The Core Juice Bar - with Jen's Green Skincare

January 22, 2014

There is nothing I love more than a smoothie or a juice... apart from when someone else makes it for me and I don't have to do any of the chopping, peeling or washing up!

That is why I love The Core juice bar - even better that it is on my doorstep right here in my little town. 

Through the magic of Twitter I have been chatting with the lovely Jen of Jen's Green Skincare and we realised that we live about ten minutes away from each other!

We decided to meet up and The Core seemed like the ideal place.

I checked ahead of time that the team there were happy for me to be snapping pictures and I received the same friendly and welcoming response from them that I have come to expect - they will always have a smile and friendly word for you there!

They have a great selection of drinks - some more adventurous than others. You can also add supplements like choosing a syrup in Starbucks... but MUCH healthier! 

I decided to go for a green juice, the Super Detox. It was a lovely bright green colour and tasted delicious.

We drank our drinks, chatted about lots of different things and had a real giggle. It is SO great to meet someone who 'gets' me and why I do what I do. A lot of the time I feel like I am justifying myself or, even worse, kind of lecturing the other person! 

As the afternoon wore on Jen and I were feeling adventurous so we decided to do some shots... of wheatgrass of course! No alcohol!

I love how the 'Slammers' came out on a tile complete with a slice of orange to neutralise the taste after.


As you can see from these pictures, Jen and I both LOVED every second of the Wheatgrass experience...

(sorry they are bit blurry - my camera didn't cope well with the low light)

All joking aside the shots were good... but a bit stronger than ones I've had before!

I had a great afternoon with my new found friend... We got a few funny looks when I got the tripod out to take this picture of us:

But I think it was worth it ;-)

The Core is a great place to spend an hour or two if you want, or just pop in for a 'takeaway' instead. The prices are very reasonable considering you get some great, fresh, ingredients that work wonders for you.

I highly, highly commend the team there for their friendly ways and welcoming attitude. I also want to say a big thank you and well done to Kris and Chris for bringing juicing to Swindon. Who says that only the big cities want juice bars? The bar was very busy while we were there. If you have a local juice bar make sure you support it and keep it in business, I am very proud to have one in my town.

Not only do they make yummy juices but The Core also offer some great organic and holistic beauty treatments.

We've already decided to go back in a month or so and have a massage and juice combo! 

So, a great afternoon was had, yummy and healthy juice was drunk and plans were made to keep in touch and meet again. Can't WAIT to see you again Jen!

You can find out more about The Core here:
or you can follow them on
and Instagram: 

And you can check out Jen's blog here:

Do you have a local juice bar? Do you like going there?
Thanks for reading!
Rach xx


  1. Awww such lovely photos guys!! SO jealous that you met each other! Definitely going to be start planning something for the green blogger meet up soon with Hephzibah! Those shots look disgusting but I love your faces after drinking them ahha!

    1. Haha! our faces are a picture lol! It was great to meet up and I will make a real effort to go to any meet ups that are organised. xx

  2. Lovely place, lovely photos and lovely people! I'm with Amber, a green blogger meet-up would be so great. That post-wheat grass face! x

    1. It really was all of the above :-) and yeah.. that shot was... interesting ;-) xx

  3. Really lovely you have a like minded blogger friend nearby, everyone seems to be to the North of me. Not too sure about the wheatgrass shots lol

    1. yeah it is such a great, lucky coincidence. Thanks for reading! :-) xx

  4. Love the look of this place!! Wish it was a little closer to me though! x

    1. It really is great to have this on our doorstep... you're in the cotswolds you said in your video.. anywhere near Swindon at all?! We may be close enough for a 'southerners' green bloggers meet up?! xx

  5. It was a blast; we had so much fun and laughed loads. We were getting some very odd looks from a couple sat near us, especially when the tripod came out!
    The wheatgrass was totally disgusting and made me wanna gag - so yucky. A brilliant afternoon and one to repeat, with a massage :D X

    1. 100% agree with everything! :-) can't wait xx

  6. Looks like you both had fun. You haven't persuaded me to try wheatgrass shots though x

    1. We really did :-) haha, are you sure?!... xx


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