Natural Toothpastes - What I've Tried (Including Kids Options)

April 16, 2014

If I learnt only one thing from various answers in the Going Green Tag it's that we all struggled/struggle with finding a good natural deodorant and toothpaste.

I am reasonably happy with my deodorant solution, although it's not perfect... my toothpaste situation on the other hand is great!

I wanted to talk you through my toothpaste 'journey' and hopefully you may find some useful information.

You can either watch my video by clicking here or carry on reading:

SLS Free - Sensodyne (Only certain 'types' - always check the ingredients list)

This is a good for the following reasons:
  • If you suffer from a lot of ulcers or you should find that cutting out SLS will stop them
  • You can pick this up in your local supermarket, no need to buy on line or go to a special shop
  • This is a step in the right direction without going into the scary world of natural toothpastes
  • Not any more expensive than your normal toothpaste and often on offer

Green People Minty Cool Toothpaste:

Neither myself or my husband where a fan of this toothpaste. It is a tan colour which made me think I was putting foundation onto my toothbrush!

It doesn't foam up much, it doesn't taste of anything really, it doesn't freshen your breath - it basically seems like you're not using a toothpaste at all!

It is quite expensive, it was the same price as my normal toothpaste but with half the amount of product.

It has a lot of great certifications and green credentials:

Overall, this is not AWFUL, it doesn't taste bad it just doesn't taste of anything! Personally we didn't continue using this up and we certainly wouldn't buy it again.

Aloe Dent - Whitening

This is by far our favourite toothpaste and luckily we found it quickly! I have already repurchased this and don't plan on trying any more toothpastes. 

This is aloe vera based so it is a gel type consistency rather than a paste.

Both my husband I love this. It has a lovely fresh minty flavour/scent but it is not over powering and won't burn your tongue off! It froths up nicely and you wouldn't really know that this is a 'natural' toothpaste.

There are lots of great ingredients in there that I am happy about using and no SLS in there of course! It contains Aloe Vera for soothing gums, tea tree oil as a natural antiseptic, Silica for natural whitening and peppermint & menthol for natural flavour.

I've seen this in my local whole food store and in Holland and Barrett. It is around the £3.50 mark but you can buy it for less if you get it when they have their penny sale on. It is a great price for the generous 100 ml tube size.

Kid's Options

Big Fail:

I bought this in my local whole food store and instantly regretted it! It has a really strong aniseed smell and it was very 'hot'. Poor Maddie was in tears because of how 'spicy' it was. We threw it away instantly and held off on trying any more for a month or two from guilt!!

Big Yay: 
Jack n' Jill (various flavours)

This is such a good brand! I love everything about this toothpaste - the ingredients, the packaging, the flavours, the amount of product you get for the £4.99 price and it is organic too! 

Check out their website  or go to Sophia's Choice for the other lovely flavours and tooth brushing eco accessories.

I've tested out the toothpaste myself and it has a very subtle flavour, nothing over powering. It froths up nicely and is a lovely texture to start off with (gel consistency). 

So this is our final toothpaste selection... we're very happy and glad it only took one failed attempt each! Result!

What toothpaste do you use? If you're struggling then I would strongly suggest trying the Aloe Dent toothpaste, I'm so glad I found it so quickly.

Thanks for reading,
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  1. You know what, after I saw your toothpaste selection in one of your posts I picked myself up one of those Aloe Dent ones and I love it! Thanks for sharing xx

  2. Hi Rach - does the Aloe Dent have sweetner in it? Thats one of the triggers for the FMS so I need to avoid - Am desperately looking for a natural toothpaste fingers crossed. Love the look of the Jack & Jill for Harry though, will grab Charlie and get some when we run out x thanks x

    1. um.. it has xylitol in it... I'll tweet you a pic of the ingredients so you can be sure. I'm sure your little would love the toothpastes, I've tasted a few of the flavours myself and they are yummy but not powerful or sweet, ideal in my opinion. Thanks for reading xx

  3. Aww bless poor Maddie! Glad you found one she likes though and I love the packaging of the kids one! I haven't made the change yet naughty me! I'm just so fussy when it comes to what I put in/on my mouth so it might take me a while to pluck up the courage and try something new! x

    1. I know it's tough to take the plunge and natural toothpaste gets such a bad rep, a lot of people talk about Earth Paste and I'm sure that's a cleaner, greener option but I can't face the idea of a non foaming, weird tasting toothpaste!! lol! The good thing about Aloe Dent is it's just like any other normal toothpaste (I think anyway). Thanks for reading xx

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, Rach! Will give them a try! At the moment we're using Green People both mint and spearmint ones, but not big fans either. Ava, my 4 year old, liked the Weleda tooth gel (?), but they discontinued it! :( x

    1. No problem at all :-) Oh no!! How frustrating to find something you/your daughter likes and then it gets discontinued. Maybe have a look into Jack N Jill and see if that might work for you? Thanks for reading :-)

  5. I'm with you when it comes to Aloe Dent. We use the other option, I think it's the sensitive one. My children also like it as my youngest is 8 years and likes minty favours but I might look into the Jack and Jill ones. In fact, I think I'll look into Sophia's Choice too.

    1. Yay another fan :-) Ooh you'll like Sophia's choice! Lots of great brands all in one place so no need to pay lots of different shipping charges... I've spent a small fortune there since discovering it, haul coming on Saturday lol. Great to hear from you as ever xx

  6. Nice post! I haven’t tried a natural toothpaste yet - the Aloe Dent sounds like a good place to start. I’ve recently started oil pulling and I quite like that xx

    1. Thank you :-) yep I think if you are new to 'natural' toothpastes then this will be the softest and easiest transition as it is just like a 'normal' one. I love oil pulling but I keep forgetting it before breakfast... I am too focused on my tummy lol. xx


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