Menstrual Cups - Anything and Everything There is to Know!

December 13, 2013

Here is everything you have ever wanted to know about menstrual cups...

(In case you haven't guessed this post will contain words like; period, blood, vagina, etc. If this is not something you want to read about then click away now!)

I did a video on my YouTube channel, click here to watch it.

As this is likely to be a long post I thought I would break it down into sections.

Who is a cup for? Who can use one?
Any female that has periods.
Young, old, women who have had 1 baby, 10 babies or none!

How much does it cost?
My figures are based on a FemmeCup which is the brand I have used since I was 18/19 years old.
I paid (UK) £17.99 for my cup, no postage.
If you assume that, on average, you have a 5 day period using 20 tampons (daytime) and 5 pads (over night) at about £4 per period working out to be £50 a year.
You would only need to have 5 periods for the cup to pay for it's self!

Is it safe?
Yes. It is much safer than tampons or towels, here's why:
  • Made from FDA approved medical grade, hypo-allergenic silicone
  • Cannot leak or release molecules
  • Never been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
  • Does not interfere with natural vaginal moisture levels and self cleaning process
  • Material used does not support growth of bacteria (unlike tampons or towels)
  • Not absorbent
  • Does not upset the acidic environment in the vagina therefore doesn't increase the risk of infection
  • No BPA or phthalates

Is it better for the environment?
Yes, much!
The average woman gets through approx 11,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime - imagine if we all switched to re-usable cups! What a difference that would make.

FemmeCup say that you can keep your cup for as long as you feel comfortable, up to 10 years. I kept my first one for 5 years, the next for 2. Unfortunately I left it for too long (like, a few days) in sterilising solution and it went all sticky. Oops! My bad, as they say. That's the trouble with being a working mum, you lose track of things every now and again... *sips on cold cup of tea*

Can I wear it while sleeping, swimming, exercising, etc?
You can use while doing anything...
Well, that's not entirely true, I think the only thing you can't do while using your cup is have sex! I don't think I need to explain to you how it might get in the way...

I want to buy one but I'm a bit embarrassed or shy...
Don't be. Aside from the fact that periods are (unfortunately) a natural and inevitable part of life for us girlies, the FemmeCup is delivered in discreet packaging with no reference to what is inside. Your Postie and your neighbours won't know what your delivery is!

What are the other benefits?
  • No need to carry spares around with you during the day
  • A cup can hold three times as much as a tampon or towel
  • Will never leak (if inserted correctly)
  • Cannot get 'lost' or stuck (your internal muscles will get it out again)
  • Perfect for an active lifestyle
  • Once it's in no one would ever know - no string or anything showing externally
How do you use it?
It's very simple and easy, you just need to get the hang of it - which you will in about 2 tries.

I wet my cup to make it easier to insert. There are various fold methods which you can see on the femmecup website by clicking here. You'll soon see which one you are most comfortable and what works best for you.

Once it's in - you can forget about it for 12 hours! I put mine in before my morning shower then change it in the early evening.

To 'change' it all you need to do is:
Wash your hands (duh!)
Get 'in position' over the toilet - think squatting with legs apart - be as lady like as you can! haha!
Bear down as if you need the toilet, this will push the cup further down so you can reach it.
You should now be able to reach the 'tail' of the cup, I use this to pull it down further.
Now that the base is very close to the entrance of the vagina you can use your fingers to grasp the base of the cup and firmly but slowly pull down.
As the cup gets to the point where it is nearly out slightly bend the cup so it comes out kind of diagonally - this will be more comfortable!! again, this is something you will get a feel for when you do it yourself, it is difficult to describe but it will be obvious to you when you are doing it.
Now the cup is out tip the blood into the loo and flush it straight away.
Waddle over to the sink (with your trousers round your ankles)
Rinse your cup in running water (I find warm is best)
It is ready to go back in and stay put for another 12 hours.

So, in summary, the cup is a more cost effective, eco-friendly, hygienic, healthy and convenient way to have a more natural period. It is suitable for women of all ages - any one who has periods would benefit from switching to a menstrual cup.

I hope you've enjoyed this post. Let me know your thoughts and experiences.
Rach xx


  1. Love how you managed to add a touch of humour to this (as let's face it not the most glamorous of ubjects!) but super informative and helpful google can make things sound scarier then they are sometimes! So this was useful :)

    1. aw thanks :-) that's so great to hear as I did try to make it light hearted but informative, not the easiest! Thanks for reading... and well done if you managed to read the whole lot! It was a loooong post lol xx

  2. I'm really glad you posted this! I know it's not something that everyone likes to chat about nor might find it embarrassing, but I've always wondered how the cup works. And you don't change it for 12 hours?! Wow. I might just invest in one as I find sanitary towels annoying and don't particularly like tampons either. Thank you dear :-) xx

    1. Yeah 12 hours of freedom is amazing! You honestly do forget you are on your period, you feel so fresh and clean and free! as you can probably tell, I am a bit of a fan :-) glad you found this useful and I've demystified it a bit :-) xx

  3. I just took a look at their website and it was reduced by 50% today so I purchased one! :-) xx

    1. awesome!! I really hope you like it! Give it a good go and it'll soon be second nature and you'll be converted I'm sure :-) xx

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