Bellapierre 'Get The Look' in Purple Storm

April 05, 2014

This is an impromptu video that has pushed my 'What's in My Bag' post over to Friday but I wanted to film this and get it up while (hopefully) the product is still available and on offer so that it is relevant! And just in case you want to benefit from the offer too!

I was shopping on cutECOsmetics the other day and was amazed to see a Bellapierre set reduced down from £39.99 to £9.99. The set contains three eye shadows, two eye shadow brushes and a primer. I thought it was too good a bargain to miss - I have some Bellapierre bits already and although I really like them I didn't consider buying more as it is quite an expensive brand (to me anyway!) 

At under £10 that is an amazing price for just the three eye shadows, let alone the rest of the kit! I snapped it up and you can too: Bellapierre at cutECOsmetics

I loved the look of my make up the other day so I wanted to re-create it again on film and share it with you, along with the special offer.

If you'd like to see more please *click here*. 
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  1. Hi Rachel,

    The colours are gorgeous, I really love that look! Is your mascara a brown one? I've heard loads of good things about Physicians formula mascara but I only saw it in black on Iherb.
    Also, I recently ordered on The All Natural Face website after I watched your review and, waow! I purchased the blushers and some eye-shadows and lipsticks samples, they were so cheap! And I am so pleased with the colours and the pigmentation.
    Thanks for your videos, I really enjoy watching them!

    1. Thank you, I am quite in love with these colours and glad I succumbed to buying them!!
      The mascara is black but I don't find it looks harsh like some black ones can.
      Ah I'm so glad you are experiencing TANF! I love that brand!! So affordable yet good quality.
      Thanks for reading, watching and supporting! So great to hear from you :-)
      Rach xx

  2. Thanks for posting, I'm going to have a look! I am wondering though why so many things seem to be reduced on their site? x

    1. I'm not sure, everything I bought was reduced and it was across lots of great brands. I think they are having a stock clearance for some reason but I don't know why. I've seen the Bellapierre sets reduced else where but still over £20. I wonder how they can afford to discount it by so much?! Rach xx


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