Three Ways with Honey

May 07, 2014

I want to tell you 'three ways with' some of my favourite 'ingredients', starting with the ones I use the most. This is the third part of my 'three ways with' series. You can read the other two here: Green Tea & Banana 

Honey is an essential part of my skin care routine and for my general health, you can either watch my **video** on this or read on to find out more.

Honey has so many amazing properties but the main things I love about it are that it is a humectant (locks in moisture) and it is anti bacterial. Here are the three main things I love to use honey for:

Washing my Face

If you read my blog or watch my videos regularly you will probably know this but I use honey to wash my face on a daily basis. If I am having a shower I use it in the shower and if I am just having a wash I use it then. As it doesn't take make up off I use it on a 'clean' make up free face so morning suits me best.

It is a humectant so it locks in moisture, leaving your soft feeling so soft and smooth after using it. It has antimicrobrial and antibacterial properties so it helps keep those pesky blemishes away or under control.

Spot treatment/face masks

If I am having a particularly hard time with spots - usually because I've eaten something I shouldn't have or I am really stressing out - then I use honey as a face mask and/or spot treatment. 

I will dampen my face then spread honey across it and leave it on there anywhere between 20 minutes and all evening! Honey does not irritate my skin so I can leave it on for as long as I like. I also like to mix honey in with clay or banana to make a great DIY mask.

If I have a spot that I want gone ASAP I will put some honey on and leave it as long as possible, sometimes overnight although it depends where it is as I don't want to get in a sticky mess! Other days, if I know I am staying home, I will leave honey on all morning/afternoon to help clear it up.


Honey has some great medicinal qualities and properties. Of course I always have plenty in the house (you've all seen my hauls - I currently have five different types of honey) so it is always on hand.

If you have a nasty cut or graze you can put honey on it to stop infections and aid healing. If you suffer from hay fever you can do what I am - I am eating local, raw honey and stirring it into drinks to try and boost my resistance to pollen. I will let you know if it works but if you suffer from the annual hell that is hay fever why not give it a go anyway?! You don't really have anything to lose.

If hubby or I have a cold or a sore throat we stir honey into a cup of (herbal) tea or hot lemon water and that helps soothe and encourage healing. It really does work wonders and when it was cold season I would shake my illness much quicker than colleagues and friends. I think a healthy diet plus honey drinks helped me get well much quicker than 'normal'.

My young daughter (4 years old) had an ulcer the other day and I desperately wanted to help her out and encourage healing but I did not want to put nasty, scary chemicals in her mouth. I racked my brains to think what to do, initially I thought about using coconut oil but then I remembered how great honey is and how nice it tastes... it was just a perfect fit!

To help heal the ulcer quickly I put a small amount of honey onto a clean cotton bud (q-tip) and applied it to the ulcer 2-3 times a day. My daughter was happy to comply and get rid of 'those naughty germs' with yummy honey.

So there you have it, just three of the many ways I love to use honey. How do you use it? Please leave suggestions in the comments section!
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  1. Great tips Rachel :) Really love these posts - I used to use honey to wash my face and really want to start using it again now x

    1. Thank you :-) I'm enjoying writing this series so it's great to hear it's enjoyable to read! I love honey, I don't think I will ever use anything else. I do love my konjac sponge in the evening but honey is my fav :-)

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