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February 24, 2014

This is a REALLY exciting post for me to be writing.

Since joining YouTube as a viewer well over a year ago Brianna of Iluvjesse444 has been on my radar. She is an all natural girl who has been setting rather than following this trend.

She is such an inspiration: not only does she do her best to avoid chemicals in all aspects of her life but she is also a beautiful, girly girl showing that you can still play with and enjoy make-up without compromising your health. I massively admire how she studies, runs her YouTube channel and has her own vegan, mineral make up brand.

You can watch Brianna here:

The Brija website:

and her etsy shop:

With over 12,000 subscribers on YouTube she is a bit of a celebrity in my eyes so when I found out she had her own make up line I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! After #NoBuyJanuary Brianna offered us bloggers a discount code as a reward so I jumped at the chance and ordered right away.

What I ordered and what I think of it:

I've listed the full price of each item in USD and then the approximate amount in GBP .

Chai Cupcake Bronzer $9.50/£5.69:

(Please excuse the marks on the packaging, it got wet on my window sill, oops)
****It has been brought to my attention that the bronzer looks orange- I can promise it is not! The pic looks fine on my screen but if it looks orange on yours please ignore that, I promise it is not orange in the slightest in real life!!***

This is possibly my favourite purchase of all natural make up so far!

I do not consider myself much of a make up expert as I always avoided it before, it did not do my skin any favours and would sometimes make me itch so please excuse my terrible descriptions, swatches, etc! For better product information please go to Brija Cosmetic's website.

This is easy to apply, wears well and has a slight, subtle shimmer to it in the light. It is not over powering in any way but it still shows up brilliantly. I think this is the only bronzer I will ever need!
Electric underworld Eye Shadow $5/£2.99:

This bright, icy blue is stunning. I wore it the other day to a family celebration. It lasted all day, looked stunning and I felt so pretty and confident in it.

This is about as adventurous as I get with eye shadow and because it is so easy to use and blend I was not scared about doing it wrong.

Unfortunate Souls Lip Pencil $8.00/£4.79:

This is very reasonably priced (like all of the Brija stuff!) and it goes on smoothly. It stays on well, even after I had eaten I could still see a bit of shimmer and a bit of colour. I particularly like to put this on over top of another, richer colour.

Power Puff Girl Samples $3.75/£2.25:

Boss, Brave and Bubbly

These colours are great too! I want to be more adventurous in my eye colours and not just wear the same, neutral tones every day. Samples are a great, inexpensive way to experiment with more 'extreme' colours. Having said that 'Boss' (left) is a lovely, shimmery neutral colour that I use all over my lid. I will be buying Boss in full size on my next order.

Again, if you want to see more detailed swatches and info please go to the main site, I would not be able to do justice to these sahdows with my pictures and descriptions! I am NOT a 'beatuy' blogger or make up expert!

Whitelighter and Keith Scott free samples:

Brianna also kindly sent me samples of Keith Scott and Whitelighter. I love both of these! It is as if Brianna watched my videos/read my blog and picked out the two shades that she thought would suit me best!! I am sure that didn't happen but it's as if it did! I am very sure I will buy the full sizes of both of these. I need an inner corner highlight colour to replace my Bourjois shadow (featured in a previous post Giving Up Favourite (Dirty) Make up) and I think Whitelighter would be a great choice. I've used Keith Scott as a crease and outer V colour combined with Boss.

Shipping and Taxes - useful info for UK buyers

Now, I still suggest that you check shipping and taxes info for yourself before placing any orders, this info may be incorrect or out of date. I looked on the .gov site before ordering just to check how much I might have to pay in the way of taxes. This is what I found copy pasted directly from the Government Website:

Tax on goods bought from a non-EU country

If you're ordering or sending goods from a non-EU country to the UK, even as a gift, you may have to pay Customs Duty, Excise Duty and import VAT.

All other goods (i.e. not perfume)

If you order or send purchased goods other than alcohol, tobacco, perfume and toilet water from a country outside the EU then you:

  • don't have to pay Excise Duty
  • may have to pay Customs Duty on goods with a value that exceeds £135
  • will have to pay import VAT on goods with a value that exceeds £15

Note that on all goods from outside the EU, Customs Duty is waived if the amount of duty calculated is £9 or under.

Because I didn't buy a huge amount I didn't have to pay taxes.

International shipping from Brija is currently $7.50 which is approx £4.50 - a very fair price! Especially considering my order arrived within two weeks! (Obviously dispatch and shipping times can vary and are outside of Brianna's control)


I'm so happy I bought these items, I can't wait to buy more! I will be buying full size versions of some of my samples but I also want to try out lots of other things from Brija now I know how high quality and long lasting the products are.

I wish I could be an eye shadow master like Brianna - she is so daring in her colour choices and always looks immaculate. She has an eye for picking out colour combinations that match well and suit her perfectly, she blends like a ninja (whatever that means haha!) and I am always in awe of the looks she creates.

I am not quite there yet, I am a timid newbie at the moment. I've never really played with or enjoyed make up before because it would make my eyes itch and feel sore most of the time. However, if anything is going to encourage me to be more confident it will be Brianna and Brija. 

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  1. Nice review!!! I heard a bit about her make-up range :-). Wish the powder was pressed :-) x

    1. thank you :-) I always feel more comfortable with pressed shadows but the colour pay off and the longevity of the loose shadows that Brija do make it worth the faff and mess! Also, I want to try pressing some shadows soon, I have ordered some pans and a palette, I'll be giving it a go soon and will, of course, share it if it works well! xx

  2. Unfortunate souls looks pretty! I can't wait for my order to arrive too, very excited for chai cupcake!

    1. ahhh! Chai cupcake is the BEST! It actually makes me want to use blusher when I always used to shy away from it. I look forward to seeing what you got if you do a haul post :-) xx

  3. Lovely makeup :-) Not heard of this brand before....the Unfortunate Souls lip pencil sounds so nice xx


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