#2014BloggerChallenge - Nails!

March 03, 2014

Gaby gave us free reign with this topic - NOTD, nail care, nail art, etc... Faced with all this choice I decided it would be a good opportunity to talk about my take on 'natural' nail varnishes.

What I think:

Now, in my opinion, you will never find a truly 'natural' nail varnish. *sharp intake of breath* 

Hold on there... before you hate me... To make a colour stick to your nails you will have to use some chemicals but you can, of course, use brands that avoid the nastiest ones.

Let me tell you what I think about nail varnishes - they are feminine, beautiful and make you look really 'polished' (pahaha! Polished! I crack myself up sometimes). I love wearing them but never used to bother much as I knew they were full of chemicals, were a hassle to put on, smelt really bad, didn't do my nails any good and wouldn't last that long anyway.

Now that I have found some brands I like that have less chemicals in them I can enjoy nail polish more BUT I do try to keep my use to a minimum as I'm still not sure it's great for my nails to be painted too often or for too long. I do keep my toenails painted pretty much all the time though- feet are so ugly they need to be made prettier somehow!

Brands I like:

Benecos Vegan Nail Polish is a brilliant brand. They are high quality, easy to use, reasonably priced, vegan friendly, and is 'five free' which means no toluene, formaldehyde, camphor and colophony, phthalates. It is not tested on animals.

They don't have a huge range at the moment, I am sure more will be added. I am eagerly awaiting some bright, girly spring colours, hopefully they will bring some out soon!

Priced at £6.95 for 9ml

Avril Cosmetics have a great range of nail polishes. Now, these ones aren't as high quality as the Benecos ones, you definitely need a few extra coats to make the colour opaque. Having said that, it doesn't bother me as they are so inexpensive! 

These polishes are 'seven free' which means they have no parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates, toluene, xylene, camphor or rosin.

They have a great colour range and also offer a joint base & top coat polish. 

Priced at around €3 for 7ml 


That's the limit of my natural polish recommendations I'm afraid! I tried two polishes from Spa Rituals - I found them okay but not anything special. They are more expensive than Benecos and not any better (in my opinion). 

I also have two polishes from Butter London, if you read/watched my haul you will know that again, I didn't find these brilliant and I certainly wouldn't pay full price for them (over £10). Butter London offer some amazing, unique colours but I just don't find them very easy to use and they are 'only' three free. (No green snobbery here though! Three free is a step in the right direction and better than nothing!)

Nail Care

I don't have much of a routine for nail care. When I moisturise with oils I make sure I rub some into my nails and cuticles. I also keep my nails trimmed fairly short to keep them looking healthy. As I said, I keep my nail polish use to a minimum, probably only painting them two or three times a month... a large part of that is laziness on my part though! I tell myself it's nail care though.

Other Care:

I've said it before and I'll say it again! The biggest beauty secret is to eat right and look after yourself, this will work wonders for your hair, skin, nails etc. I have always had the worst, cracked, dry and ridged nails... I've also always had the worst diet. Fussy eater who wants to be thin = low calorie and low quality diet. The best thing to happen to my nails was when I finally realised that I could eat as much as I liked as long as it is nutritionally beneficial to me. I would respectfully suggest you do the same!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, if you're part of the 2014 challenge leave your links below so I can read you nail posts :-)

Thanks for reading,
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  1. Where did you get your Avril polish from? I've got one that I got from a Souk Souk box. I've only used it once on my daughter and it flaked off after she had a long warm bath. It's a lovely orangy coral which is probably best for toe nails. I'm not that bothered about it as if I ever put it on my daughter's nails (which is veeeery rarely) I'd rather she had something like that on. Like you, I don't like to have nail polish on my finger nails very often as I feel my nails can't "breathe" properly with it on. Plus I work in a hospital and I'm not allowed to wear it anyway.

    1. I got mine from www.mondebio.co.uk which ships from France (I think) and the postage was reasonable considering how many things I bought.
      We think so alike, nail varnish is not a big thing for me but I do like to have the option every so often and occasionally let my daughter wear it (a few times a year I'd say). Everything in moderation I guess.
      Rach xx

  2. Great post as always I hate nail care such a faff, have you heard or tried the brand Zoya? Saw a review on Nouvelle daily recently and they sound pretty good and kinda natural(ish) just wondered if you'd tried any from the brand :D x


    1. I've heard about Zoya, it looks and sounds ah-mazing! It is on my list to try out but I'm trying to slow down my spending a bit and the last thing I need is nail varnish haha! I will DEFO be buying something from then reasonably soon, I will let you know what I think... likewise please let me know if you try them :-) xx

    2. Zoya are great. To me they're as good as any normal nail varnish but 4 free.

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