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April 14, 2014

I previously wrote a Spotlight On post about the lovely website Vanessa's Choice which you can read here.

This time I wanted to write about a great British brand - Lily Lolo.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will NOT be surprised to see that I wanted to focus a whole post on this wonderful brand.

EDIT (June 2014)

I have discovered that Lily Lolo use Carmine in a lot of their pink products, please read more here if that is something that concerns you.

About the Brand

Lily Lolo is a British brand (yay!) that offers high quality mineral make up. Their products are BUAV approved and free of parabens, synthetic perfumes or dyes. It was launched in 2005 by Vikki Khan and named after her sisters Lisa (Lily) and Lorraine (Lolo). 

I have a good selection of products from Lily Lolo although there is a lot more I still want to add to my collection! Thanks to their recent change in packaging a lot of items have been reduced in price so I've been able to grab lots of great bargains! 

I've done a GRWM video using nearly all Lily Lolo products, click *here* to watch it.


The pride and joy of my make up collection - a selection of four Lily Lolo lipsticks, L-R Berry Crush, Intense Crush, Passion Pink and Romantic Rose.

These lipsticks never dry my lips out - which is saying something as my lips seem to be so sensitive even to organic and butter filled formulas. 

If I had to pick a favourite it would be Romantic Rose with Berry Crush a close second. Romantic Rose is a soft, rosy pink colour and Berry Crush is a beautiful, buildable, berry colour. The texture and the formula of all Lily Lolo lipsticks are my favourite so far. 

I own four Lily Lolo lip glosses (I always keep one for my handbag) and, again, I am a huge fan of these as well. The chocolatey taste smell was one of the first things to endear me to this product. I like the sleek design of the new packaging but the older style tube was a better size for storage or carrying around with you.

Again, this doesn't dry my lips out at all, they have a nice subtle colour to them and they are not sticky at all.


I only own sample sizes of face products and I am yet to use them as I am finishing of my BareMinerals foundation and finishing powder first.

I've heard great things about the face products and I can't wait to try them out myself. I have a few different foundation samples to try out from various smaller brands; Honey Pie Minerals, Lily Lolo and The All Natural Face. I do love my bareMinerals but I am excited to try something new and support a smaller company.

I don't have any of their loose blushes or bronzers but I do have their ah-mazing rose shimmer strip. I use this on both my cheeks and as lovely rosy eye shadows.


Now onto eyes- this eye liner is my favourite natural liner, I've tried three so far and this is by far the softest with a lovely buttery texture that glides on effortlessly. It is a true, dark black and easy to smudge out for a smoky effect when first applied then it lasts throughout the day.

I also have a reasonably wide selection of their pressed shadow duos and quads. I have the two quads (Smoky Rose and Molten Bronze) and two of the duos. These are pigmented and fairly long lasting. As I have said before, I have very oily eyelids and this means that a lot of things don't last very well on me. These shadows are unfortunately not immune to this but if I prime first then they last for the day so I am happy with them.

The quads are great, they have all the right shades in there to make complete looks, I can certainly imagine taking one with me on a weekend away and being able to achieve either a day or a night time look with just the one quad.

I was worried I wouldn't get much use out of the pink/red colour in the Smoky Rose quad but that is actually the colour I reach for the most!


Lily Lolo also offer a great range of brushes, I own three of them and really like them. They feel so soft and high quality. They certainly do their job and do it well. The kabuki brush is amazing, I am so in love with it! It has a lovely weight to it and the bristles are super soft and feel like silk, a very luxurious and high quality brush.

And there you have it, my Spotlight On Lily Lolo post. Do you have anything from this brand? Are you a big fan like I am? My make up drawer looks like it was sponsored by Lily Lolo... if only!
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  1. My local natural store didn't have the eye liner in stock when I went to buy one the other day - I'm so lucky to have a store that stocks Lily Lolo (although it can prove too tempting). I highly rate the mineral foundation. I use it regularly...x

    1. I really want their brown eye liner as I use that more on a daily basis but I've just bought a Neve Cosmetics one (not a gd one really but it was cheap) so I'll use that up first.
      I would be a nightmare if I had a shop near me that stocks Lily Lolo! When TKMaxx had it I went crazy and dropped everything to go there within an hour of finding out!! haha!!

    2. I actually went to TKMaxx today and, of course, went straight to the make up section and I bought the quad I didn't have (smoky rose) and the Intense Crush lipstick. They did have others but I didn't get them as I've already have similar colours. I'm so pleased you mentioned them being on TKMaxx because I wouldn't have looked there otherwise. They also have the Dr Bronner's Castile soap if you didn't know.

    3. cool :-) I do love the quads! And I haven't been that happy with any other lipstick other than Lily lolo. Lucky your TKMaxx still had some left! I have heard that they stock dr Bronners but have never seen it in my local store while I've been in there, obviously not looking in the right place or not looking hard enough!! xx

  2. Great review, I really need to try more from their range! I've got their rose shimmer strips and absolutely love it! xx

    1. I think I love LL so much because everything I've got has been on sale so it has been amazing quality for the price however I would still buy their lipsticks and lip glosses at their full price. I might think twice about the pressed and loose shadows as I know other great quality but more affordable brands that I would go to first. I love my shimmer strips too! I debated the bronze ones but I don't think I'd get as much use out of them. Thanks for reading! :-) xx

  3. Haha loved reading this post! I haven't found any Lily Lilo yet, but I'm going to go on the hunt to another store soon, must get my hands on the shimmer strip, and some glosses...and maybe some lipsticks too :-p x

    1. I'm like an advert for them lol. 100% recommend their lip products as I personally get on with them very well and haven't heard anyone else say other wise. The shimmer strips are gorgeous and so versatile, I only paid £6 for mine so I got a baaaargain!! :-) xx


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