DIY Antibacterial Handwash Soap

January 11, 2014

This week on my YouTube channel I talk about a DIY handwash soap that is antibacterial. 

Even better, it only needs 4 ingredients and one of those is free! *Click here* to watch the video.

Why not just buy a hand wash?

I've struggled to find a 'green' or natural handwash that doesn't cost a fortune!
I want to avoid SLS as I am mildly allergic but you can't seem to get an SLS free one in the shop (even Method and Ecover have that naughty little ingredient in them). You can get some online and they look LOVELY but they are around £5 a go... I just can't justify that kind of money!

What do you need?

Just a few simple ingredients...
  • Castile Soap (any type, I used Dr Bronner's baby mild unscented, I didn't want a scent that might jar with the essential oil I used)
  • Natural Oil (I used Grapeseed oil as it is both light and non greasy. It is also an affordable option)
  • Essential Oil (to add to the antibacterial-ness of the soap. I chose Tea Tree Oil as it is one of the best for killing germs.)
  • Water (I just used tap water as I use the wash up quite quickly but you could use distilled, etc if you wanted to be extra cautious.)
You will also need some kind of dispenser, you could use an old plastic one washed out or you can buy one. I bought mine when it was reduced in Asda. 

How do you make it?

All you need to do is pop these ingredients into your chosen dispenser. I will give you a rough guide of the ratios but you can tweak and adjust it to suit you and your preferences.
1/3 Soap
1/3 Oil
1/3 Water
5 -10% Essential Oils

I add the soap first, oil next, water after and then the essential oil. Give it a bit of a shake (but not too much!) and then test it out. Normally there is quite a big margin of error, you can't go too far wrong with the ratios.


If it feels drying then increase the oil
If it feels too greasy or leaves a residue increase the soap/decrease the oil
If it is too runny then reduce how much water you use.
Before you use it each time give it a shake - just once up and down, nothing drastic but that will mix it together and froth it up a bit so you get a better pump.

And finally...

This is so customisable- make your favourite scent, use your favourite oils, add something extravagant like a bit of Argan oil to really increase the luxury feel of it, and so on! The possibilities are endless.

Remember my husband the critic?! Well he is a fan of this hand wash! My husband has said that his hands feel a lot softer since we've been using it so this is a great way to look after your hands in winter.

Not only is this inexpensive to make but it can be tailored perfectly to your tastes and isn't full of horrible chemicals.

I hope you've enjoyed this post and give it a go!

Rach xx


  1. Great recipe! I currently use my own made from Dr Bronners and water, I never thought of adding oil and some essential oils to it but it's a brilliant idea :-) Thanks for sharing this *runs off to add essential oils to her handwash* xx

    1. haha! I actually have a visual of you dropping everything and doing that right there and then!! :-) thanks for reading, glad you liked it xx

  2. This is cool will be trying it :) where can I get castile soap? India xx

    1. Hmm... I got mine from my local whole/health foods store, you can buy it online and I've heard you can get them in TKMaxx! I've not gone in there to confirm as I've been on a spending ban! sad times lol.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, hope you do try it and like it!
      Rach xx

  3. I have really dry hands with this cold weather. I am going to give this a try and see if it help improve my hands

    1. great! Let me know how it goes :-) hope it helps xx


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