The Core Kitchen - Raw Menu Taster Evening

June 13, 2014

I was very excited when I heard that my local Juice Bar, The Core, were running taster evenings of their up coming raw food restaurant: The Core Kitchen.

I've filmed me getting ready and the rest of the evening in two videos, you can watch those on my channel if you like.

I absolutely loved my evening at The Core Kitchen. As ever with The Core the staff were amazingly friendly and welcoming, downstairs there was a great atmosphere as soon as we walked in; live music and lots of excited chatting.

We were served a delicious Mojito Twist (I guess the twist was no alcohol??), it was one of the nicest drinks I've ever had in my life and I savoured every last drop of it. After some milling and chilling we headed up stairs to await our raw food.

Both (my friend) Tracy and I had ordered the same starter: courgette noodles with avocado and basil pesto. The texture of this was perfect - the 'noodles' had the perfect bite of al dente pasta while the sauce had a smooth creaminess to it. I personally found the Apple Cider Vinegar in the sauce was a bit over powering for me personally although no one else seemed bothered by it. The lady next to me had a Marinaded Portobello Mushroom & Cucumber Stack which she said was 'the best thing she had ever tasted in her life'. It looked delicious so I'm sure she was telling the truth!

The starters were followed by a Zinger Shot - yummy juice with lots of ginger. I was classy all the way and downed mine in one... you will see in the video I did have a little taste of it first and found the ginger a bit strong! Ha ha! My face was priceless.

Main course was Raw Lasagne with Tomato Chips and Cashew Cheese. Both Tracy and I had this too, we both enjoyed it and again it was beautifully presented. I wasn't a fan of the cashew cheese, I found it very overpowering, but obviously I have a delicate palette as everyone else dove in!

We had a third juice between mains and dessert which was an interesting cucumber and kiwi concoction called a Mint Cleanser. I enjoyed it but it made my lips tingle and feel fuzzy... I think this was because the Kiwi was juiced whole, skin and all. I was so excited for dessert and I got real plate envy when I say what Tracy was having - a delicious Raw Chocolate and Banana Cheesecake that looked (and tasted) amazing. I had an Apple and Date Crumble. Again, I found the flavours really strong and I struggled to finish mine - although it was delicious it was very difficult to finish because of the distinctive flavours. I guess it shows how much of the goodness and flavour we normally cook out of our foods!

After all the food was finished Kris (owner of The Core) got up to speak to us, thanking Jay and his team (I'll pop more info in here soon) and introducing Russell James of The Raw Chef who spoke to us about his journey with raw food and the two day raw food class he will be running right here in my home town!

The night was topped off by my favourite bit - peppermint tea. I was blown away by the simple yet delicious flavours of this soothing tea - it's seems obvious now but I did not know that I could just use peppermint leaves and water instead of expensive tea blends! Well, now I know I will not be buying peppermint tea ever again! 

Overall it was a magical, exciting, delicious and amazing evening. The passion of Kris, Russell and the Core team were palpable and infectious, I came away with a renewed focus on simpler, healthier living and I hope to be back again soon.

I can't wait for The Core Kitchen to open, I'll be one of the first to book a table. If you are anywhere near Swindon you need to make a bee-line there as well, tell them Rachel sent you!
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Where to find out more about The Core

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  1. Looks like you had a really fun time! I'd love to have somewhere like this near to me!

    1. It was sooooo fun! And so interesting as well! I can't wait for the restaurant to actually open so I can go again :-) xx


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