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May 10, 2014

I've had a few people in my 'real life' ask me where to start when it comes to 'natural' make up. They are a little bit interested in avoiding chemicals but mainly thy want to avoid mainstream make up because they don't like how it feels or what it does to their skin.

I thought it would be a good idea to do a 'beginner's make up bag' post that I can share with you and my friends so you have a bit of a guide where to start if you are completely lost.

I would also direct you to my 'blogs I love to read and places I love to shop' page as I've listed the main places I like to shop. These are great places to buy from although you must always check the ingredients on each item as it is not guaranteed to be up to your personal green standard just because it is on one of those websites.

I've done a video on this as well so if you'd rather watch me than read then please *click here*.

I'm just going to cover REAL basics here and I am keeping budget in mind. This is written for someone who has no idea where to start and needs to replace all their make up so doesn't have a lot of money to spend.

I'm not saying these are necessarily the best things to buy but they are a good, inexpensive starting point.


Personally I like loose mineral foundation so that is what I feel most confident suggesting.

I started off with bareMinerals as their starter kit was ideal for me, it contained all the right brushes it was fool proof for matching to your skin tone, etc.

You can buy their kits on Beauty Bay. They are often on special offer.

But be aware that their stuff isn't strictly cruelty free and their foundation contains Bismuth Oxychloride which can irritate sensitive skin. You can't buy samples of bareMinerals but you can see if your local Debenhams has a counter.

The better option (in my opinion) is either Lily Lolo or Honey Pie Minerals. Both offer a sample service so you can buy small containers of their foundations to colour test and see how you get on with the actual product.

Honey Pie Minerals is slightly less expensive and it is what I plan to buy next after my bareMinerals runs out.


Personally I like to use my foundation powder as my day-to-day concealer - I just use a dense, smaller brush. I use my skin colour for blemishes and a shade lighter as my under eye concealer.

If you wish to use a specific concealer I personally would say the best you can get for a 'lower' budget (but not that cheap) is the Beauty Without Cruelty concealer pencil. I love this creamy, soft formula which I find brightens beautifully and lasts all day. I haven't experienced any creasing but I only use a light layer. I have seen reviews that mention creasing but I think they use a bit more product than I do.

Picture from BWC website:


The main company I will always recommend for blush is The All Natural Face. They have a huge selection of colours, the prices are very reasonable and the colour lasts all day. Not many blushers actually, genuinely last all day... but TANF do. I originally bought a sample collection so that I could try all the colours - this is perfect for me as I am awful at knowing what is likely to suit me and I struggle with colours on screen, I usually go by descriptions instead of pictures.

Picture from TANF site:

I would suggest that you either buy the sample selection (which gives you an amazing range of colours and enough colour in each bag to last you a few weeks) or you take the plunge and buy a full size blush.

TANF is based in the US but their shipping prices are low and if you keep your order under £15 you won't get any nasty surprise customs charges.

If you are here in the UK with me and you don't want to buy from abroad then I would suggest Honey Pie Minerals or Lily Lolo. I find the Honey Pie ones longer lasting and they are actually less expensive.


This is a difficult one as it is so personal. I would suggest either Physicians Formula (from America) or the Green People Organic Volumizing mascara. You can often buy it on special offer from Naturisimo (click here) so it will be £14.75 full price or £11.75 when reduced.


If you don't want to take the plunge to loose powder (although I strongly suggest you do!) then pressed powders a bit more difficult to find. Lily Lolo do some beautiful colours in their range but I have very oily lids and they don't last all day on me. If you have leess oily lids you will be fine! Don't get me wrong I still love my Lily Lolo eye shadows but I don't wear them if I need them to last for 10 plus hours.

I have lots of favourite eye shadows - Silk Naturals, Brija, Concrete Minerals, Bellapierre and bareMinerals all feature in my collection and I love all of them. Bellapierre is a bit more pricey but if you can get them on sale they are very high quality and you won't be disappointed. Concrete minerals are the most pigmented and longest lasting eye shadows I've ever tried so I strongly recommend them too. If you are from the US or don't mind ordering from abroad then Silk Naturals are a brilliant company with a huge selection of colours and very high quality products.

Lip Stick/Gloss

All of my lip products have been bought on sale - Lily Lolo features heavily in my collection and I really do love their lip glosses and their lip sticks are kind to my sensitive lips. 

I also bought some Zao Organic 'full size sample' lipsticks and this was a great way to add more of a colour choice to my collection.

Other than that I am not able to suggest much else, I am loyal to Lily Lolo on this point in particular!

How does that sound as a starting point? Obviously make up is very personal and individual so my post is only meant as a very rough guide, hopefully to help you know where to start.

Do you own any of these make up items? Have you tackled your make up collection yet?
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  1. What a great idea for a post :) Really helpful and informative, and there are a couple of brands I didn't know about x

    1. Thank you :-) glad you found it useful... I hoped there would be something there for every one :-) xx


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