My (newly found) Expensive Taste

June 02, 2014

Did you see my recent Instagram picture?

I had pushed these samples to the back of my draw - to be honest I have a bit of an 'issue' with expensive or high end products. I get annoyed that they cost so much and I never normally think that they are worth the hype... or the price. I resent paying 3-4 times the price for something that I can buy for less that works just as well or even better.

Then I tried these particular products... and fell in love with them! 

I won't get into whether these products are 'worth' their high price tags because that is not black and white/yes or no. But, I will say that they are all extremely effective and they are all made to the highest standards with the best possible ingredients.

Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner (£27 each for 275ml):

I had seen people rave about this before and, to be perfectly honest, I would roll my eyes or even giggle when people mentioned that use this as their shampoo. I would think with an air of derision: 'You pay how much to wash your hair?' Now I stand corrected. If you have the disposable income to purchase this shampoo then I can totally see why you would.

I am a mum and I have a low paid, part time job. I certainly do not have spare cash lying around... but if I did I genuinely think I would buy this! At first I did not think it worked well, it did not seem to lather up and my hair didn't feel clean after two shampoos so I used up the whole sample in one go by doing a third wash. I was not overly keen on the smell of the conditioner, it's not bad but it's not nice either. Then I stepped out of the shower and even while my hair was still wet it felt different... lighter and cleaner but also fuller somehow. As I let it air dry as normal I was amazed to see the extra shine and bounce it had whilst feeling light as a feather. 

I think I will buy the travel size set next time I am feeling flush and use this as a 'boost' to my hair once a month.
Picture from Naturisimo - £27

Bodhi and Birch Mint Thé Refreshing Bath and Shower Therapy (£23 for 250ml)

Yet another product that I scoffed at! I would say to myself, 'You think I'm going to pay that much for something you wash straight off?!' BUT I fell in love with this product the instant I used it. 

The minty freshness of the peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus are perfect for waking me up during my morning shower while also leaving my skin *literally* silky smooth. I couldn't stop running my hand up and down my arm, I think I may have actually said 'Ohhh' out loud!

Again, this is not one that I could justify using on a daily or very regular basis. After much deliberation I decided that I would spend my birthday money on this and use it no more than once a week. 

I was delighted when I realised that Bodhi & Birch have a big sale on at the moment due to their re-branding and luckily the shower gel I wanted was down to £11.50, less than half price! Of course, that is still expensive for a shower gel but this really does feel like something more than that. Bodhi & Birch were correct when they called it a 'shower therapy' because it is so much more of an experience than just a shower gel.

One Love Organics Skin Saviour Balm (£52 for 105ml/3.5oz) & Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum (£49 for 24ml/0.8oz)

I recently purchased the OLO 'essentials' sample pack as Brianna from 'ILUVJESSE444' on YouTube always raves about using the Morning Glory serum as a primer. I do enjoy using it as a primer, she is right it does work well, but as I don't often wear foundation I often skip primer (gasp!) and so I don't feel like I need one, especially not an expensive one.

Everything in the set was nice to use but the real stand out, extra special products for me were the Skin Saviour Balm and the Love Springs Eternal Serum. The serum is one of those products that catches you off guard. It looks like any other oil but as you apply it you can instantly feel an improvement in your skin - it immediately feels plumped and softer. 

Although I could rave about this all day long I (personally) can't see that I would ever pay that price, especially as this is something to use everyday. I will continue to use my TANF Olive Squalane Oil (which is also excellent at a fraction of the cost) and try to forget my lost love, 'the one that got away'.

Image from the One Love Organics website

The Saviour Balm is also amazing, it smells delicious (to me) and is the best facial moisturiser I have ever used, bold statement I know! I have seen such an improvement in my skin since using this, my complexion seems more even, my skin smooth and soft and you only need to use a tiny bit, a little goes a long way. OLO state that this is a multi purpose product; cleansing balm, hair treatment or moisturiser but if I am paying a lot of money for something I want it to stay on my face! Which is one of the many reasons why I would use it as an over night moisturiser. 
image from the One Love Organics website

You can buy this one in the 'discover' size at £27 for 39ml. Personally, that would be enough for me - I will use this sparingly and make it last. I think I will treat myself to this soon... I just need to work my self up to it!

Tea Pigs - Peppermint & others

This is such a blogger cliché but I really do love Tea Pigs tea. I avoided trying them for ages as I thought they were ridiculously over priced and I couldn't see that they could be that nice... Oh how wrong I was!

Pic from my Instagram
I happened to try the peppermint tea after a family meal out at a rather posh restaurant (parents were paying, they offered - it was a special occasion) and I was blown away by it! It is so full of flavour, so smooth and so delicious. You know how all to often a herbal/fruit teas smell amazing but the actual tea tastes bland and flavourless? You will never experience that with Tea Pigs - what it says on the box is what you get in your mouth!

I buy my Tea Pigs either on line directly from their site or from Waitrose. If they have the flavour you like in loose tea leaves I suggest you buy that as it works out much more affordable. 

Pic from my Instagram

I have no more than two cups of Tea Pigs in a week and they are my special treat... and it really is a treat! I sit down and savour them - I never make them when Maddie is around!! 

So what do you think? Have you tried any of these brands? Do you love them? Would you be willing to pay these high prices?
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  1. A little occasional indulgence if the bank balance will stand it is good for the soul. I am a newly converted Bodhi zealot and thanks to winning Jen Greenskincare's giveaway and the re-branding sale, I am now stocked up on enough Bodhi shower gels for many, many bath and showers - yay! I don't mind paying for the occasional high end product if it works really well, it's the ones that don't perform any better than the more bargainacious products that really annoy me x

    1. Agreed.. thing is I am always treating myself to lots of other things too! oops! Also agree that it is 'worth it' if the product performs really well - like all the ones I featured! xx

  2. I have to admit, Mint The is quite possibly my favourite. I use it sparingly and mostly after exercise in the shower but I also use it in the bath and woowee, sore muscles be gone! Every time I use it it feels like a treat. Elijah is a blending hero!
    Not tried anything from either Rahua or OLO (shock horror!) but I do love tea pigs xx

    1. It is a real treat, it's hard to explain but it is a really special experience! Rach xx

  3. I don't mind paying for 'high end' skincare if it delivers, but I am always on the hunt for cheaper alternatives that work just as well! Personally i dont mind splurging (now and then!) on good skincare, rather than say makeup. I haven't tried the teapigs teas, although i do always eye them have convinced me to try them, I think i will pick one up.x

    1. Haha! I may have just begun an obsession! I always assumed that they got a lot of hype for no reason or because people liked the *idea* of an expensive tea but even my cynical husband agrees they blow other teas out of the water! Rach xx

  4. I agree with the others. We all need a treat from time to time and should not feel guilty about it. I'm now off to Bodhi's website

  5. Oh, crap. You may have just sold me the mint shower gel...

    1. ha ha! Oops, sorry! (not sorry - you'll love it) x

    2. They didn't ship to Sweden :( Good for my wallet, bad for me! :P x

  6. Haha loved reading this! I'm the same although I am more swayed to more expensive products.....always have always will its the way I am haha! I have the Oskia cleanser and its over £30 but its just incredible and works so well. Whenever I use another cleanser now I just get sad :( I have a Bodhi shower gel - I agree with you I wouldn't pay £23 for one but I got it on Cutecosmetics for £10 so it wasn't as bad - haven't tried it yet though! I'm really tempted by the Rahua shampoo...hmmmm too much choice!!!

    1. Ha ha! So many things, so much money!! argh! Such a first world problem lol. I am exactly the same, I want to try EVERYTHING! xx


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