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March 29, 2014

I know when I first started trying to make the transition to cleaner make up and skin care products I really struggled to know where to look.

In just a few months I have tried and tested quite a few on line shops (all in the name of blog research, of course) and I wanted to bring some of the best ones to your attention.

I 'met' Vanessa of Vanessa's Choice on Twitter a couple of months ago. She happened to tweet about a spot treatment just as I was thinking of buying one. It looked good ingredients wise, it wasn't expensive (£6.99) and Vanessa said she uses it herself and it works well for her.

I bought the treatment and an organic shampoo to test out:

I really like the spot treatment - it is very effective. I don't think anything can make spots magically disappear but it reduces redness and smells great! I use this overnight when any naughty blemishes pop up. I'm glad I bought it, it will last me aaaages so it is exceptional value for money.

The shampoo is lovely but doesn't quite suit me. It foams up nicely, and doesn't strip and dry out my hair in the same way that the Faith in Nature shampoo does. However, I found that it didn't clean my hair quite enough, it was a little too gentle and I needed to go back to daily washing instead of every 2-3 days like normal.

It's a real shame as it is a lovely shampoo with great ingredients but it just didn't quite cut it for me. I'm now using it to clean my brushes instead so it is not going to waste. It is actually very handy for brush cleaning as it has a pump dispenser. At only £6.95 for a big 350 ml bottle it is a very reasonably priced organic shampoo. If you wash your hair daily or have less greasy hair than me then this would probably be perfect for you. 

For me, one of the most exciting things on Vanessa's Choice is the selection of Konjac Sponges. The site currently offers a choice of three sponges (pure white, pink clay and charcoal) which I would say are three of the best. I've used the pink one and the charcoal one and both are amazing. See a more detailed review here.

Vanessa has been given a Janey Lee Grace accreditation - it's basically a big, natural, gold star for offering some great products and even better advice. Vanessa is a Nutritional Therapist who was often asked by her clients about healthier and safer skin care options so she set up her beautiful on line boutique. 

I love the aesthetics of the site - so fresh and clean. Vanessa is always on hand to offer personalised and invaluable advice about the products she sells - nearly all of which she has personally tested. So, if you need a new cleanser but don't know what it best for your skin type then get in touch with Vanessa, she will be more than happy to help you out.

In the time since I first shopped on Vanessa's Choice I have seen it grow with more and more amazing products on offer all the time. Having said that her site has very much of a boutique feel, lots of choice to suit different needs but not an overwhelming amount of products to baffle and confuse you.

So, if you are not sure where to start with your green shopping then head over to Vanessa's Choice and have a virtual stroll around her pretty little boutique and maybe have a chat with the owner. How often can you do that these days?

I love supporting local and/or small businesses and I really get that sense from Vanessa's Choice, you can see the passion and care she took over each part of the site and the love and pride she has for every item she stocks.

Have you shopped at Vanessa's Choice before?

I'm planning to feature more on line store in a 'Spotlight On' series to help out any one who is a bit lost and doesn't know where to start... With so many great sites out there the only problem will be deciding who to feature next!

Thanks for reading,
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  1. Great post and a lovely introduction to the site :) I have looked a couple of times at Vanessa's Choice, but only very recently after I discovered it in the past couple of weeks, so I'm sure there'll be plenty of future purchases for me to come! x

    1. Thank you very much :-) you'll be sure to receive excellent service if/when you do order ;-) I know it's tough with 'green' beauty as you can't pick things up and smell or try them and you have to pay P&P which always irks me (although someone has to pay it along the way!! it really ought to be me I guess lol) I know that stops me trying out new products and new sites sometimes. Thank you very much for reading :-) xx

  2. I agree with you about how annoying P&P is but now I have Vanessa's Choice, I can see the other side too! As well as P&P for the customer, you also have to factor in P&P from the companies you buy from (and some charge quite a lot!) I think bigger businesses can absorb these costs but it's harder when you're a small business. That said, when I can, I will have free P&P offers :) x

    1. It never even crossed my mind that you have to pay for delivery from the companies!
      I don't know why but offer me free P&P and I'm there!! I always fall for the 'spend £5 million pound to get free P&P' offers! haha! I convince myself I'm saving money lol.
      I do appreciate that it costs money to post something but I really hate paying it! I wish I could just go shopping in town like I used to but I can't buy anything from most high street shops any more :-(
      still, it's nice to support smaller businesses rather than lining fat cat pockets.
      If you ever do free P&P let me know and I'll stock up ;-) haha!
      Rach xx


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