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June 18, 2014

Yep... you're reading that correctly... it's YET another post about what I've been buying. Honestly, this has to stop, I have a problem! I am going to try and make an effort to use up what I have before buying more... no official No Buy in place (as I always fail them miserably) but I am going to try and shop less. (Until the trip to London in July at least!)

This post is a super exciting one for me as it contains the first items I have been sent 'as a blogger' which is amazing. The fact that brands are happy for me to feature their products on my site and want me to work with them is such a huge compliment and very exciting.

Anything sent for consideration will have a star next to them * so that it's clear. Also if I feature anything on my Twitter or Instagram I will also use a star * on those as well.

The pictures for this won't be the best as I've done this primarily as a video which you can watch by clicking *here*.

Brija Cosmetics 

I've got my first ever lip gloss from Brija (I love it) plus the brilliant Hula dupe bronzer Hoola Hoop (clever name eh?) and glittering assemblage cream eyeshadow. Pics from my Instagram.

Red Apple Lipstick*

I'm very excited to have been sent the Red Apple Z-palette*, the Mint 2 Be Honey Badger Lip Gloss*, two eye shadows* and a lipstick sample. 

Early first impressions are great - very smooth, buttery and long lasting shadows plus a really lovely lip gloss. I will cover these in more detail very soon!

Bodhi and Birch*

I made the most of their sale by ordering YET more shower therapies (I am addicted) and then I was very kindly offered the Mint The Temple Balm* and Flora Paradiso De-stress massage & Body Oil*. My order also included free samples of the body moisturiser and Neroli Luce facial oil, lucky me! I can't wait to talk about these more in a separate post.


The greeny-blue set (inbox plus drawer) and the pen holder are both from the Martha Stewart range at Staples - buy one get on free so I paid under £15 for the whole lot! The acrylic container is from Ebay, I think it was about £11 for the drawers and the organiser on top - much cheaper than Muji... but you can tell!

If you want to see more of what I've been buying please watch my video!

Thanks for reading,
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  1. So many lovely things. You got a real bargain with your storage. The Flora Paradisa is heavenly x

    1. Thanks Karen :-) I do love a bargain :-) xx

  2. Lovely parcel from Bodhi and Birch!!! xx

    1. Have you tried them before? They are skin care magicians!! :-)

  3. Oh my god I read this and thought NOT AGAIN aha!! But then I realised it was the same stuff as in your video...I was started to get really worried that you hadn't eaten all month cause you'd spent so much on makeup haha!! 5 body're starting to become like me!! I am yet to try my Bodhi one..I think I need to soon! Your storage looks great! I have one of those acrylic holders but from Home Sense & it was £12.00 booooo, should have gone to ebay!

    1. Haha! No, my scheduling has been all over the place for some reason, posts just popping up on random days... dunno why!! Think things got a bit hectic there but I am back on top of it now! :-)
      Yep you defo need Bodhi in your shower, it gets me up in the morning! :-)
      Rach xx

  4. Great haul, the red apple products always look so nice, really need to try something from them! The Martha Stewart drawers are lovely, I think I need them! x

    1. I'm actually expecting a little bit more from Red Apple, I can explain all in my next post about them but I am working with them to come up with a more affordable international shipping policy! I have been emailing them about it this week and can't wait to tell all when something is decided :-) xx

  5. I'm absolutely lusting after Brija products right now...

    1. Did you grab anything in the sale? xx

  6. Neroli Luce is my FAVOURITE! With caps, because it's that good! Love the size of that z palette too xx

  7. He, he he! Love reading your haul posts, I'm trying to save my pennies for LNLO so getting my kicks through your spending sprees instead! Very nice selection again, especially the Bodhi & Birch x


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