Three Ways With Green Tea (DIY)

April 09, 2014

Today's post is part of a new series I will be running every so often. I will take a natural ingredient and show you three great ways to use it.

The first ingredient is the anti oxidant rich Green Tea and I can't wait to show you three amazing ways to make the most of it.

You can read on or CLICK HERE to watch my video on this. 

Drink It

I don't drink it myself as green tea naturally contains (a small amount of) caffeine which I avoid due to headaches. If you are lucky and don't get a headache at the drop of a hat then you can have a cup here and there without any worries at all. 

It can help speed up your metabolism and promote weight loss. A potent combo of catechins and caffeine will help boost you and it has next to no calories if you drink it as it comes (i.e. no honey, etc). 

The NHS website states the following about green tea and lowering cholesterol, 'There is increasing evidence that both green and black tea are beneficial for cardiovascular disease prevention. A good quality review from 2013 of 11 studies involving 821 people found that daily consumption of green and black tea (as a drink or a capsule) could help lower cholesterol and blood pressure thanks to tea and its catechins... Another good quality review from 2011 found that drinking green tea enriched with catechins led to a small reduction in cholesterol, a main cause of heart disease and stroke.'

Green tea is full of anti oxidants that we all know are great for us, it can help keep cells and tissues healthy.

Green Tea Toner

Not long ago I went through a nasty time with my skin - it freaked out about something and I was left with big, red, painful spots across my chin and my forehead. I've not had such a bad break out for years, maybe that's the worst one I've ever had.

Normally I use organic rose water as a gentle, balancing toner but I needed something a bit more heavy duty to rescue my skin. This toner was perfect, so if you are prone to blemishes I would certainly recommend this. 

 I mixed equal parts distilled water with apple cider vinegar and green tea. The green tea and water dilute down the AVC that can be a bit over powering if you try to use it neat... not to mention the smell! 

ACV has astringent and antiseptic properties, it also helps to restore the skin's PH balance - which is a vital feature in a toner. The green tea is full of antioxidants that you can smoother all over your face to keep you young... it may even reverse the ageing process and you wake up ten years younger?! Okay, okay, I'm being silly now, sorry! But, we know that green tea is good for you and I'm sure it will still be good for you when applied topically.

I used distilled water to dilute it all down as I didn't want to terrify my skin! ACV and green tea are both excellent ingredients to use but I have very sensitive skin. If your skin is a bit less demanding/fickle/sensitive than mine then you could do two parts tea to one part ACV or even half and half.

Face Mask

I love honey for daily cleansing and also use it in most of my weekly masks. For this mask I mixed honey with the green tea leaves from my tea bag. I show you in my *video* how I actually do it but essentially you need to squeeze the excess water out and cut open the tea bag. Mix the damp leaves with a spoonful of honey then apply to your face. Leave it on for as long as you like, I don't think anything in there will agitate your skin but maybe anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes would be best.

You will look sexy and amazing like this:

I put kitchen roll on my top just in case but nothing dripped.

When you wash off the mask you will have super soft skin that glows! Gotta love a DIY mask, especially when it works so well.

Hope you've enjoyed this post, next in the series is three ways with a banana! Stay tuned for that gem ;-)

Thanks for reading,
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  1. Love the idea for the mask, very cool, will have to try that!

  2. Love the photo ;)
    I go through phases with green tea and will have it every day and then I can go weeks (or even months) without it. I like the face mask idea though so will have to do that x

    1. haha! I ent scared ;-) let me know if you make the mask, I really like it xx

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