Simple Smoothie Recipe & Andrew James Review

January 11, 2014

Today I wanted to share a VERY simple smoothie recipe with you and a review of my FAVOURITE gadget in my kitchen... The Andrew James 4 in 1 Blender.
The Smoothie:

I make this EVERY morning (or a variation of this) and it really sets me up for the day. I love the smooth, sweetness of it and the fact that it is full of vitamins, minerals and other great stuff!

Whenever I make a smoothie I use 1 (fresh) banana and un-sweetened almond milk as my base. Then I add any frozen fruits I fancy. At the moment (and for the purpose of this post) I have been favouring blueberries.

Blueberries are little gems packed full of vitamin C, antioxidants and have a low GI – so they shouldn’t send you off on a blood sugar roller coaster! FYI – freezing food does not affect it in the same way that heating does, it is understood that you do not lose any goodness by freezingmost fruits and vegetables.
Personally, I make sure I use frozen berries because that really does make it a nicer texture, flavour and temperature, much more enjoyable all round.

Banana is great for you too, of course. I love the slow release energy in this trusty little fella. It gives the smoothie a creamy and thick consistency, which I love, like a healthy milkshake! It is very underrated – it contains about 20% of your B6 RDA, over 15% of your vitamin C, lots of manganese, plenty of potassium and hardly any calories (if you’re into counting and that kinda thing).
Potassium is essential for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function so it’ll keep your ticker in tact... which is kind of important, right?
I’ve also heard somewhere, but maybe this is an urban banana legend, that eating bananas helps improve your mood. I believe it is the B6 and the potassium... plus how delish it is!

Almond Milk (un-sweetened) I personally try to avoid dairy where possible, I don’t think it is great for my skin and I think it contributes to me (previously regular) headaches. So, I use almond milk as a replacement and it works brilliantly in this recipe.
The milk I use is low in calories, fats, salts and sugars with added calcium and vitamins... plus it tastes lovely! An ever so slightly nutty flavour but this is very slight, especially with the berries and banana in there too.

Optional, Chia Seeds: If you don’t already know about Chia seeds then you are missing out big time! I have a post about them on my old blog *here* so you can read how brilliant they are. I love adding them to smoothies and juices as they don’t really taste of anything but they are so flipping good for you!

How to make the smoothie: Break up the banana, add in a generous handful of blueberries and cover up to two thirds with almond milk. Blend. Enjoy!
It really is that simple!
(If you want to use them, add the chia seeds last, I just stir them in at the end)
Now onto my kitchen’s pride and joy, here is my review.

Andrew James 4 in 1 Blender and Smoothie Maker

A few months ago I was looking into buying a Magic Bullet. It looked amazing, I did lots of research and decided to save up for it and treat myself... Then I stumbled across a much less expensive version at a third of the price. I was a little apprehensive, it sounded too good to be true and normally that is bad news. However, I have a juicer by Andrew James and I have been very happy with it and despite it being very inexpensive it has never felt ‘cheap’.
Here is the full kit, you get:

• 1 Litre smoothie maker cup
• Grinder (for coffee beans, etc)
• 1.5 litre smoothie jug
• Juicer attachment
• 2 different blades
• 2 lids

I paid £27.99 plus £7.99 shipping from Amazon, you can find it *here*.

It works brilliantly as a smoothie maker in both the jug and the cup, it juices well (not amazingly, don’t buy it as a juicer), it grinds coffee beans perfectly and mixes dressings brilliantly.

I love using the cup on the go if I am in the rush. I just chuck on a lid and away I go:

This has been such a great buy for me, I have a fresh smoothie every morning and now I really enjoy (even look forward to) my breakfast!

If you want to see the smoothie maker in action you can watch my video by clicking *here*.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Do you have a blender that you love? Or is that just me... haha!

Thanks for reading,
Rach xx


  1. That is such a bargain price. The smoothie sounds delicious too

    1. yes, very affordable! It has served me well :-) and the smoothie is sooo yummy! xx


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