How and (why) to wash your face with Honey (re-visited)

March 08, 2014

You can read my original post about honey by clicking here

And my original video is here (worth a click just to see the shocking shade of blonde that my hair was at the time!)

I have done a revisit video as well, click here.

Essentially I wanted to tell you that I am still loving honey! I wash my face with it every morning in the shower and it has magically qualities!

It leaves my skin soft, supple and well moisturised, plus it helps keep my blemishes to a minimum.

I also love to use my honey in masks with clay, banana or other skin loving ingredients. Sometimes I just apply my honey, leave it on for 15-20 minutes to act as a mask. 

In case you want to know how to wash your face with honey and can't be bothered to click the original link then here is my guide for using honey as a cleanser:
  • Start with a make-up free face (honey will not remove make up)
  • Dampen your face slightly
  • Put a small amount of honey into your hand and use your other hand to apply it onto your face in a circular, upwards motion.
  • Keep clear of your eyes!
  • Either splash your face with water or use a face cloth to rinse the honey off.
  • Gently pat your face dry.
You can moisturise as usual after cleansing, sometimes I don't even feel the need to moisturise as my skin feels so good!

Have you ever given honey a try as a cleanser? Let me know what you think! If you haven't... why not give it a try? Any honey will do but you will get the best benefits from organic and raw. 

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  1. I go through phases with honey, but I really love it! :-) Do you tone after cleansing with honey or just moisturise? Xx

    1. I don't generally tone, only if my skin is really acting up which is less and less these days (phew!) I need to research more about toning, pH levels and so on! I am so slack in that area I have to be honest!! xx

  2. I use honey as a face mask for as long as I can during my house work (usually in the morning). After washing away the honey, I use a mix of witch hazel and tea tree oil as a toner. Since I have an acne prone skin, honey, witch hazel and tea tree oil, all are having a wonderful effect.
    I am happy I found your blog and you tube channel! Great inspiration!

    1. good tips, thank you. I keep meaning to buy some witch hazel as I'm sure it would help my skin. I'm glad you've found me too and we can share tips! :-)


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