#NoBuyJanuary - Summary

January 31, 2014

So here we are at the end of #NoBuyJanuary...

What I've gained

  • A great group of new blogs to read that I didn't know about previously!
  • A improved perspective on what I want to buy
  • A bit more self control
  • A real idea of how I want to build my make up collection

What I've achieved

  • I've added some great sale items into my collection which are staple pieces I am using on a daily basis - I wouldn't really call that a fail.
  • Resisted A LOT of January sales that I would have got sucked into normally
  • A healthier bank balance

What I've learnt

  • You don't have to buy something 'just because' or because it is on sale.
  • How to weed through the good and the bad - picking to spend my hard earned cash on the good only
  • To do your own research before buying
  • To grab the (right) sale items while you can (I still wish I had got a couple more things from Lily Lolo)
  • To use things up before replacing them
  • The world does not end if you 'miss out' on something or if you don't have what 'everyone' else seems to have
  • That I love keeping things basic and I don't want lots of clutter in my draws or extra steps in my routine
  • That I want to carry this on for the rest of the year with a 'treat' allowance

What I would have changed

  • I wouldn't have bought the nail polish remover
  • I would have bought more from Lily Lolo
  • Not got jealous that everyone else seems to have loads more stuff than me! In reality I don't want a big 'stash' or collection, I want simplicity and high quality. (not saying the collections weren't full of high quality items - they were!)

Final thoughts

I've really enjoyed #NoBuyJanuary, the whole thing... reading every one's posts, looking at other's stashes, coming up with DIYs or finding out new DIYs, finding new blogs to read that I didn't know about before and so much more.

Thank you to Paula for kick starting it all and letting me get involved. Thank you to everyone who took part, I've really enjoyed being in it with you and you've all been SO MUCH better behaved than I was!

I will go forward with the intention of continuing a #NoBuyEver but with one splurge/treat a month, I think that is more than sufficient. I will continue to gradually build up a collection of natural, mineral and organic make up that is ethical and not tested on animals.

I will try not to get tricked into buying something I don't need and I will try my very, very, very best to replace as I go along, not end up with 10 things that all have the same purpose.

How did you all find it this month? Glad you did it? Did any one else 'fail' like me? Although, I have to say I think I did quite well and got the best of both worlds in the end.


  1. I started after Christmas( before blog) with a no buy in mind and failed because I brought one sale item and a lip balm. I completely agree that once you restrict yourself you become more aware of your urges to buy! I've really enjoyed your diys! x

    1. I wouldn't call that much of a fail, that's a good month in my opinion! Glad you've enjoyed my DIYs, I do love DIY-ing so there will be plenty more to come on here :-) xx

  2. I think it was harder for you because you just stared your transition. I'm trying to cut down my "stash" of beauty items because it's gotten out of control. That can happen in a short period of time. If you've read Ana's blog post from today, that's pretty much how I'm going to approach my spending for 2014 (if possible).

    1. thanks for the grace Paula, I agree though, I did struggle cos I couldn't talk my self out of things.. it's not like I bought eye liner even though I had 3 or 4 already, I literally didn't have an eye liner so wanted to snap one up in the sale rather than buy it full price the next month! I've read Ana's post and I am feeling the same, being more mindful can never be a bad thing. xx

  3. I don't think you "failed" even if you did buy a thing or two! It's clear you learned a lot about your buying habits by participating, and if you got sucked into less sales than you would have otherwise, that's the whole idea!

    1. thanks Mary, I guess I do feel it was a success overall, thanks for recognising that and boosting me up! ;-) xx

  4. I totally agree with this post. I think "banning" yourself from buying unnecessary things makes you think twice before buying something you do need. I bought the same Lily Lolo eye shadow quad that you bought (which I love, btw) and I was considering buying the other one. However, it's likely I wouldn't use it that much and I've got a couple of the colours already so I decided not to buy it. My plan is to replace things as I use them up. I don't wear make up everyday so it's silly to stock up on things I won't use much! I think you've done very well out of this challenge.

    1. Glad you love the quad! I do too! It really is a daily go-to product so I'm very glad did buy it. Thanks for saying I've done well, that is great to hear, xx

  5. I feel like I have learned so much from this project x

    1. Me too, it really has been a great learning experience. thanks for reading :-) xx


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