Review - Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm

November 19, 2013

Hi all,

I wanted to share my thoughts on Burts Bess Tinted Lip Balm (Hibiscus). 

I bought this a week ago from John Lewis. It was £3.99 instead of the full RRP of nearly £6. 

As you may know (from watching my September Favourites video on YouTube) I am a big fan of the Baby Lips lip balms. I have two of their tinted balms and I enjoy the formula and the colour. However, I am trying to move away from chemicals as much as possible and these don't really fit the bill.

I thought that I had found the answer to my (first world) problem when I realised Burts Bees do tinted balms.

Looking through the ingredients there was nothing too scary, mostly natural oils and beeswax:

However, when I actually put the balm on for the first time I was surprised by the taste. I make my own lip balms (I swear by them!) and they don't taste of anything apart from the peppermint essential oil I sometimes add into them for some festive tingle!

So, I wasn't impressed by the 'taste' and I found that the colour 'pay off' wasn't all that great. I know it is a tinted balm and not a lip stick but I am used to Baby Lips - I find those look vibrant on your lips while Burts Bees were quite dull and no real colour to them.

On a positive note - it does glide on beautifully, it is really buttery and smooth on application.

Now the real issue I have with this lip balm is... It makes my lips dry and cracked! I am very sorry to any Burts fans, maybe their balms work well for you... but this just did not agree with me.

I'll admit it is the worst weather for lips - cold and windy - but my own DIY lip balm has been holding up well.

I tried to stick with it, using it a number of times throughout the week to try and get a really good idea of the product in order to be able to write a full and detailed review... But I had to stop using it as my lips were getting too sore. My lips have not been this bad in years.

I am so upset and disappointed - I really wanted to love this product and the brand. I feel so strongly about it that I have even asked John Lewis for my money back.

So, overall this tinted lip balm doesn't work well as a balm and it doesn't have much of a tint to it either! Based on my personal experience I would not recommend this product.

Have you tried Burts Bees before? How did you find it? Have you tried this particular lip balm? How was it for you?

Rach xx

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  1. I was going to purchase one the other day, but I looked at the ingredients on the back and noticed carmine, so I thought no thanks! Xx

    1. It's frustrating that something is marketed as 'All Natural' but clearly isn't, such a gimmick. Thanks for stopping by my little, humble blog :-) I've just checked yours out and it is great! I'll certainly be following xx


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