The Great British Budget

February 04, 2014

I am very excited to announce that I have joined the panel on The Great British Budget panel!

So why have I joined? Apart from the adorable piggy mascot(!) I was drawn to this idea as I am a avid budgeter. 

We have spent years struggling as three people on a single income, I now work part time but we are still not 'well off' by any stretch of the imagination. 

For me, this month long challenge will be about continuing on from #NoBuyJanuary with a sustainable and sensible attitude to spending.

Now, one quick (personal) thing to explain is that ALL money earned by myself or my husband goes into a joint account, out of that joint account we pay ourselves a small amount of spending money into our personal accounts - these personal accounts are our own, the other person has no say over them and, more often than not, no interest in them! Hubby can buy as many ridiculously expensive PlayStation games as he wants while I can feed my own addictions without (much) judgement! 

I pretty much 'run' our joint finances and - even if I do say so myself - I am really good at it! I know all my figures, dates of direct debits, I shop around, we don't spend out more than comes in... but then, with my own personal money it slips through my fingers like water!

So, my target for this month is to re-write our joint budget (with Hubby's new job and travel costs in mind) and to write a personal budget for myself... and stick to it!

Want to get involved too? By signing up to the Great British Budget challenge you’ll discover the secrets of good budgeting, share tips with other members, get motivational emails and the chance to win £50 in high street vouchers by taking part in the daily Twitter photo challenge:

I can't wait to share more exciting posts with you about The Great British Budget challenge. Watch this space!
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  1. Oh wow, this sounds brilliant! This should be something I look at I've been reviewing my money and spending habits at the moment and it's disgusting how much money I'm wasting every month, I've started saving again but I defo think something like this would encourage me to be better with money xx

    1. :-) defo check it out, you get daily money saving tip emails plus lots of other online support... I'm going to be held accountable by this so I will be on my best behaviour ;-) Rach xx

  2. I definitely need to be better with my money as I have no idea what happens to it. So any help would be gratefully accepted.

    1. Your in luck! I'll be doing a budgeting post very soon and passing on lots of tips that will hopefully help you out! Thanks for reading :-) xx

  3. This is fantastic! Can't wait to read more posts about it xo


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