#NoBuyJanuary - My wish list for 2014

January 11, 2014

Okay... This may not be the most helpful thing to do whilst in the midst of a two month spending ban (I've been going since end of November) but I have a long wishlist of all the perfect products I want to find this year.
Last year was my year of DIY and discovery, this year I feel ready to tackle the minefield that is 'natural' make up and other green products. I have been learning about 'clean' products, green-washing and the ingredients to avoid. I feel now I am a very concious consumer - trying to always choose fair trade, organic and raw. I REALLY read the ingredients list and (pretty much) know what I am looking for.
I have chucked out and re-homed almost all of my old make-up... apart from my sleek palette. I've read the ingredients, been horrified but just can't bear to part with it yet. To be fair I only use it about once a week so maybe I have a bit of wiggle room and don't need to replace that one just yet...

With that in mind I only have a very small amount of basic make up: foundation, concealer, four mineral eye shadows, two mineral blushes, a natural mascara... and that's it! I have kept my 'conventional' eyebrow pencil because it took me months and months to find one I was happy with! I want to build my collection up gradually and make excellent choices along the way rather than indiscriminately buying.

So, here is my 2014 wishlist:

Make up:
A nautral, everyday lip gloss
The perfect red lipstick
A wintry, berry lipstick (may save this for next winter)
The perfect volumising and lengthening mascara (to rival The Falsies)
Dramatic but easy to use liquid eye liner for evening/party use
Natural looking brown pencil eye liner for day use
Eyebrow pencil or powder that matches and works as well as the one I currently have
Nail varnishes! I have none that I will use at the moment, they are all toxic!

A creamy, moisturising, nice smelling deodorant (I love my crystal one and it works brilliantly but the girly girl in me wants a bit more)
Safe hairspray (I only use hairspray a few times a year so this is not a priority)
Affordable shampoo and conditioner (why are the green options SO expensive?!)
Hair gel for Hubby
Toothpaste (working my way through some green options gradually)
Heat protectant (again, only use this a few times a year but still want something natural to replace my chemical filled one)

Final thoughts and a cry for help!
Going 'green' is a slow, gradual and sometimes frustrating process.
I am avidly reading as many blogs as possible to build up an idea of what brands and products are worth trying out. I am on a low budget and I find it frustrating paying out £6 (or more!) for a shampoo and realising on the first use that I cannot stand it.

If you have any 'holy grail' products that you think I should try please comment below! I can't get them yet but I will make note, I want to have ticked off everything on that wish list by the end of the year! I'm not sure if that is realistic but, I'll give it a go.

Thanks for reading, please leave comments and links to any reviews, etc below, I need all the help I can get on this mammoth mission!

Rach xx


  1. I really love Green Beaver toothpastes! The ingredients are great and it works amazing!

    1. Oooh great, thanks! I am about to try an aloe based one so we'll see how that goes then try your pick ;-)
      thanks for commenting!
      Rach xx


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