#BritishBloggerSelection Week 5 - Skincare

December 05, 2013

Hi all,

Well... if this isn't a great opportunity for an updated skincare routine then I don't know what is!
My bathroom shelf at the moment
As part of the British Blogger Selection (run by Ellie at http://littlevintagecamera.blogspot.co.uk/) I am given different topics to write about each week. 

I deliberately missed out last week as it was 'favourite make up brand and why'. I didn't feel I could really go into that area too much as I am in a huge transition process with my make up. I am moving into natural, organic and mineral make up as much as possible. I am still finding my feet there and wouldn't want to put my neck out to say a favourite brand as they are all quite new to me!

So... Current skincare routine...

Cleanser: Raw Honey

This is my current honey, it is fair trade, raw and from a sustainable source. I found that Rowse honey worked very well but this just works better! I picked this up in Holland & Barrett for around £3.50 but it was also part of the 'buy one get one half price' offer that they run a lot of the time so I will have saved some money there.

Make Up Remover: Almond Oil, OCM

All I need is some almond oil, hot water and a clean flannel. I use the oil cleansing method to remove my make up as long as I am not feeling really lazy. If I am feeling tired and can't be bothered then I must admit I do reach for Maddie's baby wipes: Huggies Pure

These are not ideal so I do keep their use to a minimum but they are reasonably gentle on my skin. I used some Superdrug wiped the other day as I was with a friend and it was all she had - ouch! My eyes were stinging and my skin actually tingled!! Couldn't believe it! I think my skin is getting more sensitive the less I use on it.

Day moisturiser: Organic Rosehip Oil 

If my skin feels like it needs moisturiser after my shower or wash then I reach for my Rosehip oil. I don't use it every day as the honey often leaves my skin feeling supple, smooth and hydrated.

Night moisturiser: Argan Oil

This stuff is amazing. I put it on just before bed then let it work it's magic. I bought this bottle in my local wholefoods store and I am not sure how pure, organic, raw, etc it is so now I know it is worth the hype I will invest in a purer oil next time.

Body moisturiser: Coconut Oil

I love, love, love my organic, fair trade, raw coconut oil. It leaves me feeling so smooth and with a healthy glow. I am so relieved that after years and years of itchy, scaly, frankly disgusting legs I can finally show them off with pride... well, not too much pride as it is the middle of winter and I am so white I am practically translucent! But, I do love how they feel now. And no more itching!! Yay!

Lip Balm: DIY

I'm still loving and using my DIY lip balm, I will get a blog post and video of that up soon, hopefully in the new year. I now have some mineral pigments that I want to mix in to try and make my own tinted lip balm after the Burts Bees fail!

Weekly Face Mask: DIY; Banana, honey, clay or similar!

If am having a bad skin week I always turn to my honey and banana mask (click here) but I have been loving my clay masks recently as I seem to be quite on top of my skincare and not suffering from too many break outs *frantically touches wood*.

Other: Sugar Scrub (brown = body, white = lips)

I also like to exfoliate once a week using my *DIY sugar scrub* it it so simple to whip up and I have a jar sat in my bathroom now. I find it leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I used to suffer with a lot of ingrowing hairs but with exfoliating and waxing I seem to have undone almost all of the damage caused by the evil epilator! I do not wish to comment further on the matter, please respect my privacy at this difficult time... !! haha!

What's your skincare routine? Bloggers - Leave your links below as I would love to read more :-) What do you think of my routine? Am I missing something? Have you tried any of the methods, oils, etc that I mention? How did you find them? Please let me know!

Thanks ever so much for reading,
Rach xx


  1. Great post! I have loved using honey for the last week I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin already so thanks for that tip ;) I am also loving my DIY Scrub that I made after being inspired by you and its such a great product and so easy to make! I unfortunately suffer from ingrown hairs too and think it might be down to my epilator. I broke it about a month ago so havent been using it recently and have noticed a difference in my skin! What do you think is better about the new honey you've tried? I'm just using Rowse at the minute - do you think thats pure enough?

    Amber xx

    1. I still think the Rowse is a good, affordable option - especially if you are trying out honey as a cleanser for the first time. I think it is quite pure but maybe a bit over processed meaning the goodness is in there still but there would be much more goodness left in the raw honey. I did the same with coconut oil, bought the cheapest of the cheap first and found it worked well so switched to the raw, more expensive version when I was happy... and it worked even better! xx

  2. I used to use an epilator too but my legs were just so horribly bumpy that I had to stop. Although it kept the hairs at bay longer, my legs were never smooth and always looks like chicken skin- gross!
    Coconut Oil is one of my favourite multi-purpose oils. I use it as a face cleanser, moisturiser, elbow cream and to even out dark skin patches. Great post X

    1. I found the epilator okay for my underarms but HORRIBLE on my legs... I get them waxed now instead. I've found a lady I like who doesn't charge a fortune! You're local to me aren't you? I could pass on her details if you ever need anyone :-) I've been shaving my underarms but I want to switch to waxing them... I just can't let them grow in at the moment as it's xmas party season!! haha! Don't think I could rock the Julia Roberts look at my black tie do!! lol! When the parties are over I'll bite the bullet and let them grow so they can be waxed instead... ouch!
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, glad you enjoyed it xx

    2. Yes, please do pass on the details! I go to a lady in Rodbourne for eyebrow threading and I think she does waxing too but not sure how much she charges. Not sure I could face having my armpits waxed, ouch indeed! X

    3. It's a lady called Sunita, her salon is called Mad About Makeup and it's based in Studley Grange Garden Centre/Butterfly World. Her number is 07540 603 359... she is such a character, really chatty and lovely. A half leg wax is around £11 and under arms £5, bargain! I'm always happy when I come away from a visit with her, she does a great job and she can talk for England :-) love her! x

  3. Fantastic post, you can't beat Huggies for removing make up! £3.50 for the honey and look how large is I'm intrigued do you apply this and remove with a hot flannel? Do you find it sticky like does it leave anything behind? Really wanted to try Roseship oil I hear its great for your skin....I can't wait for the d.i.y lip balm post! So many li scrub ones knocking about but I've not seen one for a lip balm yet :D x


    1. yeah, I have all my natural options but sometimes I just feel too lazy and reach for the wipes! I'm only human and they get the job done! lol.
      I have a whole post and a video on honey: http://allnaturalaspirations.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/how-and-why-to-use-honey-to-wash-your.html
      It's not sticky if you wet your face first, it just glides on :-) in the shower I just wash it off with my hands, if I'm not in the shower I use a flannel.
      Doesn't leave anything behind but soft and supple skin :-)
      I want to do the lip balm one right so I'm waiting till I'm not so busy and get exactly the right light etc as I want to do a video on it as well...
      Anyway, enough rambling from me!
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting :-)
      Rach xx

  4. I love this post! Love your DIY's, I also like honey as cleanser and as a mask :-) Coconut oil is too much for my face but I love it in my hair as a deep conditioner, and I'm also a fan of DIY lipbalm & facial oils. Local honey (to you) is the best if you can find some as it helps with allergies :-) I used to use facial wipes, just can't do it anymore though, my skin feels like it's burning, so had to give it the chop! ox

    1. Thank you very much, that is very kind of you to say :-) yeah I cannot get on with coconut oil on my face, just on my body. It doesn't seem to soak in to my face very well. I think next time I replace my honey I will try to do it with local if possible. Luckily I don't suffer with hayfever any more, ever since I had my daughter for some strange reason! Pregnancy can do some weird and wonderful things to your body :-)
      Thanks for commenting, lovely to hear from you as always :-) xx


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