DIY Dupe - Crease & Snag Free Hair Tie (fabric)

June 18, 2014

Long standing readers of my blog will recognise this as a re-visit, but my photography and filming skills have (I think) improved a lot since I first posted this and it is such a good DIY I had to share it again!

I will show you again how to make these inexpensive, kind to hair, crease-less hair ties. You can buy these in shops but they will cost you a small fortune, if you're looking for a simple DIY then this is the one for you.

You can watch my video *here* or read on :-)

This post/video is a collaboration with the beautiful, kind spirited Leticia of (blog) Iced Teacia / and (youtube) xo, LoveLeti if you aren't already familiar with her then you need to go 'meet' her. Not only is she lovely but she makes the best, high quality videos. She has been 'cruelty free' for a long time and recently moved to more 'natural' make up and skin care in the past few months so I am sure all you will all enjoy her videos and posts!

Action shot!

Why make these?

Our hair is very fragile and can easily break. How many times have you pulled out a hair tie and seen about 20 strands of hair (at least) attached to it?

Do you hate it when you take your hair out of a pony tail and you are left with a giant bump in your hair?! 

Can you never find a hair tie when you need one? 

These problems will all be solved with these magical hair ties and they will cost you pennies to make! (Do you like my infomercial style?? Am I selling it??)

As these are made of a soft, thick elastic that do not catch on your hair and they will leave less of a crease (or no crease if you have fine hair like mine). To help you always have a tie on hand... you can keep these on your wrist. They make a snazzy addition to your arm candy collection and will always be there for when you need one.


First you need to buy some 'fold over elastic' from either your local craft/sewing shop or eBay. For UK buyers here are some good links: here, here and here. There are lots more on there covering all different styles and colours.

Secondly gather up the required tools:
  • Fold Over Elastic (FOE)
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Measure out the elastic by placing it across you wrist, allowing a reasonable amount each side for your knot.

Cut the elastic to the desired length.

Tie the elastic in a simple knot.

Use a lighter, at a distance, to seal the ends and prevent fraying. Obviously, be careful with the lighter and don't use it unsupervised if you are under 16. The best technique, I find, is to hover the ends about 4-5 cms above the flame, you should see the ends curl up slightly and there may be a bit of smoke. If you want to see how I do it you can watch my video.

And there you go! It's as simple as that. You can make as many as you want, in whatever colours and style you like. 

If you make these please let me know on Twitter or Instagram, I'd love to see them! My twitter handle is @rachmarshall and my instagram is allnaturalaspirations


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  1. Cool DIY Rach, must have a go at this, I hate that kink I get whenever I use a stretchy hair band x

    1. Thanks :-) they're so cheap and easy you may as well give them a go :-)

  2. Have you seen how much are charged for the ready made versions of these. £10 for 5 piddly little bands. Not likely, when they are so cheap and simple to make x

  3. Love the infomercial style, haha! If only I had hair long enough to use these... ;)

    1. cool I sold them to you ;-) you could always make them as gifts :-)

  4. Great DIY post Rachel, love the cute patterns you picked as well :) x

    1. Thank you :-) there are lots to choose from on ebay :-) xx

  5. this is fantastic, well done u! Love it, I've seen these advertised and on YouTube/Blog channels a like, and the prices to purchase are quite high considering, so to make your own is defo the way forward. Loved this, please make more posts like this :-) xx

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you like it :-)
      yep, the shop made ones are ridiculously expensive! DIY is the way forward :-)


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