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April 28, 2014

This is the third in my Spotlight On series, you can read more about Vanessa's Choice and Lily Lolo by clicking on their names!

You will notice that my blog is proudly sporting an advert for the online boutique Sophia's Choice. I am over the moon to be working with such an amazing brand and I'm excited to share them with you.

Sophia's Choice started out as a Green Lifestyle blog written by Holistic Therapist Charlie. Mum to two beautiful girls, Charlie wanted to be extra careful with the products she was using since having her first daughter, Sophia, and she documented her journey in her blog.

The natural progression from Blog to Boutique is clear - Charlie has a great amount of knowledge in the organic and natural 'field' and has tried most of the products herself. As with all the small boutiques that I enjoy shopping at you get a personalised and friendly service from Sophia's Choice

I love that Sophia's Choice runs a loyalty scheme so you can earn points as you shop... It helps me 'justify' my spending! Not only that but Sophia's Choice features lots of great brands all in one place so I only have to pay one load of shipping (or none if I spend too much enough).

If I need something for my daughter Sophia's Choice is now the first place I turn. I am a huge fan of Child's Farm bath products and I am so glad they're stocked by Charlie. She also sells my favourite kid's toothpaste brand - the organic and yummy Australian brand Jack n Jill. You will have seen them featured in my natural toothpastes post and my 'get ready with me - an average morning' video.

It's not just beauty, personal care and children's products that Sophia's Choice offer. They also have some great, high quality supplements plus some natural candles and other wooden, hand made or fair trade items.

I recently bought a Dalit candle, money from these candles go back into the 'dalit' community in India - I am paraphrasing and generalising here (as not enough space to go into detail) but the 'dalit' are the poorest section of the caste system, they are not given educational opportunities and are only permitted certain jobs that are deemed suitable for them as they are considered 'untouchables'. Unable to better themselves as their opportunities are disgustingly limited I love that this gives them a much fairer wage and brings more money into their community.

Sophia's Choice also stock these other, brilliant brands (Peppy Galore & Bloom remedies are some of my faves!)
  • Peppy Galore
  • Bloom remedies 
  • Green People
  • Lavera
  • Naturya
  • unBEElievable
plus many, many more! Make sure you have a look yourself in case I've missed your favourite brand off my very limited list.

I absolutely love this quote from the site:

"Our mission at Sophia’s Choice is to empower you to make wiser, healthier, more conscious choices for both yourself and your family, which in turn will help you stay healthy from the inside out."

That is why I love shopping at Sophia's Choice - it is run by a fellow Mum who has equally high ethical and 'green' standards. I get the strong impression from looking on the site and from talking to Charlie that she won't offer something that she wouldn't use for herself or her family. Sophia's Choice is certainly a brand born out of passion and that is clear to see.

I hope you'll join me in supporting great, independent, smaller brands run by passionate people by shopping at online boutiques like Sophia's Choice

I'll continue to run this 'Spotlight On' series featuring some of my favourite brands and you can always check my 'great places to shop' page which I will try to keep up to date with any new, amazing places I enjoy.

Also, if you see a brand advertising on my site you can be assured that I fully support and endorse them, Sophia's Choice very much included.

Do you have any other great, smaller sites/brands to suggest? I am always keen to try more! Spending ban or not! (I can't help myself!)
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  1. I just wanted to pop by and say how touched I am by your lovely post on Sophia's Choice Boutique. I'm so thrilled you have enjoyed your shopping experience with us so far and also that you "get" what I'm about and what I'm trying to achieve. It makes my heart sing when I hear that someone loves to shop with us. Makes all the hard work worthwhile xx Thank you for championing us xx

    1. You are very welcome - I was really wanted to share your lovely store with my readers and it make me very happy to hear that you like this post... phew! hee hee. Thanks, Rach xx


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