Just Wholefoods - Vegetarian Jelly Review

January 11, 2014

I love stopping in at my local wholefoods store Pulse. You can read more about why I love it so much by clicking here.

A few weeks ago I was looking through the foods on offer there and noticed some vegetarian jelly. I'm not veggie, nor is anyone in my family however I did like the idea of a 'cleaner' version of jelly. My daughter loves jelly but the thought of what is in it turns my stomach! Also, I was shocked and frustrated to read that one ingredient in the particular jelly she used to eat is aspartame. I've been feeding my daughter aspartame.
Anyway, moving onwards and upwards.

This jelly is a little pricey in comparison at £1.03 for 85g but I made 5 generous portions - I could have easily done 6 which then works out at under 18p per portion.

I picked up raspberry and strawberry flavours to try out and we made the raspberry one first.

Exactly the same as 'normal' jelly, put the crystals in a measuring jug, add hot water, stir then leave to cool before setting in the fridge.

Here is a picture of the back of the packet so you can see ingredients, etc.

I love that this jelly comes from Cirencester, just down the road from where I live.

I can't see anything too offensive in that ingredients list, especially not for an occasional treat as part of a balanced diet.

I don't have any pictures of my daughter tucking into the jelly but I can assure you she loved it! She noticed that it wasn't quite as wobbly as jelly she had before but she said it tasted yummier.

I had a little try, it is softer than normal jelly and doesn't hold it's shape as well but it is still very jelly like and tastes MUCH nicer! It actually tastes of raspberry and there is so much more depth to the flavour.

All in all this gets a big thumbs up from me and my little lady! I will certainly be buying this jelly again as it is not only healthier but also tastier. Okay, it's not healthy as in portion-of-spinach healthy but it's not cancer in a bowl like the other stuff.

Have you ever tried jelly alternatives? Maybe this one? What did you think?

Rach xx

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