Introducing - The Little Alchemist - Australian Organic Skincare

June 29, 2014

"The Little Alchemist was founded on a commitment of purity and excellence."

I love to feature and champion British brands on my blog but I am aware that I have readers all over the world, I have talked about American brands previously and now I am excited to feature an Australian brand: The Little Alchemist.
The lovely Ru of Short Small Sweet is solely responsible for this purchase, I take no ownership of this at all. (He he!)

I saw her re-tweet a special offer that The Little Alchemist were running - free world wide postage (still active at the moment!) I went to the website and was blown away by the beauty of it! I thought the ethos of the brand was spot on and I loved the sound of each and every product. 

This brand is certified: Cruelty Free, 100% Australian Made, Organic Ingredients and the packaging is 100% Recyclable. Just what I look for in a brand! (Accredited Cruelty Free with PETA - a stricter list than most)

Two things caught my eye; the Cacao & Banana Face Glow mask sounded delicious and I really wanted to try the Ultra C Radiance Serum as it features some of my favourite ingredients - Chia Seeds, Rosehip oil, Squalane and lots more. 

These two come in a trial/travel/mini sized pack called Get Your Glow On Kit but at AUD $65 Australian Dollars compared to $16 AD for just the mask I decided to stick to just the mask, I mentioned to the wonderful Natalie that I was really interested in the serum and she kindly (and unexpectedly!) included it in my order! 

My delivery arrived within a couple of days (all the way from Australia!) and it was BEAUTIFULLY packaged, probably the best presentation I've ever experienced. I absolutely loved the brown paper and string package that everything was packed in and then I was even more impressed with the beautiful re-usable drawstring bag that the products came in. 

The samples were in glass containers, perfect miniatures of the full sized products  including labels, pipette dispenser, etc. Top, top marks for presentation to you 'The Little Alchemist'. It's always exciting to receive something in the post but this was a whole new level.

The Cacao & Banana Face Glow Mask

I'll start with this one as I have a bit of a mixed review - don't get me wrong though, please, it is an excellent product. It is packed full of goodness and antioxidant power ingredients and you can really feel it working. It smells amazing and goes on beautifully. As it comes in powder form you have the option to mix it with whatever liquid you think suits your skin/situation best. I love to use honey, distilled water, orange water or rose water for my DIY masks and for this one I chose Organic Orange Water so I could have a Terry Chocolate Orange type experience! Ha ha!

Now, I had done a DIY Cacao mask before and my skin went a bit crazy, I broke out in nasty spots so I decided not to share that one on my channel/blog in case anyone had the same reaction. I had been trying other new skin care at the time so I wasn't sure if it was the mask or the other skin care... I've discovered now that it was probably the cacao in the mask as I had a similar reaction this time. 

Luckily the spots were all quite small and tame, last time they had been really big and painful, they also disappeared within two days so nothing terrible to report - just that I need to steer clear of cacao in skin care from now on, lesson learned!

I really wanted to love this mask and continue to enjoy using it, unfortunately my skin had other ideas. I would still recommend this mask, it is a joy to use and (apart from the spots) my skin looked glowing and renewed, it felt really lovely and plumped up as well. 

You can try the mask out for $16 AUS (£8) if you like, it is a real experience, the smell lasts on your skin for most of the rest of the day. I used mine in the morning and really enjoyed getting a whiff of chocolate now and then throughout the day!

(Anyone who wants my samples just let me know and I can pass it on, there are still a few uses in there and it's a shame to waste a lovely product.)

The Ultra C Radiance Serum* 

This has been a highlight in my skincare routine, it is a truly wonderful serum to use with lovely results. I had a sneaking suspicion I would love this as it contains a lot of my favourite ingredients.

I enjoy the smell of this - very fresh and raw, almost like a mix of raw vegetable smells?! I'm not doing it justice but please take my word for it- it smells nice, very clean, fresh and natural.

This spreads beautifully across the skin, it is very easy to apply and only a small amount is needed for your face and neck. It soaks in very quickly (as you'd expect with Rosehip & Squalane Oil) so you could easily use this in the morning but for my routine I prefer to use this in the evening. 

Let's look at the price: AUS $69.00 for 30ml which is approx £38. I think that is about right, perhaps a bit of splurge initially but it will last a long time as all serums/oils do. (You can become a 'VIP Insider' and get 10% off your first order.) Obviously international shipping and customs charges pushes up the total price for those of us outside of Australia but I think the actual product it's self is very fairly priced considering the quality of the ingredients and compared to similar serums on the market. (FYI Bodhi & Birch Neroli Luce Facial Oil is £32 for 15ml)

I have other oils/serums to use up first but I am strongly considering purchasing the full size as I really enjoy using it.

Have you ever tried anything from The Little Alchemist? What did you think?

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Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. Great post! I also ordered two samples while they were offering free shipping but I have yet to receive mine. Sorry to hear the cacao mask didn't work for you, thank god for samples in those moments :) xx

  2. Great post and introduction to the brand! Both products sound lovely, shame you had a reaction to the cacao though. I definitely want to try something from them in the future, and can't believe the shipping time! x

  3. I always love hearing about new product lines and this sounds like a great brand! It's too bad the mask didn't work out for you, but if you are having a reaction to an ingredient there's not much you can do. I have had similar experiences with ginger - it's so odd. This is a wonderful post and I will definitely be looking into their site and taking advantage of their free postage!

  4. Yes, they have so many great national resources to hand! I have never been but I'd love to go one day, and New Zealand too!
    Yep, I don't hold it against the mask ;-)

  5. It really is wonderful, I fell in love with all the beautiful things on the website. Yep, shame about the mask as I really wanted to keep using it! It's lovely!
    Thank you xx

  6. Thank you :-) they really are both lovely, I am gutted about the mask as it was so nice in every other way.
    Rach xx

  7. Thanks Liz! Ooh what did you order? Yep, very glad I didn't pay full price for something that just isn't right for me, lovely though it is. xx

  8. I ordered the mask as well, and the gel cleanser for oily skin :) xx

  9. carrie jackson29 June 2014 at 22:26

    In love with the packaging! C x

  10. Hi Rach, just wanted to pop by and say thanks for a great review of TLA. I'm sorry to hear about the mask and hope it didn't cause you too much discomfort and I really appreciate your honesty :) I loved the review and thank you for taking the time to trial and review the products x

  11. Hi Liz,

    sorry to hear you have not received your's yet, although I was super surprised when Rach said she had got her's already as it normally takes longer. Hopefully your parcel will turn up soon for you. If you have any issues please don't hesitate to let me know and I will follow up x

  12. Hi Natalie,
    Oh I'm not worried at all :) I ordered something from Austalia once before, and it took about 2 weeks, so I know it's taking some time. I'll let you know as soon as I receive it, thank you for asking though. xx

  13. Lovely brand. Love the design...but havent tried it yet. x

  14. Yep, the design really is brilliant... I love the attention to detail and how even the small samples feature the same design. Thanks for reading :-) x

  15. You are very welcome, it was a very easy review to write and I have really enjoyed using everything (even the mask!) thanks again for the serum, best of luck with your brilliant brand x

  16. I know! I am a sucker for cute packaging! It's not everything for me but if the packaging AND the product are both good then I'm hooked! :-) x

  17. oooh can't wait to read all about it :-) x

  18. I have the exact same problem with the spots with PUMPKIN. Which is such an awesome powerhouse ingredient in so many natural skincare lines, it's a real bummer. Great review, I love the packaging of these products!- Kathryne

  19. oh no! It's so strange isn't it?! and frustrating! I know the packaging totally wins me over! Thanks for reading! Rach xx

  20. Love the packaging its lovely! The mask does sound lovely, I guess most people will have a reaction to one or two ingredients along the least you know what yours is so you can avoid it now! x

  21. Yeah, exactly, it's no reflection of the product! and yep I am certainly glad I know what it is and can avoid it from now on :-) xx

  22. I really wanna try this brand, looks so good! :) xx

  23. It really is a cut above the rest in my opinion, reaching the end of my chia serum sample and growing anxious... I may have to buy the full size! thanks for reading xx


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