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March 24, 2014

I am by no means a juicing expert or even a fanatic but I do really enjoy juices, especially green ones. Juicing is a great way to get a potent hit of fruit and veg goodness into your system very quickly.

Green Juice

Are you new to green juices? Scared to try one? Ease yourself in gently by mixing spinach (taste disappears) with pineapple (very sweet and tasty) or another fruit you love. Honestly, the only way you know that there is any spinach in there is by the colour of the drink!

I think it is great to include juices (green or otherwise) into your regular diet. During the summer when fruit and veg are in season (tasting nicer and costing less) I have a juice nearly everyday. To be honest I don't drink them as much in the winter but I do crave them every so often and feel SO good after drinking them.

Juicing at home

I thought long and hard about buying a juicer, I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews. I went for an Andrew James one as it was very affordable and had lots of rave reviews on Amazon.

My favourite, top tip for home juicing is to line your juicer with a plastic/sandwich bag which will catch all the pulp so that when you are ready to clean up you don't have to spend ages scraping pulp you can just pop the bag in the bin! Genius!

Another thing I always do is make sure I have my sink filled with warm soapy water, I soak all the individual parts of the juicer straight away (before drinking my juice) then I come back and clean the machine when I am ready, as it has been soaking it is not difficult to clean.

Juice Bar

If you don't fancy splashing out the cash for a juicer or still find the clean up daunting (even with my two awesome tips) then you can always go to a juice bar instead.

As healthy living comes more and more into the forefront as we all become more educated in the benefits of a great diet you will see more and more of these delightful juice bars pop up.

I visit my local one, The Core regularly and I love it there! See my review here.

Juice Cleanse

I wish I could speak from personal experience but, alas, I have never done a juice cleanse. I've heard so many great accounts from other people I know that have done 3-5 day cleanses and I really hope to do one sometime this year.

There are lots of great books out there of juice cleanse programmes. Jason Vale is a well known one and I know a few people who have followed his programme.

Click here to view on Amazon (not an affiliate link)

The idea behind a juice cleanse is that you give your body a break - if it is not working hard on digesting food it can concentrate on detoxing, ridding your body of any bad build up. You will get all your nutritional needs (and them some) from the juices. It is probably best to follow a programme to be sure that you cover all bases and get all the goodness and energy that you need.

Juice Retreat

Another option... which is amazing if you ask me... Is attending a juice retreat. There is actually one locally to me in the Cotswolds.

it is run by a lovely lady called Helen who is very helpful and knowledgeable. I'd love to see her facilities in person, I have spent more time than I care to admit browsing her website and checking out the beautiful facilities in picturesque surroundings.

How idyllic does this sound:

A Typical Day
8am onwards - Wake up with hot lemon water
9am - Fresh juice served with herbs
9.30am - Yoga, group fitness training or a guided walk on the Cotswolds Way
11am - Treatments commence to individual timetables
12pm - Fresh juice
1pm - Treatments commence to individual timetables/walks/time to yourself
3pm - Afternoon fresh juice
7pm - Fresh juice served with herbs
7.30pm - Movie night/talks

You are welcome to do as much or as little as you like during your detox.

Oh my - what a perfect 'holiday'. I think it would be a great way to unwind, detox and improve your overall health and well being.

They also offer a range of treatments including a range of massages, reflexology, reiki, manicures and pedicures.... It just keeps getting better!

You can read more and get in touch with Helen by going to her website: www.thejuiceretreat.co.uk

Unfortunately I am a busy working Mum with little to no disposable income at the moment so although I am very much in need of a visit to the retreat I don't think I will be making it there any time this year... maybe next?

Speaking of busy, hard working Mums you may want to treat yourself or your Mum to a last minute (amazing) present of a relaxing, energising and super healthy 6 day retreat running over Mother's Day. Click here to book.

Anyway, enough day dreaming! Time to wrap this up I think!

Do you love juicing? have you ever done a cleanse or even gone to a retreat?
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  1. Haha love the photo of Maddie she looks like she's enjoying the juice!

    1. she loves her juices! She's always bugging me to make them lol xx

  2. Glad to see you're getting Maddie into juicing early! I love green juices and would like to do a juice retreat later this year so thanks for sharing the Cotswolds retreat info, it's not too far from me :-) x

    1. Oh yep, she is defo into her juices and she asks for them all the time! :-)
      Great that the juice retreat is close enough for you to consider - oh my goodness I'd love to go it looks heavenly! Thanks for reading xx

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