Updated Skin Care Routine

June 09, 2014

I'm really happy with my skin care routine at the moment - I feel I have found the perfect balance for me and wanted to share it just in case you are looking to change up your routine a bit.

I've also done a video chatting about this subject, if you want to you can watch it by clicking *here*.


Cleanse face with *honey* - if I'm in the shower I also pop it on my chest and underarms.

Wash all over with DIY body wash - a mix of Dr Bronner's, oils and water.

Depending on my mood I moisturise with either TANF 100% Pure Vegan Squalane Oil (current favourite), Rosehip oil or my Bloom Remedies moisturiser. 

If I have any blemishes I apply my Laidbare 'spot the difference' spot treatment - this is light enough to be worn in the morning and under make up. if any of the blemishes are particularly bad I use *silver spray* on them to help clear them up.

I try to remember to moisturise the rest of my body after a shower but this doesn't always happen! If it does, I switch between pure coconut oil (very effective) and the (amazing) Peppy Galore Vanilla Ice Cream Body Mousse.

For deodorant I use the *Salt of The Earth crystal deodorant* (love) but I also use the Soapwella deodorant for it's smell and moisturising effect. I'm not convinced I'll re-purchase as it is pretty pricey and it hasn't blown me away yet but it is nice to use so I don't regret buying it and I'm happy to keep using it.


I take my make up off in the early evening using almond oil and a hot flannel. You can watch me 'get un-ready' by clicking *here*.

Before I go to bed I use my *Konjac Sponge* (currently using the charcoal one) without any cleanser, I love how it works on it's own so don't feel the need for anything else.

I like to use a 'heavier' oil in the evening so I use pure avocado oil on my face and neck. It took me a while to get over the smell but I'm so used to it now it doesn't bother me at all.

If I have any blemishes then I use tea tree oil in the evening and silver spray if I need it.


I do have two toners that I use occasionally if I feel I need them. One is pure, organic rose water - I think I will use this more in the summer. I also made a *DIY Green Tea and ACV toner* that I feel works really well if my skin is being troublesome - which is less and less these days! Yay!

I used to use *DIY sugar scrubs* and lip scrubs more over the winter but I don't feel I need them too much at the moment.

I have a few favourite DIY masks that I enjoy doing every so often: The *clay* or *banana* ones are my go-to masks. 

I use my *DIY Lip Balm* twice a day, after brushing my teeth. I've been using this for over a year now and will never, ever change it!

I feel like I have quite a simple routine but it works well for me and I've been following it for a few months now, seeing great results.

What about you? How does your routine compare? Leave links below please!
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  1. May have to try your D.I.Y lip balm my lips have been terrible a lately and I seem to be having reactions to just about everything and anything I put on them! (Not sure why they never used to be like this :() I think it's good that your skin cares simple I recently stripped back my skincare too and it's the best it's looked in ages. I'm definitely picking up the facial oil…I'm intrigued :) X


    1. oh no! Yes give the DIY ago, or try Hurraw lip balms, they are the only other kind I will use on my sensitive lips. They are really affordable and available from quite a few different places.
      Simple is better isn't it! you will love the oil, it is like no other, so quick to absorb yet so moisturising, it's my step up from rosehip (which you use don't you?)
      Rach xx

  2. Love ur skincare routine. So natural. :) Thanks for sharing xx

    1. Thank you! and thanks for reading! :-) xx


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