Natural Headache Relief & Prevention

February 19, 2014

This may not be a glamorous 'beauty' post but if you suffer from regular headaches then hopefully this post will be of use to you.

I did a more detailed video on this topic, *click here* to watch it.

A bit of a life story:

I have always been prone to headaches. Since hitting puberty I my headache frequency and intensity have gradually increased until about two years ago I was suffering from a headache on a near daily basis. I would say that I would have a headaches about 4-6 times a week with migraines 2-3 times a month thrown in for good measure.

About a year ago I reached a point where I couldn't cope any more, I needed to sort out this problem. Rather than go to the doctor to get something to relieve the pain of the headaches I decided to look into preventing them instead. I've learnt a lot over the last year and wanted to share my findings with you in case they can help you.

All the tips are good tips in general if you want a 'healthy' lifestyle and through this process of change I have not only reduced my headaches right down to about 1-2 a month but I have also lost weight, increased my energy levels and reduced my stress levels too.

Main Causes
  • Dehydration
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle
  • Genetics
  • Hormones
Let's tackle genetics first as that's the one we can't actually do anything about! I believe that DNA has a part to pay in how prone you are to headaches - my mum suffers from them a lot and I have inherited this trait.

Lifestyle is another factor for me. If I am tired or stressed I will get a headache. This is quite hard to control and I am always looking into ways to tackle these two because I believe they are closely related - if I'm tried then I get stressed out a lot either over small things, if I am stressed out I feel tired and struggle to sleep! 

Diet is a big factor for me. I find that high salt or high sugar foods give me headaches so I try to avoid them or only eat them in the evening when I can sleep it off! (oops, bit naughty I know but we all like our treats) 

I like to snack regularly (on healthy options) so as to keep my blood sugar levels constant, this keeping my hormones as level as possible. I read about this in the book Overcoming PMS the Natural Way and have found it works very well for me.

Dehydration is always a huge factor for me. If I start to feel a headache coming on I normally know it is because I haven't been drinking enough water. 

Caffeine is a debatable and interesting topic - it can both help prevent and cause headaches! It opens up the blood vessels, increasing blood flow, which can prevent a headache. Having said that, too much caffeine will give you a headache. We all have different tolerance levels and you can judge for yourself but I avoid caffeine altogether. 

One thing I nearly forgot!
This occurred to me at about midnight last night! And, unfortunately, I forgot to include it in my video. If you are suffering from regular headaches it is worth a trip to the optician to see if you need glasses or an update to your prescription. You may not realise it but your eyes might be working extra hard trying to focus - you may even be squinting! 

If you do need glasses or a change in prescription you may find your headaches disappear! 

Headache Relief - things to try before reaching for the pain killers
  • First thing I will do is drink a big class of water.
  • Massage (temples & general head massage)
  • Warm wheat pillow with peppermint essential oil
  • Peppermint essential oil in a burner, in the bath or carrier oil
  • Sleep (works wonders!) 
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  1. I read on Eco Eccentric's blog this morning that Peppermint oil works great to ease headaches - this really is new news to me. Thankfully, I don't suffer with them that often. But it's always good to know...I could've done with knowing about it a few days ago my head was killing me lmao. :-) Great post and advice as always dear xx

    1. I saw that too in her going green tag :-) It's such a nice smell any way, bonus that it helps me with my head aches!!
      Thanks for reading :-) xx

  2. Another great post Rach :) This one hits home for me, as I have been suffering from severe migraines lately and it is probably from all of the things you mentioned (combined). I have been trying to drink more water and manage stress a tad better :) Love peppermint essential oil!

    1. Thank you! I hope that maybe this post helps you in some way, nothing worse than a migraine, it knocks you out for the rest of the day once it hits :-(
      Thanks for reading, lovely to hear from you, hope your health improves xx

  3. I suffer really bad with migraines and have done for ages! I know people assume it's just like a headache but there awful, I get like the whole shabam sensitivity to light, dizzy, sick urgh I literally have to sit in a dark room cold flannel not the most sociable of options, I find peppermint oil works really well to soothe I also love Tiger balm massaged on my temples, off to watch your video nows :) x

    1. Hee hee, hope you enjoyed my video :-)
      Migraines are awful aren't they :-( not much you can do once one hits.
      Thanks for reading xx

  4. Great post Rachel, I get terrible headaches and my warm wheatbag is my lifesaver when they happen. I usually use tiger balm on my temples which eases the pain but need to try the peppermint oil. A very dark room is also a must! :)

    1. Thank you, you're the second person to mention tiger balm, maybe I should get some! Or see what it's made of and DIY my own version ;-) thanks for reading xx

  5. Your added tip for glasses & headaches was true for me, a number of years ago I was having a terrible time & went to the opticians and came out with glasses & bobs your uncle felt a lot better. I have a VDU prescription so go yearly and I always know if I will need changes to my lens as guarantee the headaches return about a month before appointment is due. I also find Tisserand Head Clear can help, I start with this rather than instantly pick up the pills.

    1. I can often tell when my prescription is due for a change... I will look into that tisserand head clear, sounds good. Thanks for reading xx

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