DIY Brush (spot) Cleaner

March 19, 2014

A few weeks ago I took to twitter to ask my fellow green bloggers for some help finding a make-up brush cleaner for spot cleans between colours. Some great suggestions were made and then someone (sorry I don't remember who) told me that there are plenty of DIY options out there.

I immediately googled 'DIY brush cleaner' to see what I could find. I saw a few natural versions and a few not so natural. They all had the following in common - Alcohol for cleaning and something to condition. I didn't find one that I was 100% happy with, plus I wanted to come up with something original so that I could share it with you guys!


70% rubbing Alcohol 
Distilled water
Rosemary Essential Oil

How to make:

Pour the alcohol into a spray bottle, filling it about half way. 
Pour the distilled water in to top it up to nearly full.
Add 3-5 drops of Rosemary essential oil (number of drops depends on the size of your bottle)
Add a tiny squirt of your normal conditioner
Shake well to mix it all up

Click HERE to watch my video on this DIY

How to use:

Spray onto the brush once or twice then rub off onto a tissue or old towel. Your brush should be ready to use again straight away.

Story behind the DIY process:

I uhmmed and ahhhed about including alcohol in my spray. I am not keen on the idea of it on my skin but it does have excellent anti-bacterial properties. I would normally use oils for killing germs but that would not work in this case. In the end I decided to include it as it is not going to be sprayed directly onto my skin, it will go onto the brush and then mostly be rubbed off. I decided to keep the alcohol level quite low and use distilled water for purity. 

Next I needed to add something to condition the brushes, again I wanted to stay away from oil as I thought that it would sit heavily on the brushes and not mix well with the water. I know that rosemary essential oil is great for conditioning hair so I thought that would work well in my mixture. I also added a squirt of my normal hair conditioner that I use in the shower.

I've been using this mixture for a number of weeks now and it works brilliantly. It cleans well, isn't overly wet so the brush is ready to use again straight after. Great for me as I have a limited collection of brushes and very few that do the same job.

How do you spot clean your brushes? Let me know!
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  1. I like this DIY! I make my own spot cleaner as well, but using only alcohol and water - might try to add some oil in it too. At times I would accidently spray some on my hand and have to run like a bullet to wash it off before it gets absorbed into the skin haha

    1. Thank you ;-) haha I have the image of you panicking and rushing to a sink! xx

  2. Great post! In the past I have used natural soap and water, and that has worked OK, but I like the idea of using the alcohol! Kathryne @getunsullied

    1. Thank you! :-) The main thing I like about this (and why I decided to keep the alcohol in the recipe) is the fact it dries pretty much instantly and then you can carry on using the brush - ideal for me as I don't have a million brushes! Thanks for reading :-)


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