Green DIY Kit - How and Where to Start!

January 15, 2014

This is an exciting post for me, I am sure other people have written guides like this but I didn’t see one in time, I just dove head first into a DIY frenzy!

You can watch my video on this by *clicking here*.

Here is my list of what you may want to buy if you want to have a good all round DIY kit to use for lots of different projects.


Coconut oil is by far the best things to buy first and foremost. There are SO MANY things you can use this for. Make up remover, body moisturiser, hair leave in treatment, and so much more. It smells delicious, is full of goodness and you can eat it too. It works brilliantly in lip balms, body whips/butters and so many other things. If you buy nothing else – get some coconut oil.

Almond Oil it is probably a good idea to have a ‘wet’ oil as coconut oil is solid at room temperature most of the year here in the UK. Almond oil is great for hair treatments, to use in body washes, etc.

Grapeseed Oil is a good ‘dry’ oil and doesn’t leave any trace of a residue (on me) so it is ideal for hand washes, or any other DIY you want to make. It has a nice texture, no offensive smell and lots of beneficial properties.

Vitamin E oil (optional)
A great natural preservative for all DIY projects.

Notes I try to buy fair trade, organic, extra virgin, cold pressed and/or raw where ever I can. This will give the best results and will keep as many of the original beneficial properties as possible.

Essential Oils

Lavender has a lovely scent, it is soothing and calming. Great to use in bodywashes, bath bombs, etc.

Peppermint is my favourite by far! I use it in a hair oil treatment, my lip balms, etc. It has lots of great benefits to it – stimulating blood flow, encouraging hair growth, soothes headaches, and I’m sure it could get me the moon on a stick if I asked it.

Tea Tree  is the ultimate anti-bacterial oil. I use it in my hand wash, hand sanitiser, antibacterial treatment and spot treatment.

Citrus oils because I love their scents!


Shea butter is perfect for a number of things; lip balms, whips, etc. It is great for treating and preventing stretch marks, it is full of vitamin A and E. It melts quickly on contact with the skin making it ideal for hand and body moisturising DIY projects.

Cacao Butter smells amazing and I love using this in my lip balms, bath bombs and moisturisers. It can keep all it’s great properties for up to 4 years if stored in a cool, dry, dark place.
As with the oils, try to buy as natural as possible. The less something is messed with the better.

Beeswax or SoyWax

Again, try to buy the best quality you can. I bought mine in beads so that I could measure it out easily and didn’t need to grate it.


You will need a variety of different sized and shaped containers, buy or re-purpose what you need as you go along.

Castile Soap

I love Dr Bronner’s as it is organic and comes in different scents or in the baby mild unscented if you want to keep it pure and simple. This is perfect for hand washes, washing make up brushes, laundry, washing up soap, etc.


This is one I wish I had known about sooner! I love my DIY clay mask (click here to read all about it). It is so quick, easy, effective and inexpensive.  This is an essential addition to your DIY kit.
Make sure you buy cosmetic grade, good quality clay.

Aloe Vera

This is a great base for anything that you don’t want to use oils for. I’ve made a hand sanitiser with aloe, I use it as an after sun, on burns, in my hair to keep away frizz... lots of things!

And there you go! This is my idea of a great DIY starting kit. With these ingredients you can make a lot of personal care items yourself. Of course there are lots more things you could buy e.g. citric acid for bath bombs but I wanted to keep this as an overview.

Do you have any must buy DIY items? Have I missed anything?

Thanks very much for reading!

Rach xx


  1. Ooh I have so many of these! Where is the best place to buy castile soap, shea butter and clay? Andd do you think vitamin e capsules are okay? xx

    1. I'll send you some links on twitter :-) I think capsules would be fine, I've seen other people use them in their projects xx

  2. Great post Rachel, just what I have in my cupboard, DIY is so satisfying x

    1. Thanks so much! That is lovely to hear :-) I love DIY, you're right it is so satisfying and rewarding, plus you know exactly what is in it. Rach xx

  3. Brilliant post and tips :-) Thanks for the heads up about buying bees wax in beads. It was only yesterday I was browsing at bees wax and nearly purchased. Clearly my no-buy has gone out the window! Trying my best, but these are just ingredients, and what is a natural mama to do! :-) xx

    1. Thank you Louise! I can't get used to ppl saying such nice things about my posts :-) I wonder if DIY is excluded from the No Buy?!? haha! wishful thinking xx

  4. Brilliant tips as always :), I recently made my self a d.i.y foot scrub (easing myself in slowly haha) I'm impressed by the amount of bit and bobs you can get for cheaper on ebay xx

    1. Ebay and Amazon are my go-to places for EVERYTHING! especially DIY ingredients. Well done on your first DIY... it's the start of a slippery slope! ;-) Thanks so much for reading, commenting, saying lovely things!! xx

  5. Awesome post and a massive help to those wanting to get into DIY projects. I go through phases where I want to DIY everything, then get lazy and don't lol xo

    1. Thanks very much! I have big DIY stages then productivity drops off but if anything ever runs out I always replace it. Thanks so much for reading, great to hear from you, Rach xx


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