what works well and how to achieve it but for now all I will do is stick to my opinion of the product.

It really does go on, as they say, like a cream. I have to be honest I saw adverts for this on a shopping channel YEARS ago and I thought, that looks too good to be true. But it isn't! Take it from some one who has paid for the product from their own pocket and isn't being paid or sponsored to blog... This product is as good as it looks. I honestly cannot rave about it enough.

I love the fact that I have found a make up range that is good to my skin- my skin feels lovely even after a day in a full face of make up - not dried out or oily like it used to. I love that it doesn't contain lots of nasty chemicals. I cannot explain how happy it makes me when I turn over the pot of foundation to look at the ingredients list and there are just four words written there! Ah-mazing.

So, in summary, I am officially a bareMinerals girl now, nothing else will do. I have chucked out loads of my older make up and given the rest of the newer stuff away to friends. I am a convert. I've also bought their 'Get Started - Eyes, Cheeks and Lips' kit so look out for that review coming soon! 

If you are in the market for some new make up then I urge you to look into bareMinerals, it works brilliantly for me and I am sure it would be great for you too.

Thanks so much for reading (if you made it this far - gold star!)
Rach xx


  1. I love the finish of Bare Minerals foundation, but the Bismuth in it was too much for my sensitive skin. Great price though! :-) xx

    1. oh no! really? It must be difficult for you to find things you can use! I feel like I'm not wearing anything at all.. it's sooo good :-) thanks for reading and commenting, I really feel like I'm part of the green blogger community now :-) xx

  2. This sounds lovely! I haven't tried any mineral make-up before but I would love to! x

    1. I just had to take the plunge, especially with a reduced price!! Gotta love a bargain :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Aww thank you! very kind of you to say :-) xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you very much! and thanks for reading :-) x

  5. Great review! Your husband was right, your skin looks flawless :) I am a big fan of mineral makeup, never lets me down.

    1. ahhh! So kind of you to say!! thanks! :-) I can't wait to build up my collection, I wish I could just splurge and get it all now!! thanks so much for reading and for commenting, I love all the reviews on your blog xx

  6. I bought this same starter kit when I first went natural too! It looks lovely on you :-) I don't use it anymore though, due to the bismuth ox

    1. Thanks for your kind words! also thanks for reading and commenting, nice to hear from you :-) I have read up a bit on Bismuth now since it's been mentioned to me and it is a bit unsettling but I haven't had a reaction to it and I'm too in love with this set to let it change my mind! The natural beauty scene is such a minefield, one dangerous chemical is taken out and often replaced with another!! it's so confusing! I see this as a lesser evil than the stuff I was using before so will happily continue with it but maybe not re-purchase... which is a shame as I am in love!! :-) xx

    2. I absolutely loved the mineral veil too! I think if it's not affecting you, then just leave it for now. Like you say, it's cleaner than what you were using before and it's a journey :-) ox

  7. If you want to try mineral make up that it's free of Bismuth Oxychloride maybe you can check out Lily Lolo. Their ingredients are amazing!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, it's funny you mention it but I've actually just bought some Lily Lolo samples! I'm very happy with bareMinerals and I've researched more on Bismuth. Its apparently not toxic but can irritate skin so I think I will steer clear of it next time I buy. Lovely to hear from you xx

    2. Yes, it's non toxic but can cause allergic reactions so I try to avoid it although I have a couple of eye shadows with it which I feel I ought to use now I've got them. I'm loving your blog as well as your YouTube channel. I'm hesebs on you tube. You may have noticed I've posted a couple of comments.

    3. oh yes! Nice to 'meet' you :-) thanks so much, you are too kind! It still amazes me that people like my blog or my YouTube! Keep in touch, it is so nice to hear from people with such similar interest, ideals and aims. Rach xx


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