Giant Haul! Spending Birthday Money!!!!

June 07, 2014

Okay, brace yourself for this! I've been spending like a crazy woman... 

Click *here* to watch my video and see the products in more detail, or read below for a bit of an overview!

Hubby got me this cute little tea pot, cup and saucer set! It's so perfect and I use it everyday.

I also let him know that I really wanted some Pacifica perfume so he got me this Hawaiian Ruby Guava roll on:

He also got me an awesome head massager thingy but you'll have to watch the video to see it!

I needed some new shampoo as I'm not getting on with the Dessert Essence one any more *sigh* so I stopped off at iHerb and bought some Acure shampoo and my first ever Hurraw lip balm (which I love!)

I couldn't believe it when Louise from *Kinder Health and Beauty* tweeted to let me know that I had won her 100% Pure giveaway!

I love the soft, cruelty free Kabuki brush but the white shows up product straight away, I guess it means I will have to keep it really clean! Unfortunately I've found that I don't really get on with the palette. I find the powders very chalky and messy, when you put your brush in they go everywhere (demo on video). I also can't get the eye shadows to show up on my eyes, they are so lacking in pigmentation that they don't show up at all - I've tried them over a white base to see if that helps but no luck. The blush is very powdery and not very pigmented either.

I was really surprised as 100% Pure is a high end brand and normally gets rave reviews. Obviously I am VERY grateful to Louise for her generous gift but unfortunately the palette and I just don't get along. 

The lipstick is another story - highly pigmented, creamy and moisturising I am in love with it! This feels and performs like a high end product and I would certainly purchase more if I was after a new lipstick. I'd love to tell you more about the mascara but I don't want to open it while I have another on the go, I am trying to keep my 'collection' in check and not go too mad with hundreds of things open at the same time. 

Another 'freebie' I got was this fair sized sample of sunscreen, it came with my subscription of Green Parent magazine:

I purchased some practical items from the ONG Natural Bodycare sale: Faith in Nature Face Wipes and Dr Bronner's in peppermint (I am gradually working my way through the different scents!) I also treated myself to this gorgeous Lily Lolo eye shadow as I could not resist the beautiful colour:

Lily Lolo in Pixie Sparkles
Swatch in artificial (studio) light

I placed TWO Brija orders, I got some of my favourite eye shadows and the Stolen Luxuries Highlighter (featured in my Brija GRWM video):

Here are some swatches:

Indoor, no additional lighting, L-R: Highlighter, Brave, Boss, Keith Scott, Yzmopolis, Reindeer

Outdoor, L-R: Highlighter, Brave, Boss, Keith Scott, Yzmopolis, Reindeer
See my pathetic attempt to catch the beauty of this product!

In my second order I just HAD to buy the full size of reindeer (that is 6 out of 7 times I've tried a sample and bought the full size!) I wanted to complete my Power Puff girl eye shadow collection with Bubbly and I was really excited to get my hands on a cream eye shadow (sugar) and the Perk blush: 

Some swatches for you:

Indoor, no extra light, L-R: Yvonne Lip Jelly, Reindeer, Bubbly, Perk Blush and Sugar cream eye shadow

Outdoor,  L-R: Yvonne Lip Jelly, Reindeer, Bubbly, Perk Blush and Sugar cream eye shadow

Of course I had to buy some bits from The All Natural Face as they featured heavily in my Birthday Wishlist post. I placed two orders (to avoid customs charges) and I was happy with everything apart from the pressed foundation (not pictured) - I just don't get on with it, which is such a shame.

I've finally got my hands on a white (milk) Diva Stix and a cream blush, both are brilliant! I've bought the full sized version of my favourite blush (tequila sunrise) and the Green Ice Storm eye shadow that I featured in a recent GRWM. The gel eye liner is a light brown colour and perfect for me, I love it for a softer, everyday look. You can see swatches in my video. 

I also wanted to buy a few bits from Silk Naturals, you will have seen in my Birthday Wishlist post I was keen to get my hands on some of their liquid/cream eye shadows. I did... but I shouldn't have bothered. They do not apply well to my eye lid and they crease like crazy. I've tried them various ways - on their own, over a primer, over a diva stix, over a powder, set with a finishing powder... I was so desperate to love them but they just don't work on my eyes. It's such a shame as they are beautiful colours.

Bronzer Sample, Blush Sample and Free Eye shadow Sample
Bronzer Sample, Blush Sample and Free Eye shadow Sample

Chromatic Cream Eyeshadows in Pashmina & Gramercy, Cream Blush in Amuse

Indoor, no extra light, L-R: Tart blush, Pashmina, Gramercy, Amuse, Tahiti Sweetie, Climax and Vow 

Oudoor, L-R: Tart Blush, Pashmina, Gramercy, Amuse, Tahiti Sweetie, Climax and Vow 

I am not massively impressed with 'Climax' or Vow (free) either! Such a shame! I am in love with the Amuse cream blush and I like 'Tart' blush, which I was sent a small sample of. I may buy the full size of that actually!

I also got some cream eye liners, the colours are beautiful but I found that they are difficult to apply (crumbly and dry) and they don't have much staying power on my eyelids. Oh dear! I didn't have much luck this time, eh? Luckily the brow powder is a good colour match.

Cream eye liner indoor swatches no additional light: L-R Midnight, Amethyst and Peacock
Cream eye liner outdoor swatches: L-R Midnight, Amethyst and Peacock


So that is all that was photo worthy, I mention a few other things and show more swatches in my video so head over there if you'd like to watch that.

Any of those take your fancy? Do you already own any? Have you had the same experience as me with my 'miss' products?

Thanks for reading! 
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  1. What a lovely haul Rachel! You got so many great products - I'm loving Pacifica at the moment and really want to try the Guava scent now :) x

    1. Thanks! I love it, it is very sweet and fruity but it is exactly the kind of scent I love :-) xx

  2. love your haul and your video :) you got so many nice products. The All Natural Face makeup swatches look nice, not heard of that brand before. Thanks for sharing :) xx

    1. thanks, oh you have to try the all natural face, very affordable and high quality! shame they are based in America so customs gets in the way a bit but doesn't stop me! :-)

  3. Wow! And I thought my Whole Foods Market spree was epic. What a fabulous haul Rach, excellent choices. I'm so loving Pacifica perfumes and the Guava scent will be my next purchase having read your thoughts x

    1. haha! this was spread out over a few weeks but I did go a bit mad! :-)


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