DIY Bath Bombs (re-post)

January 26, 2014


This fun DIY got lost somewhere along the switch over to .com so I wanted to repost it for any who missed it the first time... (Hence why I talk about Christmas)

Okay, I am putting myself in a dangerous position here as Lush is a bit of a cult thing in the beauty blogger world but... hear me out.

So, I had my first ever Lush bath a few weeks ago, read about it *here*

In short, I wasn't impressed with the ingredients, how it left my skin, my pocket and my bath!!

I knew I wanted to make some bath bombs for Christmas presents but this recent Lush fail spurred me on even more, I set about researching lots of different recipes and ratios. I wanted every ingredient I used to add something of benefit to the finished product.

I did lots of research and found that most sites suggest similar ratios so I used a few different recipes and decided on the following figures:


  • 1/2 Cup Citric Acid
  • 1 Cup Baking Soda
  • 1/4 Cup Epsom Salts
  • 1/4 Cup Raw Cacoa Butter
  • 3ml Christmas Oil Blend 
  • Few sprinkles of natural mineral pigments (fairy dust and rosebud)

You will also need:

  • A clean water spray bottle (like a hairdressers bottle)
  • Silicone or plastic moulds (more on that later...)

Why use each ingredient?

Citric Acid:
Helps make it fizz up, help to refresh skin's appearance by brightening it and removing dead skin cells. Can also help shrink pores.

Baking Soda:
Reacts with the citric acid to fizz up, has a softening and soothing effect on your skin.

Epsom Salts:
These are great for detoxing and relieving tired muscles. Contains magnesium which is said to be absorbed through the skin and then is beneficial to the whole body in the same way as if it had been digested. Is said to help relieve headaches and migraines.

Raw Cacoa Butter:
So many skin benefits for this one! You only have to rub some onto your skin to instantly see it's moisturising and softening properties. It also smells like chocolate, never a bad thing!

Christmas Oil Blend:
This particular blend contains cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, orange and lemon. It literally smells like Christmas in a bottle! It was quite strong so I didn't need too much.

How to make:
First measure out and mix your dry ingredients. I sifted all mine to make it extra perfect:

I grated the cacao butter:

Added some fairy dust for a bit Christmas sparkle:

Next, I cautiously added the fragrance, half expecting it to bubble and fizz! (it didn't)

I mixed it well, then started to spray it gradually and cautiously with fresh water.

I mixed it with one hand whilst spraying with the other (hence no pictures of this stage lol)

In a very short amount of sprays it started to group together and hold it's shape like so:

(Ooh, can you see that little bit of sparkle?!)

Now I transferred the mix over to some silicone moulds. I did the bottom half as sparkly white then added 'rosebud' to the remaining mix to have a pink 'topping' to the heart shape.

Okay, I need to fess up... This is where it started to go a teensy bit wrong. Well, not wrong, just not perfect and pretty!

I learnt a valuable lesson... Dampness in the air will cause the mixture to continue to swell. So, you only need to half fill your moulds if they are open topped ones. If you have fancy double sided, whole shape ones then you're well away. I didn't buy special 'bomb' moulds, I wanted to use open silicone moulds so that I could re-use them for other things, soaps, cakes, chocolates, etc.

Long story short, when I came down in the morning, my bath bombs looked like this:

Well, I am only human and this was my first time! 

I didn't have time or ingredients left to make it again :-(

Luckily I have some beautiful, understanding friends who know that I'm still learning, it's the thought that counts and the bombs will still work just as well even if they are not a pretty shape! So I wrapped them up anyway and my friends still seemed happy to get the bombs!

I also experimented with smaller moulds, these turned out better but still not perfect:

See how they have kind of bubbled over? :-( Luckily they came out of the moulds beautifully, no breakages at all. Once they were wrapped in florist cellophane and tied with a ribbon they looked quite presentable actually:

I tested one out in a bowl, it fizzed up beautifully. I washed my hands in it and the colour didn't transfer onto me too much and my hands felt lovely and soft. Finally, I let the water sit in the bowl for half an hour before tipping it out. The colour didn't stain the glass bowl so I am quite confident that it won't stain a bath. I used natural mica pigments of cosmetic grade quality so they are very safe to use in these bombs.

Overall I am happy with my first venture into bath bombs, I think they work well and look quite good. They are great to tailor to your personal needs and preferences. Also, I have learnt how to make sure they don't explode out of their moulds!! (And learnt that I have some very kind - or very polite - friends)

Have you ever made your own bath bombs? I bet if you did they were better than Lush!

Rach xx


  1. Uu looks like fun, maybe I'll try making it! :) x

    1. I hope you do! Let me know how it goes if you do try it ;-) thanks so much for reading!! xx

  2. oh wow <3 Never tried Lush's bath bombs before, but I am SO tempted to make my own after seeing your super easy DIY! :-) Thank you dear xx

    1. Yeah I wouldn't bother with Lush if I was you... They use SLS in most of the bombs which baffles me! So unnecessary! Let me know if you do try them out, they are great! I'm sure yours will turn out better than mine lol... wouldn't be hard! haha! xx

  3. they look fun to make :)
    i bet they smell lovely .
    The Inked Blonde

    1. Thanks! They smelled ah-mazing, just like Christmas! My whole house smelt lovely as well :-) Thanks so much for stopping by xx

  4. Great post Rach and lovely bombs. I would have been delighted with these, even the mis-shapes. I'm with you on Lush, I used to love them then as I started getting more and more into green beauty, decided that they just didn't measure up to what I was aiming for. Shame really, as a very few simple changes to their ingredients would improve their green credentials hugely. x

    1. Thanks Annie! You are so kind to say that. I am gradually becoming more and more anti lush as they seem to be bad green washing offenders! It's great that they don't test on animals and they use some azaing, high quality ingredients but then they put the same bad stuff in there (parabens, SLS, etc) as any other high street store but charge three times the price and call it 'fresh' and 'green' hmmm... makes me angry! lol! I agree, they would only need to make a coupld of simple changes and they would be a huuuge asset to the high street. Thanks for reading, lovely to hear from you, looking forward to your next DIY! Rach xx


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