#NoBuyJanuary - Introduction

January 11, 2014

At the end of November I looked at what I had spent on presents for others and I realised I had gone a bit over board. I also realised that I had got a bit swept up in the process of replacing my make up with 'more natural' versions. I had literally spent hundreds of pounds on myself and others- I felt sick!

I instantly decided to stop right there, I had gone too far and needed to reign things back in.
That was on the 29th November... I have not bought anything that is 'not essential' since then. Obviously that term is up for debate- which hubby and I often do ;-)

I was a VIP in the Next end of season sale which was too good an opportunity to miss but I was very restrained. I've bought useful things and presents for big occasions coming up next year. As Maddie is always growing I buy things in larger sizes while they are reduced so everything I have bought in the sale is to 'replace' what she has and will grow out of. I also spent about £20 on Christmas cards, wrapping paper, decorations, etc for next year. Again, I think this is 'essential' as it saves us money in the long term.
The other day I saw a 'No Buy January' post on NaturallyPaula.com and just knew I had to join in! I have done so well in December, resisting most of the sales even though I am desperate to do some serious shopping!

Paula is right... we all have lovely things already, we don't NEED anything else REALLY... *sigh*

Here is a list of #NoBuyJanuary guidelines:
(FYI - I am applying this across the board, not just to cosmetics & beauty products)
  • Basically no buy, means no purchases of any kind in the cosmetics/beauty/personal care ranges with these possible exceptions:
  • Subscription boxes: a lot of us subscribe to these monthly/quarterly beauty/eco boxes. In some cases it is already too late to cancel.
  • Run completely out of an item during the no-buy month: if you completely empty an item, then you should show the empty item prior to the repurchase (no secret stashes as this helps no one).
  • For those blogger/readers who have been on no-buy for months already: propose to allow a "treat" purchase for those individuals as they have already been doing what we aspire to do.
  • PR samples: if you receive a PR sample during no-buy month, full disclosure of said PR item as it should always be. It is up to each individual blogger if they will accept PR samples during the no-buy month.
Now, I don't get PR samples so that doesn't apply and as I have been doing so well so far in December I think I could buy myself one little treat if I find something I cannot resist. I am in the process of replacing all my make up, nail varnish, etc so I really would like to buy one new thing. 

I don't get any subscription boxes  so that doesn't apply either. Well, not yet anyway! those Souk Souk boxes look ah-mazing!

I am really excited to join in with #NoBuyJanuary from both a personal and a blogging perspective! Paula has some great ideas for blog posts on this theme, plus I think doing this publicly will keep me in check :-)

Do you want to join in too? If you are a blogger that wants to join in get in touch with Paula, she can add you to her list :-)

Thanks for reading, wish me luck!

Rach xx

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