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December 16, 2013

Did you know that... it's Christmas next week?! Next week!

I feel like I have been saving, planning and organising for Christmas for EVER and now it is finally here!

Luckily I have been able to keep on top of everything as I go along - cards are written and posted, presents are purchased and wrapped. If, however, you have suddenly remembered some last minute gifts that you need then panic no longer! Keep reading to find some gifts that are easy to make and don't require anything difficult to find/buy. You should be able to get everything you need in your local super market.

p.s. sorry in advance for the bad lighting in the pictures- they were taking at night and on a dark day, kind of inevitable this time of year :-(

DIY Sugar Scrubs (just two ingredients)

Months and months ago (back in August) I posted a DIY Sugar Scrub recipe that you could knock up in seconds, just by mixing sugar and olive oil together. I often give sugar scrubs as gifts - pop them in a nice jar and tie a ribbon round them to have a luxurious handmade gift to give to your nearest and dearest.

Okay, I hold my hands up and admit that the mini wooden scoops I added were sourced on eBay and not the easiest to find... but you don't need them for this to be a beautiful gift.

I got the jars from Asda (£2 for a set of 3), the ribbon was from TKMaxx but you can find similar in supermarkets, the sugar is organic demerara from Asda mixed in with some pure, unrefined, organic golden granulated sugar  for different textures.

I mixed the sugar with almond oil as it is less greasy but these are intended to be used in the shower and would be perfectly acceptable with good old trusty extra virgin olive oil.

All you need to do is mix sugar with the oil of your choice, add a ribbon and voila! A lovely gift that will help keep the recipient's skin soft and moisturised.

Reindeer Hot Chocolate - Cute, fun and easy

Oh my goodness I love these! So simple, so easy and so inexpensive! I found these on Pinterest aaaages ago and just knew I needed to make these for some special people.

These are such a cute idea but so easy to make, I made these with my 4 year old to give to her pre-school teachers and her ballet teacher.

Here are the items you will need: (all from Asda and Tesco)
Fair trade Hot Chocolate
Mini Marshmallows
Disposable piping bags (for icing cakes, I got mine in a pack of 10)
Googly eyes
Red pom poms
Pipe cleaners (ideally brown or gold)
Double sided sticky tape or sticky squares

Just simply spoon some hot chocolate into the piping bags (I did 6 spoons in each which was enough for two cups of hot chocolate) then add the mini marshmallows on top.

I twisted the top and secured it with the pipe cleaners then arranged them to look like antlers.

Then I used double sided sticky squares to attach eyes and a pom pom nose (nothing else would stick!)

 Then the final, finished product was ready! Yay!

I love how cute these are and it is lovely to say that my daughter helped make them with me.

If you've suddenly remembered a teacher or helper that needs a gift from your child then you can buy everything you need from your local super market and then knock these up in moments.

I also like that this gift is a little treat and a moment of calm for the recipient, Maddie's teachers work hard and now they can unwind with this yummy treat.

We Whisk You a Merry Christmas

This is another Pinterest gem! So simple to make and nothing special required.

I chose a whisk (from Asda) that is made from 30% recycled materials and safe to use on non-stick pans. I got some Lindt chocolate (though any will do!) and put that into the whisk. I wrapped it in some florist cellophane (but anything will do really) then tied a ribbon round it.

I made a little tag that says, 'We Whisk You a Merry Christmas'.

Instead of giving a standard box of chocolates this is a bit more personalised.

What do you think? do you like any of these ideas? Do you know any good last minute gifts? I'd love to hear from you and if you are a blogger that has written any DIY gift idea posts then please leave a link below, I love DIY ideas! (In case you couldn't already guess!!)

Thanks so much for reading,
Rach xx


  1. I loveeee those reindeer they're so cute! Those jars are so cheap I paid £2.49 each for my kilner jars! Hmmm. They didn't have any in my Asda when I looked :(

    1. oops! They're big jars as well... It's what I keep my own scrub in. I always keep an eye out for jars and buy them when I see them, I have so many it's beyond a joke lol. Holland & Barrett sometimes have nice jars at reasonable prices so worth a look in there too :-) Thanks so much for your lovely comment :-) xx

  2. Some brilliant ideas I love the reindeer that is so simple but looks fab :-)

    1. Thank you :-) yep the reindeer one was a great find, thank goodness for pinterest! Thanks for stopping by! Rach xx

  3. These are some fantastic DIY gift ideas! Absolutely in love with the reindeer and whisk you a merry Christmas! :-) And it's so nice to involve your children as well. Super cute thanks so much for sharing. I might just rob some of ur ideas as presents for next year :-) xx

    1. you are very welcome to use these ideas, I love it when people think things are good enough to do themselves!
      It was nice that my daughter helped make the teacher presents, makes it a bit more special and thoughtful.
      Thanks for reading and commenting :-) xx

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  5. I love your blog, I have nominated you for the LIEBSTER award! Details on my blog >> :)

    1. Wow!!!! Thanks so much! I'll get my post up soon :-) xx
      P.s. LOVE your blog! So glad you got in touch xx

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