Bodhi & Birch Review - Huge Hits & Some 'Hmms'

July 03, 2014

It will come as no surprise to you, dear reader, that I am fully aboard the Bodhi & Birch love train, I'm not the only one. Many of my blogger friends also rave about this brilliant brand and the Bodhi & Birch love train picks up passengers and momentum every day. 

It is a real delight to find a brand that is so beautifully crafted down to every last detail. The care and passion that goes into each item they produce is clear to see and the quality and effectiveness of their products speak for themselves. To try them is to love them.

Having said that, as my title suggests, not everything works perfectly for everyone. I couldn't call this 'hits & misses' as I don't think Bodhi & Birch have ever made a miss product, just a couple of things are more 'hmm' than 'ahh!' for me personally. We are all different with different tastes, skin types and budgets. I wanted to go over every item I have tried and explore them with you so that you might find your perfect match too. 

Bohdi & Birch Mint Thé Shower & Bath Therapy

You will not be surprised (if you read my expensive taste post and/or my June favourites) to hear that I have only amazing things to say about this product. It is not just good, it is amazing, life changing even... for me to say that about a shower gel just goes to show the level of expertise with which this product was produced.

The scent is amazing, so strong and all encompassing yet somehow not over powering. I love to use this in my morning shower. It wakes me up, sets me up in the right frame of mind for the day and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth.

I use a shower puff and a little goes a long way. While this is a splurge at full price (£23) it was very fairly priced at £11.50 while on sale. I am sure I will buy a replacement at full price when mine runs out as it will last a very long time and it is just too good not to have in my life!

Galangal Spice Bath & Shower Therapy & Rosemary Chi Bath & Shower Therapy

Both of these I have only sniffed, not actually used but I love both of the scents already. Galangal spice is very aptly named, it does indeed have a peppy, spice element to it that I can't wait to experience in the shower. I bought the rosemary Chi one as I loved the smell of the moisturiser, a strong and distinctive smell that is also very subtle and calming at the same time! That's the thing about Bodhi & Birch scent's- they are so complex and often the different elements contradict each other whilst also complimenting perfectly! While it makes it a delightful product to use it does make it very difficult to explain them - you just have to experience them for yourself to understand.

Neroli Luce Face Oil*

While this says it is a two week sample I found it lasted much longer than that. Bodhi & Birch advise using it morning and night to see improvements in your skin. This was a 'hmm' for me rather than a 'huge hit'. I know that most people who have tried this have fallen in love with it, unfortunately it was not the case for me. I found it lovely to use and it left my skin feeling wonderful with no heavy or greasy sensation but I did not care much for the smell and I think it gave me spots... After about 3 days of using it twice a day I started to come up with small, white headed spots which were different to my usual blemishes (which are few and far between now thanks to my current skincare routine - yay!) 
I stopped using the oil for a bit to let my skin settle down and to see if it was hormones causing the blemishes and when I returned to using it I stuck to just evening applications. I did enjoy the oil, it left my skin feeling beautiful so I continued to use it up. I wonder if it was maybe it is a bit heavy for my skin type?

Also, some of the main ingredients are completely new to me - seabuckthorn, jojoba, apricot kernel, evening primrose, frankincense and neroli are all brand new oils to me so I don't know if it was one or a combination of all that didn't sit well on my skin but unfortunately this is just not right for me or my skin.

I do, however, want to try the Desert Rose oil as this has my tried and true rosehip oil in it, although this is not really aimed at my skin type I still want to try it out... maybe when I order my Mum some Temple Balm I will pick up a travel size of the Desert Rose oil...

All of the body lotions

Unfortunately this is another 'hmm' for me. I do not find them to be anything particularly miraculous that justifies the large price tag. While they all smell beautiful - as you'd expect from Bodhi & Birch - they just didn't seem to do anything special for my skin. 


I have nothing negative to report, they did moisturise and hydrate my parched legs and smelt nice in the process but I just can't stretch to the price... I'm perfectly happy with some coconut oil or a DIY butter.

As I've placed a few orders with Bodhi & Birch recently I have a number of the moisturisers in deluxe sample size that I don't want to waste - instead I love using them as hand creams. They smell lovely and they soak in right away so they are perfect for that job!  

Flora Paridiso De-stress Massage & Body Oil*

This is another 'hmm' for me... It's not that it's bad, it really is a lovely oil that smells beautiful and really does 'de-stress' you... But again it's that price tag. Call me stingy, cheap skate, etc but I'm just not one to spend that kind of money unless I'm blown away by a product. I can completely see why it is the price it is, I'm not saying it's over priced - the ingredients are impeccable and the blend is imaginative as it is effective... but it's just not something I would personally buy.

It it is excellent for massages - you only need the smallest amount of it for a back massage and although it doesn't feel greasy you still find your hand gliding easily and smoothly, even after a good few minutes. It fascinates me that it seems to soak in quickly yet you don't need to top up in the middle of a ten minute massage (timed on my phone's stopwatch, while I begrudgingly lovingly massaging the hubby so that he will massage me back out of the goodness of my heart!)


Having said all that... I just can't justify the price. If you are into your luxurious skin care in beautiful packaging then this is perfect for you. It feels luxurious, it looks luxurious, it leaves your skin feeling amazing, it comes in a stylish dark glass bottle and it does help reduce your stress levels both through it's beautiful, subtle scent and the act of massaging it in... BUT I just don't want to spend £38 on an oil. I will happily use plain coconut oil instead. No, it won't be the same, but personally I want to splurge in other areas. 

Bohdi & Birch Mint Thé Temple Balm*

I've saved the best 'till last! This is, in my opinion, an essential item for any 'natural' person to own - if you don't like to pop pills at the first sign of a slight headache then this is for you.

On the website Bodhi & Birch proudly claim that this temple balm can 'provide relief of tension headaches, soothe travel sickness and ease muscular aches and pains.' Not only that but also, 'Its potent antiseptic and remedial properties work to alleviate minor skin irritations, including insect bites.' I can confirm all of these and attest to the magical healing power of this wonderful balm. I did not realise how much I needed this product until I tried it. I think I will buy some for my Mum as she suffers from headaches and stresses like I do and I think she will benefit hugely from it too.

I am very prone to travel sickness, I always feel a bit shaky when I get out of the car after a long journey. We travelled to a family garden party nearly two hours away and a tiny bit of this rubbed on my wrists plus some deep breathing helped me survive my husband's driving! I have also been having a lot of stress related headaches with all the changes and troubles that come with leaving work so this has been a saviour for me. A big glass of water, a small amount of the balm rubbed into my temples and a few deep breaths sorts me out, getting me back to normal so I can continue running around after my young daughter, answering her million questions and generally keeping up with her.

I will not hesitate to purchase this when I need more - at £15 for 15g you may think this sounds expensive but I can promise you it is not, it is a very fair price in my opinion. As it is such a powerful product you only use a minuscule amount each time so it will last you hundreds of applications. 

So there you have it, my low down on everything I have tried from Bodhi & Birch. Next on my list is the hand serum (uhhh- sounds amazing) and the desert rose facial oil. I have also heard amazing things about the salt scrub... okay, okay!! Lets, be honest, I want to try everything!!

I really have fallen head over heels in love with this amazing British brand, they have a life long place in my heart and like the crazed Bodhi addict I have become I keep 'pushing' their products on everyone I know! I think everyone needs the temple balm in their life and at least one of the shower therapies, in whatever their favourite scent is. 

I eagerly await any new releases and use all my will power not to place yet another order... at least for a short while anyway.

Do I even need to ask you your thoughts on Bodhi & Birch??
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  1. This review is just what I needed! Still need to make my first purchase for Bodhi products!

  2. Thanks Amber, I hope it was useful :-) Oh you are going to love them when you finally try them... I'd say go for what you think you would like, I kinda knew I'd like the Mint The stuff, especially the balm but I'm not much of a facial oil (mix) person, so I guess your instinct is normally right :-) thanks for reading! xx

  3. Yay! We both have great taste ;-) hee hee! I'm sure you will love the temple if you enjoy the shower gel :-) xx

  4. Really enjoyed reading this - as you say, it's not a sure thing that everyone will love a product with our differing skin, tastes and budgets. I have tried some of the products that you've loved and a couple of your hmms. For me, I think I agree on the lotions - I'm not a huge fan of lotions at the best of times, and although the scents are lovely, I prefer some of the other products available. The desert rose is definitely worth a try if you get a chance - I love it. I am soooo tempted by the Galangal Spice, it sounds right up my street. :) x


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