#NoBuyJanuary Update & Haul, First Impressions... oops!

January 17, 2014

Okay, okay... I hold my hands up and admit complete and total failure! I lasted less than two weeks into #NoBuyJanuary before a (couple of) sale(s) caught my eye and I just couldn't resist!

Now, in  my defence, I feel like my purchases were (kinda) justified and I would have regretted it if I had not bought these things when I did. Here are my reasons:
  • I have a very limited make up collection as I have been throwing out my 'dirty' make up with the view to replacing it with 'cleaner' options
  • The items I bought were exactly what I wanted/needed and I am very happy with them
  • I didn't buy anything excessive or anything I already had
  • I would've still bought those items at a later date, but for a higher price
  • I thought long and hard about what I bought and why, I have no regrets about what I did buy and what it cost me.
For me, No Buy January is about more than just not buying non-essential things (I've extended it past cosmetics in my case) for one month. For me it is about making clever and concious decisions about what to buy. 

I want to buy high quality, natural make up and skin care options from great brands. I want to consider each purchase properly and not rush into buying things that I don't really need. I want to replace things when they run out, not before. I do not need to buy duplicates of things or similar versions of something I already own.

I cannot afford or justify spending lots of money on myself and I need to control my impulses! This has to apply across the board, 365 days a year. January was supposed to be a bit of a detox, kick start type thing. I knew I would struggle but I thought it would be good to be held accountable/be supported by fellow bloggers. (Some have been more helpful and supportive than others... not naming any names *cough* Ana, *cough, cough* Amber *cough*)

#NoBuyJanuary has been very beneficial to me. It has actually stopped me from buying lots of other things I would like but don't NEED. e.g. I resisted the Peppy Galore sale at massive personal pain! (Despite my supportive fellow blogger's best efforts on twitter, ha ha! Love you guys really)

I am still trying to stick to a spending ban. I want to try and be really good for the rest of this month and then have a healthier attitude to shopping and spending going forward. I have always struggled - I am an impulsive person and I cannot control my spending, I don't know why. There is probably some deep-rooted psychological issue from my childhood or something but we won't even go there!! *rolls eyes*

Anyway, onto the best bit of this post... the actual HAUL! What did I buy...

Lily Lolo (Sale) Total spend under £30

Molten Bronze Eye Shadow Quad - this swatched beautifully; lots of pigmentation, lovely texture, beautiful colours. I'm over the moon with this, I believe this will be my go to eye shadow for every day make up.

Smoky Slate Pressed Mineral Eye Shadow Duo - this was equally as beautiful when I swatched it, this will likely be my first choice for an evening, smoky look.

Natural Eye Liner, Black - This is creamy and easy to use. It is one of the best I've used but I've not used many to be fair! It stayed on all day and was actually a little difficult to take off! 

Natural Lip Gloss, English Rose - This wasn't quite the colour I was expecting but it is still lovely nonetheless. It goes on nicely and is very subtle. I am happy with this but it hasn't blown me away.

Natural Lip Stick, Berry Crush - This is a BEAUTY of a lip stick. Lovely formula, wearable colour that you can build up to be more dramatic. I'm super happy with this one. I have another Lily Lolo lipstick from the Christmas swap and I think I will be buying another one soon! I love the packaging, the formula, the colour... no complaints here especially as this one was only £4.50, very reasonable!

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation, Samples - I love that you can buy mini, sample sized foundations before committing to the full sized version. I am so clueless about my foundation colour, this is brilliant. 

LucyRose.biz - Total Spend - under £35

I went on LucyRose.biz to get some new mascara (legitimate, allowable purchase in #NoBuyJanuary as I am running low) but I ended up looking at nail polishes and thinking to myself... 'well, I need some polishes and I don't want to pay postage so...'

Then this happened:

Benecos Maximum Volume Mascara, Deep Black - I bought this to replace my last Benecos mascara that is running out. Last time I bought the lengthening formula, this time I wanted more volume. It is a good budget mascara but nothing spectacular. It is quite sticky and difficult to build up although it does add a fair amount of volume. While I still have a bit of the lengthening formula I may do the oldest BBlogger trick in the book and layer the two together. 

Benecos Vegan Nail Polish, Urban Grey - This is BRILLIANT I love it. I bought this as it is similar to my favourite Nails Inc polish that I wanted to replace. From the website, 'This vegan friendly natural nail polish is free from toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, phthalates, colophony and has not been tested on animals' great to know and even better that it was only £6.95. It has a lovely thick formula and goes on superbly, I am by no means a nail varnish expert so often I struggle to make my nails look presentable, this polish made it so easy for me and looked flawless in just two coats.

Benecos Vegan Nail Polish, Deep Plum - Same applies to this one, it is amazing and I will certainly buy more from this range as and when I need more colours.

Fluent Extra Strength Conditioning Nail Polish Remover by SpaRitual - This is the one and only thing I regret buying. It contains acetone and it also smells worse than the acetone free polish I normally use. On the plus side it is Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP Free. It is a little bit disappointing that the Lucy Rose site does not show the ingredients list, I took their word for it based on the description and the customer reviews but nothing substitutes actually reading the label. 

SpaRitual Nail Polish, Strike a Pose Mini - This bright pink varnish was purchased specifically for my little lady... and for my toes! I love how there seems to be a whole different rule book for what is acceptable to wear on your toes compared to your hands! Well, in my world there is anyway. This goes on nicely but is a lot more expensive than Benecos - I don't really see why.

SpaRitual Nail Polish, Sky's the Limit Mini - Same applies to this one, bought it for my daughter and my toes. I couldn't try it out as it was faulty but Lucy Rose are sending me a new one out straight away.

A Beautiful World - Pink Friday Sale - Total Spend £30

This one was probably a step too far but I had a few reasons to buy from this sale; I wanted to get some give away goodies, I wanted to try some high end brands that I wouldn't be able to afford otherwise and 10% of the purchase price was going to the charity: breast cancer care.

Butter London Nail Polish, Poole - I could not wait to try this cult polish! I would never pay the full price but jumped at the chance to own a Butter London polish (in a beautiful colour) for just £6. However... and please don't hate me... when I tried this out I was supremely underwhelmed. It's not bad, but it isn't anything special. It was a tad streaky and not that easy to apply, I actually prefer the Benecos polish at less than half the price... The bottles aren't as pretty though!

Butter London Nail Polish, Teddy Girl- Same applies to this one, the colour is so 'me' I just couldn't let it slip away. I have no nail polishes and need to gradually build up a collection, this was just too good a chance to miss. Again it isn't that amazing to apply but I'm still happy with it. I'm glad I got this at the sale price and now I know that I do not need to lust after these expensive polishes any more! They are lovely colours, amazing packaging but nothing special when it comes to application. 

There were a few other Butter polishes reduced but they weren't colours I would normally go for so I resisted the urge to buy them just because of the brand and the price - see I was thinking a bit about #NoBuyJanuary.

Collagen Paper Face Masks - I bought two packs, one for me one for an upcoming give away! I've never tried a paper mask before but I can't wait to look like an idiot wearing these!

Konjac Sponge, French Pink Clay - I have been thinking about trying one of these for months now, they have been in all the blogs I read and on all the YouTube channels I watch. As it was reduced and 10% of the price going to charity I couldn't resist. I bought two - one for me and one for the give away.

Wow, this has turned into a MAMMOTH post, I hope I've not lost too many of you along the way!

To summarise, I bought things that I needed that were (mostly) reduced and that I am really happy with. I was going to buy all of these things at some point this year and it didn't make sense to miss out on the sales.

I hope you can all forgive me for my weakness!! I am pretty much back on track now, as I said I resisted Peppy Galore's sale and that was actually physically painful for me.

How are you guys doing? I am so impressed at all of you for sticking to it so well!

Hopefully my post next week will be all about how good I've been?! Watch this space...

Rach xx 


  1. Lily Lolo is a great great brand, and their sales are SO good, I can completely understand, I couldn't resist getting a couple of the lipsticks myself as soon as the sale went up boxing day!

    Mayah x

    1. Aren't they?! I'm their new biggest fan :-)
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, it's great to hear from you!
      Rach xx

  2. I love Lily Lolo too and bought two lipsticks in the sale! I love the colour of the Poole nail polish but I agree with you about the formula. Its definitely not worth £11 in my opinion - it chipped after a couple of days even with the Zoya kit you got me in the beauty swap! Looking forward to your giveaway :) xx

    1. Glad I'm not the only one thinking that about Butter London, I knew I was breaking a big blogger rule by saying anything even slightly bad about them! I've hit 250 on YouTube, just need a few more on BlogLovin :-) exciting! xx

  3. Love your sales buys! I was going to pick up some bits from the A Beautiful World offer but they'd ran out of what I wanted by the time I got online! Sad times x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    1. Thanks Evelyn! I like them too ;-)
      Ah no, hate that when you turn up to a sale and all the best stuff is gone! Sad times indeed!
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, lovely to chat :-) xx

  4. Rach, I had the same problem with nail varnish remover. I bought a Zoya one but it also has acetone so was not happy. However, I then discovered this one http://www.beingcontent.com/cosmetics/nails/top-base-files/soy-nail-polish-remover.htm
    which is pricey but I bought for a 10% discount or something like that and just use the zoya one to remove the stickiness that labels leave on things like glass or stuff that needs a solvent to be used until I run out of it.
    Can I ask you a question? Are the eye shadows in the quad more pigmented that the duo? I´d like to get them but I have the same duo and they´re not very pigmented so I don´t know whether to spend the money on the quad. It´s the problem about online shopping, you can´t buy before you try.

    1. Oooh, thanks for the nail varnish remover tip, I will certainly look at that as I sometimes want to use it on my little girl and I never do as it worries me. Good re-use of the nasty stuff!
      Well, this is a difficult one because I was happy with both the quad and the duo when I swatched them but I haven't actually worn either of them yet. I found both of them quite pigmented so maybe you had a different batch or something?! Or I have really low standards!! haha!! (Could well be the case lol)
      Lovely to hear from you again, thanks so much for your tips and shares, Rach xx

    2. Thanks for your reply. I think that the duo eye shadow was lighter than I expected (obviously, I mean the lighter shade, the darker one it´s not too bad) and so maybe that´s why I don´t feel it´s very pigmented. I want to make the most of the sale so I´m very tempted to get it anyway.

  5. My next mission is to find a cleaner mascara. The paper masks are fab ;)

    1. Mine too! It is NOT easy to find one, I've tried two before and they are passable but nothing special, will keep working my way through and let you know if I find anything... and you let me know if you strike gold please!!
      I can't wait to try the masks!
      Rach xx

  6. I will be posting about a super clean nail varnish remover this week I think you will love it, I love Lucy Rose and Love Lula but their ingredients policy isn't as strict as my own so I make sure I research everything I buy, it's easy to get caught out. And I am not sorry for encouraging you, you bought some great things and I love the idea of mindful buying, the Lily Lolo in particular is fab! :) Xx

    1. I look forward to that post, Ana. Regarding ingredients I, too, won't buy anything without knowing the ingredients list as I've bought the wrong things in the past and it's such a hassle to return them. Unfortunately I've got an extremely sensitive skin on my face and I've had a dreadful allergic reaction in the past (known as Perioral Dermatitis) and I'm extremely careful these days. Sometimes I look on other websites (including the manufacturers' own one) for the ingredients and I've recently discovered that The Makeup Alley (the reviews website) also appear to list ingredients of products. It's a pity as I can't have beauty boxes subscriptions like Souk Souk or Love Lula because I never know what I´m going to get. On a happier note, I´ve just gone over to Lily Lolo´s website and got some goodies. :-)

    2. Ooooh thanks for the tip off Ana I will keep an eye out, I follow you on bloglovin and twitter so I shouldn't miss it.
      Do you know what... I went back to look at Lucy Rose today and they have the ingredients listed now!! They definitely didn't the two other times I checked, and defo didn't have it the day that I posted this blog post... I did tag them on twitter on the haul video, do you think they saw it and changed it?! that would be crazy and kinda cool if so!
      Noelia - Oooh what did you buy!? Sorry, I'm so nosy! you don't actually have to tell me! haha!
      thanks so much ladies, Rach xx

    3. It´s ok I don´t mind telling you ;-) The same quad and lipgloss as you; two sample foundations as I´m not sure what shade I am; lipstick (in a pink shade but can´t remember the name); kabuki brush; eye primer/concealer; the brown and black eye pencils. I know it´s a lot but they were all reduced and I´ve been wanting to try them so I though, why not? I have bought their mascara from the Naturisimo website but I´m not too sure about it as it´s a bit thick and can make the eye lashes clumpy if you´re not careful. I´m a bit limited with mascaras as I think the ones that contain alcohol irritate my eyes so I think the choice is between that one and the Kjaer Weis! (that I´ve seen). Some also contain phenoxyethanol which I don´t fancy using...oh, such dilemas!

    4. Ahhh! Wow! Quite the haul, I love it! I am on the hunt for a good natural mascara, I want to try the 100% pure fruit mascara, it sounds amazing! That will be next purchase when the Benecos one runs out, I will let you know if it is good :-) x

    5. Yes, that´ll be interesting. Unfortunately, their P&P is quite high which puts me off from purchasing from them. I got my goodies today. The quad is gorgeous and quite pigmented. In know what you mean about it been your everyday palette. :-)

  7. What a great haul! :-) Well deserved, and frankly would be rude not to with the fantastic savings! I've heard so many great things about the Konjac sponges, please do a review on it as I would really love to hear your feedback on it. And Lilylolo is fantastic I love their products. Their quality is just as fun and as good as mainstream makeup brands so u don't feel like you are missing out. Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thanks! I'm sooooo happy! It would have been rude not to wouldn't it! ;-)
      You're so right about Lily Lolo, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or gift them to ppl not interested in 'natural' make up as they are great regardless.
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting... love hearing from you Louise!! :-)
      Rach xx

  8. Great that you've discovered Lily Lolo - it's probably my favourite brand (at the moment!) - love how you've taken #nobuyjanuary so seriously!! :)

    1. Haha, thanks Carrie! I am a nightmare, my husband pulls his hair out and rolls his eyes at my buying habits, I just can't help myself! I'm so restrained and controlled in so many other ways but shopping is my vice... especially such pretty things!! :-)
      Great to hear from you, thanks so much for reading and commenting, Rach xx

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks!! soooo preeetttyyy right?! ;-)
      Rach xx


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