Spotlight On: The All Natural Face

May 02, 2014

This is the fourth in my 'Spotlight On' series and this time I wanted to tell you about one of my favourite make up brands: The All Natural Face. I have previously written about Vanessa's Choice, Lily Lolo and Sophia's Choice you can click their names if you want to read more about them.

The All Natural Face (TANF) is an 'indie' brand which means it is independent - it is not a big name high street or drugstore brand. Although I love Lily Lolo because it is British (like me) I am happy to support any small company that has great ethics and products - which TANF certainly does!

I first heard about TANF via YouTube, most of my favourite 'gurus' use their products all the time. I've actually filmed a chit chat get ready with me video on my YouTube if you want to watch it *click here*.


I've tried a sample of their loose foundation and loved it. I really love the coverage, finish and I especially love the price tag! At just $12.45 (£7.50) for a 20g jar (8-10g products) but with options for smaller or bigger jars this is a very inexpensive and affordable product.

 I find this foundation gives me a very natural, smooth finish which looks like a better, air brushed version of my own skin. I find itt gives great coverage and is very long lasting. There is a HUGE shade selection so you should be able to find your perfect match.

If you want to try out some samples then you can order the 'try every shade of foundation in your range' for just $4.60 (£2.76) - you get 25-30 fair sized bags of product and you're bound to find your shade!

Diva Stix

I cannot talk about TANF without mentioning their Diva Stix! Offering over 28 different colours/shades these triple up as eye liners, cream shadows or primers. They are chubby eye pencils comparable to the NYX jumbo pencils. I believe (though I have not tried them) that they have Diva Stix for lips which can be used on lips or eyes, I guess a pink/red coloured one could also work as a cheek stain/cream blusher.

I have the colour 'Creme Brulee' which is great on it's own as an all over colour or as an eye liner. I do find that if I don't either prime or set with a powder then it seems to melt off my oily lids by the end of the day, it does not crease or look unsightly it just kind of disappears.

These are $4.88 each (£2.88) so you really can't go wrong and I plan to buy more.

Liquid Eye liner

Ah!! This is a BIG winner for me! I have this is 'Fudge Brownie' and I currently only own one other liquid liner by Zao Organics (black). I am a big fan of the Zao liner as it is long lasting and a lovely smooth formula BUT I find it easy to go wrong with it. I'm not very light handed or precise and the Zoa doesn't help me out!

I am a relative newbie to make up and quite often I will end with A LOT more eye liner on than I planned when I use it HOWEVER with the smaller brush and lighter formula of the TANF liquid liner (dark brown) I really can't go wrong at all. I am totally head over heels in love with this liner and when my Zao one runs out I won't worry about paying over £12 to replace it I will simply buy the black one from TANF for just $5.75 (£3.45). 

I am also tempted to buy a few different colours so I can get a bit more creative with my eye make up. The only slight downside to this is it can lack staying power a little bit, it lasts fine for a 'normal' day but it won't go 12-14 hours without fading a bit. This doesn't bother me though - I am so in love with everything else about this liner!

Vegan Eye Primer

Another firm favourite, I received this primer as a freebie in with my 'try ten eye shadows' sample kit and it is now a staple part of my make up routine. As I've said a few (million) times before, I have very oily lids so things don't last well on me usually but with this primer all is well again and I can wear eye shadow for a full day! At just $3.50 (£2.10) I know I will 100% re-purchase this... but not for a while because you use so little product each time this small pot will last me aaaages.

Eye Shadows

I've not bought any full sized eye shadows from TANF but I do own 10 small sample pots. I like that they come in pots rather than bags, I pick a bit up on my brush then tap or swirl it in the lid to make it easier to apply. 

These have not been a big hit or miss for me, I am a bit indifferent to them. I had one matte colour that I just could not blend and another colour that I wanted as a transition shade but it seems to match my skin too well and just doesn't show up at all. 

The colours and shadows are okay, certainly nothing wrong with them but I am much more likely to buy more from Concrete Minerals, Brija and Silk Naturals to be honest.


I've found my perfect blusher and it's named after (what used to be) my favourite drink: Tequila Sunrise. I bought the 'try all the blushes' sample blush kit and was amazed at how many bags I got for just $5 (£3.00). 

A lot of the blushes aren't colours I'd wear (purple or browns) but the ones that are (pinks, peaches, etc) look beautiful on and last much longer than other blushes I own. They apply smoothly and have so much pigmentation to them, I am keen to buy the full size of Tequila Sunrise and I am desperate to try out a cream blush (or two) as well. 


Again, I bought some samples, 5 + 1 free for just $5.18 (£3.11) and am working my way through them. I can't say anything bad about the lipsticks but at the same time I am not falling over myself to buy the full sizes. You all probably know I am a Lily Lolo lipstick lover and these haven't tempted me to stray. I am married to Lily Lolo lipsticks and don't feel the need to take a mistress.


As well as offering a huge range of make up TANF also covers load of skin care, hair care and personal care items. I have only tried their 100% Pure Vegan Squalane oil so far and I am head over heels for it. At just $5.00 (£3.00) for the bottle it is a steal in comparison to the Indie Lee oil (which I am sure is amazing) so I was happy to risk £3 to try this one out... and I'm so glad I did. This is my latest oil obsession and I will write more about it soon.


I am not a good person to write about perfumes as I am just not a big fan... strong smells give me headaches so I have always shied away from conventional perfume. I thought I'd take advantage of the chance to buy five samples for $5.75 (£3.45) so that I have something to wear if I want to, plus they are a good size to keep in your hand bag in case you need to freshen up a bit during the day.

These are good - they smell like you'd expect given the titles, they last on you for a good amount of time... erm can you tell I have zero interest in perfumes?? Sorry, no offence intended to TANF perfumes, this is how I feel about all perfumes!

And Finally

The All Natural Face offer SO many different things on their site, all at amazingly low prices. If you are in the UK you can get the stuff shipped to you for about the same price as a local delivery about £3-4 for a small order. I haven't paid any taxes or duties as all my order have been under the £15 threshold.

I really would urge you to check this brand out, their stuff is amazing and the amount of choice is mind boggling! 

I have ordered twice from TANF and I intend to place many, many more orders.

Have you tried this brand before? Do you love their stuff too?

*update* I've placed an order today and found out that they offer a 10% discount off first orders, you can follow this link to benefit: 

Thanks for reading, 
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  1. What a bargain for the squalane oil! Think I'll definitely have to try out that primer - even Concrete Minerals creased on me soooo badly as I didn't use primer :( The Diva Stix sound great too - RACHEL YOU'RE BAD FOR MY PURSE aha! xx

    1. Hee hee!! Sorry!! (#sorrynotsorry)... Concrete Minerals creased?!? What? No way! I have the oiliest lids in the world and I can get some good wear out of them without a primer! Oh man! The Diva Stix are great, can't wait to get more :-) sorry for pushing these products on you like some kinda drug lol xx

  2. Oh God. I'm with Amber, this post is going to be bad for my bank account! Going to have to get a few (loads) of bits now! xx

    1. Ahh... woops! *looks guilty* sorry bout that! But you will love the stuff, I'm sure :-) xx

  3. Haha loving the comments! Agreed, I am always thinking of ordering from TANF thanks to Caitie from Naturalla Beauty, but seeing the conversion prices here and hearing that you manage to fall under the threshold for tax I'm even more tempted!! :)

    1. hee hee, so funny :-) I just placed an order now for a cream blush, an eye shadow, a diva stix AND a liquid eyeliner... total including shipping: £13! SUCH great value.

  4. You have to try the creme blushes! :-) They're my favourite.

    1. I've just placed an order a minute ago and got a cream blush! I've had my eye on them for a while :-) What colour(s) do you have? I ordered dusky rose as I like that one as a powder and I hope it will be a good lip colour too.


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