Haul and Spending Ban!

March 14, 2014

If you can keep up - I'm currently trying to build a bit of a make up selection/collection as I don't have much to use and back in December I started at pretty much zero. 

I've bought quite a few things and I have got a few more to share with you in a haul BUT I feel like I have most of the basics covered now and need to rein it in again. I've decided to implement a spending ban again and not buy anything non essential until after my birthday (which is in May).

I actually decided this on the 26th February and... drum roll... I haven't gone off track yet! Whoo!

You can see from this post and my three other haul posts (collective ones in January & February plus my Brija haul) that I am building up a nice selection of different products from various different, affordable brands. So, here is a quick summary of what I've bought over the past few weeks:

The All Natural Face:

I bought lots of samples... lots!! I forgot to take a picture straight away so there are no pictures of all the blushers and foundations (I put some of the blushers into little pots to make them easier to use). 

Oh. My. Goodness. This site is so reasonably priced!! And the products are such great quality! I will be going back there for foundation for sure. Plus I want to buy a lot, lot more! 

I bought the blusher samples (27 for $5!!) all foundation samples in my range (a mini kubuki brush and over 25 samples, some I can use for contouring - bonus!) the lipstick samples (5 plus one free and a lip scrub) the eye shadow set (10 colours of your choice plus a primer). I can't believe how much I got for so little money! I also got a free diva stix primer sample. 


Again, very low prices on the products but this one has much, much higher shipping costs. I used a vita cost code to get $10 off which softened the blow a bit. (FYI my code is RFP7KYRU if you want to benefit from $10 off your first order: www.vitacost.com) I'm not sure I'll order from them again unless I need something specific from them that I can't get anywhere else.

I'm excited to try all of these products! My first natural hairspray (goodness only knows how this will go!)

A really raw and organic honey (you never can have too much honey, right?)

Weleda Skinfood because, well because it's Weleda Skinfood! This gets a lot of love from a lot of people so I hope it is good!

Yummy Yogi Tea in flavours I haven't been able to find in my local shops:

Dessert Essence shampoo and conditioner because Shannon of Glamour Wonderland mentioned it in a favourite videos a few months ago... and it was so inexpensive!!

Concrete Minerals:

Site: www.concreteminerals.com

This site offers a specific tester kit to bloggers and Youtubers (conditions apply) so I took advantage of that... And I'm so glad I did! I am sure I will go back to them again in the future.

If you are a Blogger or YouTuber with a certain number of followers you can benefit from their offer, click here to read more.

I will do a full post after I've used them a few times but here are some swatches - the colours look amazing in person - I can't wait to use them! (light swatches with just one sweep, pretty impressive right??)

L-R Jet, Queen, Confession, Domino, Gossip (Matte Colours)
L-R Sweet Catrina, Souljourner, Lovey dovey, Prude, White Rabbit 
L-R Kinky, rocked (samples)
Beautifully Organic:

The Zao Organic samples were still available on their site so I stocked up on different shades of lipstick plus a beautiful creamy concealer.

Site: www.beautifullyorganic.co.uk

Kris D'Amour:

Again, another samples offer. Good sized samples, you just pay for postage. You get lots of info in with your order which I think is a great touch. I like both of the oils but wasn't keen on the body butter. I found it had a funny smell to it ~(maybe the avocado oil?) and my skin soaked it up so fast that I needed to use large amounts of it. The oils are lovely and you can tell they are high quality but I prefer plain oils over mixes. If you're looking for a great, high quality oil blend then this is the place for you!

Site: www.krisdamour.co.uk

Bloom Remedies:

I needed a moisturiser that wasn't an oil for the mornings where I am in a rush and need to apply make up really quickly. I don't have any trouble with rosehip oil soaking in but it just made sense to buy a moisturiser to have in my collection just in case and for a change every so often. This was yet another sample offer - £5 for 30 mls including P&P, what a great, great price! I enjoy using this but still stick to my oils for the most part. I have bought my Mum some as it seems like a great product.

Site: www.bloomremedies.co.uk

My Natural Market:

Two new mascaras for me to try out... I'll let you know all about them soon!

Site: www.mynaturalmarket.com


And that is why I must put the brakes on! I will only replace empties and essentials between now and the end of May... she says! We all know how well my last spending ban went!! Haha!
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  1. Wow wow wow! What a hall, I can't wait for a review on the Welda skin food it receives so much hype! :) Seems like your building up a beautiful collection though ...ooh I'm also curios if the hairspray works or not too ::). I'm curb my spending at the moment too, I have one in one out strict policy ;) x


    1. I have a good little collection now (video coming soon- early April) but I still always fancy more lol :-) I've found some great brands in the process as well, it's been fun! Xx

  2. really like the look of the Zao Organic lipsticks! Some great shades there. Love Weleda Skin Food as an overnight hand cream, it's such a great product (Weleda products never fail to perform!) xx

    1. They are really nice! the samples are such a bargain, if you ignore the packaging then you basically get a whole £12 lipstick for £4. My lips are so dry and prone to looking all flaky and horrible with lipstick on but these do not do that at all :-) There are at least two colours in there that I think I'll use up and buy in full size. Thanks for reading :-) xx

  3. Nice list! Would love to try Bloom remedies products :-) x

    1. Thank you, I like the moisturiser I got, it's fragrant but not over powering, I am very fussy with scents and smells, I find a lot of oil blends and natural products a bit over powering but this one is great. xx

  4. Amazing haul! :) Can't wait to read more about this Desert Essence duo!

    1. Thanks :-) it was over a few weeks... but it's still A LOT of stuff, oops! ;-) little update on Dessert Essence - love it!! Will do a proper post soon after trying for a bit longer. xx

  5. Good luck for your spending ban! Hmm, I think I need to do a post like this too, so that I'll be more accountable to myself!

    1. Thank you, I've managed two weeks so far but getting really desperate to spend money!! haha! It's a compulsion! I think putting it up in the public domain does make you think twice and feel accountable xx


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