Spending Ban - Update

April 03, 2014

A few weeks back I told you that I had imposed a 'spending ban' on myself... I stuck rigidly to it for about 3 weeks and then I went on a bit of a spree in a couple of places.

Lily Lolo

I found Lily Lolo in TKMaxx and snapped up this lot for the bargain price of £25:

I've now added a couple more Lily Lolo lipsticks to my collection (yay!) and picked up some amazing quality brushes plus the shimmer strips I've been lusting after since January!

I did a haul video, you can watch it by clicking *here*.


I bought a few things in the sale at cutECOsmetics:

I purchased my first ever Deep Steep product - an amazing smelling body mist. The Bellapierre Purple storm set (post and video coming up on Sat), a lovely nude coloured Neve cosmetics Lipstick, a Neve cosmetics brown eyeliner (so inexpensive, around £3- jury's still out though) and two Lily Lolo lip glosses... help me! I am addicted to Lily Lolo lip products!!

Everything I purchased was reduced and I am glad I got everything I did, I love it all... even more than I expected to.


My first iHerb order, I am now initiated into the club! I needed some more shampoo and the shipping is so much more reasonable from iHerb than on Vitacost.

As I was ordering an essential item I thought I would pick up some other bits. I'm in need of another good blending brush so I bought two different sized Bdellium ones as they were so cheap! 

I also wanted to try out the Honeybee Gardens pressed powder because it gets talked about a lot by the lovely green Youtubers I watch and it was only $7.76 which is £4.66! Bargain. So for about £15 I got two brushes and a foundation.

(No pictures as it hasn't come through yet.)

So, that is what I bought while on my 'spending ban'. Oops. All in all though, not bad over a 5 week period. Trust me, I resisted a lot of things as well!! 

Let's see how I do in April...
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  1. I think you did great for that period and there's definitely exceptions with reductions and sales :p I haven't been able to get to a TKMaxx yet, so hoping there's still some Lily Lilo left! I've always been wary of ordering from the US because of shipping costs, but if the costs aren't too bad I might have a look :) x

    1. Ah thanks for the solidarity! To be honest I've now set my self a beauty budget and I'm sticking to that so far. that is more sustainable as well I think.
      I think when ordering from the US you need to keep the order under £15 to be sure you don't pay customs charges. I've had a few £20 orders go through un-noticed but I don't risk it any more after I had to pay taxes on my Concrete Minerals order and they charge taxes plus an £8 admin fee!! the taxes were only about £6 themselves, I was not a happy bunny!
      Some sites charge a lot of international deliver but TANF, brija and other places I've ordered from don't charge much at all, you sometimes pay more for UK delivery!!
      Thanks for reading :-)
      Rach xx

    2. I am going on a spending ban. I made a new years resolution to reduce my cosmetics collection by 25% to help save money. This month I am doing a no buy as an effort to save money. I have also started Ingredient Spring Clean 2014 where I am trying to use up products in my collection that have harmful ingredients to "clean" out the garbage so I can replace them with healthier alternatives. I created a blog post below!


    3. Thanks :-) will check it out! :-) xx

  2. Funny! I just bought the honeybee gardens pressed powder yesterday from iHerb. Patiently waiting for it to arrive in the mail!

    1. I've just had a note through the door to say the order is ready but I have to pay customs charges... d'oh!! Still, I'm excited to get my hands on my order so I'll be at the post office first thing monday morning and probably tweeting about the powder later that day!! haha! xx

  3. I have had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and I have gone a bit mad this month. I have never been brave enough to order from the States as I am terrified of being stumped with a massive customs bill x

    1. haha! It burns a hole in my pocket before I even have it!
      The trick with ordering from the US is to keep it under £15 other wise you have an £8 fee plus VAT :-(
      I like ordering from TANF and Brija as you can get quite a lot for under £15 and then only have to pay a few pound for delivery.
      Rach xx


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