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April 19, 2014

Okay, I hold my hands up and wave the white flag. I think it is time I publicly declare myself and my No Buy a failure. But... I'm not even sorry!! 

I want to share some purchases with you and there is a great reason or story behind each of them, I'm glad I bought everything I did and I was very concious about what I was buying, what I already have and the No Buy helped me keep an eye on myself... believe it or not I resist a lot of temptation as well as give in to it!

I've not gone into a lot of detail on this post but have done a video which covers everything in a bit more detail, *click here* to watch it.

Sophia's Choice:

Everything I bought from here is for other people. I have bought things as gifts for friends or stocked up on things for my daughter. 

I've been a fan of Jack N' Jill toothpaste for a while now and this is a third re-purchase for me. My daughter is going through a little phase of being reluctant to brush her teeth so I thought that buying this bunny cup and toothbrush would get her excited again.

You can read more about Jack N' Jill toothpaste in my 'natural toothpaste' post, here.

This is another repurchase, I love all things 'Child's Farm' and use their shampoo, conditioner and bubble bath for my daughter. It smells so fresh and fruity without being heavily fragranced (if that makes sense?)

I was very excited when I saw this candle on Sophia's Choice - this is going to be a thank you present for a friend who helps me out a lot. It smells delicious - it has a clean, coconut scent and looks brilliant, so simple. 

These candles are hand made in India by some of it's poorest people, the candles are fairly traded with all the profits going back into helping the community. FYI- These are beeswax blend so they may not be suitable for my vegan readers.

Another gift for my lovely (lucky) friend! She is a self confessed lip balm addict so I wanted to give her something to use other than Vaseline (ick). I am very happy with my pillow mist from Bloom Remedies so I was sure these balms would also be the same high quality. Obviously I haven't tested them myself but they look and smell amazing.

This Bodhi moisturiser was kindly sent to me as a generous sample (it is a travel sized product) and it is the first Bodhi item I have ever owned/tried. I see such rave reviews on other blogs, everyone loves this brand so I am extremely excited to try it out.

Sophia's Choice currently ship to the UK and Europe.


After posting my 'natural mascaras' piece two mascara names kept popping up over and over in the comments section- Avril and Green People. I spotted the Green People one on offer so snapped it up as I'm a bit desperate to give it a try. Maybe I'll try the Avril one next... I'm still not sure as I didn't get on with anything else from that brand!


They still had their sale going on and I had a space to fill on my lip stick holder display thingy. I needed one more Lily Lolo lip gloss in their old style packaging to balance everything out. There was a mix up with my order and I was sent a lip stick instead of a gloss but this was quickly sorted out and a gloss sent to me as well.

I bought a Lily Lolo blush (not pictured) as it was under £4 and I am a blush addict!

I also picked up another Bellapierre eye shadow, I was so impressed with the purples in the set I got last time I ordered a single one this time in a beautiful, dark, shimmery blue.

Being Content:

I had a 10% discount code that was about to expire and I have heard a lot about One Love Organics from some of the youtubers I watch. I'm not really a skincare products kind of girl - honey and oil do me just fine - but it was under £5 including postage so I thought, why not?

Silk Naturals

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen this picture a few days ago:

I am really impressed with the price and quality of the things I got from Silk Naturals. As per a specific request I am also including a picture of some swatches :-)

I couldn't get the right light really but here is an idea for you:

L-R Tweak, Impact, Latent and Meme (GWP)


No picture yet as I have literally only just place my order but I have bought full sized versions of most of the sample shadows I had PLUS I just had to have the cream highlighter, it sounds amazing and I need it in my collection! This order was an early birthday present to myself and I kept it under the £15 threshold for customs.

Quite the haul right?? This is over a few weeks and everything was on sale, reduced or special offer but still. I'm not even sorry (#sorrynotsorry) as I love everything I've bought and I can't resist a bargain.
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  1. Nice haul :) I love especially since the shipping is free worldwide :)
    How much is the shipping from Silk Naturals? Thanks :)

    1. Thank you :-) I love their site too :-) Silk naturals varies depending on what you order, you may want to read their info:
      hope that helps :-)

  2. Looks like you got some lovely products! Those organic lip balms look so good!

    1. Thanks, yep they do seem great! I did sneakily open the balms and gave them a little sniff and they smell amazing! Was tempted to keep one for myself instead of giving to my friend lol. xx

  3. Oooh! Somebody's going to be having lots of fun in the next few weeks! Can't wait to hear how these lovely choices work out for you :-)))

    1. Thanks Sarita :-) I will be sure to keep everyone updated :-) xx

  4. Nice purchases - that One Love Organics set looks super cute and I love their products x

  5. Lovely selection!
    Would really like to try OLO....nice range!

    1. Yep, defo excited to try it out - waiting for a good moment with my skin so I can really see how well they work (or don't?!) but excited to get going!!

  6. Wow, what a great haul! The toothbrush cup is so cute, love the designs, and I didn't know that Bloom Remedies do a caramel lip balm - I think I need that! x

    1. I just couldn't resist and Maddie has been SO good at brushing her teeth ever since, she is in love with the cup too lol. I wish I could tell you what it's like but it's for my friend so I don't get to give it a try!! It looks and smells great though... I may have sniffed it a bit lol xx


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