Natural Bathroom Cleaners

November 23, 2013

Hi all,

So this week's video was all about natural bathroom cleaners.

CLICK here to watch it

When I started my natural journey I kept the following ideal in mind: 'If I can do something to the same ease/quality level without chemicals then I will' and I can tell you, hand on heart, that all of the cleaners below work the same or BETTER than store bought, chemical filled cleaners.

Maybe give them a go?

Here are all the ingredients, quantities and so on:

All Purpose Bathroom Cleaner:
3/4 bottle of water
1 cup of vinegar
Juice of one whole lemon

Streak Free Glass Cleaner:

1 part vinegar
1 part water

Heavy Duty Lime Scale and Soap Scum Cleaner

1 part vinegar
1 part dish soap/washing up liquid

Toilet Bowl Cleaner:

1/2 Cup of Baking Soda
20 Drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil
Add water until you get the consistency you want
Squirt around the inside of your toilet then give it a good scrub.

I hope this helps you out and that you try some of these. I do not buy commercial cleaners any more as I have found natural options that work even better than the ones I used to buy!

Rach xx


  1. So need to try these! As we were discussing on Twitter, cleaning products are my next thing to tackle in terms of cruelty-free - I might as well avoid the chemicals too!

    1. Ooh let me know if you do! I was just cleaning my bathroom today and feeling smug that it is so lovely and shiny without any nasty chemicals.
      I guess when it comes to testing the two go hand in hand I guess, if there are no chemicals in something it doesn't need to be tested to see if it is safe... win, win for both us and the bunnies!!
      Thanks for reading, look out for next week's post about kitchen cleaners :-) x


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