#FieldTripTour - Green Beauty Bloggers Take Over London

July 13, 2014

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick round up of the Field Trip Tour - when a big group of us green beauty bloggers took over London! 

I plan to do a 'haul' video and post later this week, today is just a quick overview of what we did and where we went. Sorry it won't be very detailed, I was so swept up with the excitement of the day that I forgot to take photos most of the time! 

It was an early start to the day, out of the door (leaving a teary eyed Maddie) at 7.30 am, bouncing into Jen's (Jen's Green Skin) car ready for our adventure.

The train was on time, the journey uneventful AND we managed to get the tube to our meeting place... yay us. My group included the awesome Mayah of Call It Vanity (the ones who organised it all!) Me, Jen, the glamorous Katie (What Katie Rates), the beautiful Tania (Bow Tied Beauty), the hilarious Sarah (Sugarpuffish), the dedicated came-from-another-country-for-the-day Liz (Smells Like a Green Spirit) and the lovely Hephzibah (Good For Me, Good For You).

After what seemed like the longest walk in the world we arrive at Content Beauty/Well Being. A tiny boutique shop that I have purchased from before but only online. Their site is here

I was amazed at how many amazing brands this small shop stocks - every high end, natural brand you can think of and a few more!

I was instantly drawn to the make up section. I ended up buying two RMS items... you will have to stay tuned for my next goodies video/post to find out what! (Cliff hanger!)

We were given an incredibly generous gift bag from Content - I was blown away by their generosity, not only that but I had a pleasant surprise at the till when my purchases came to less than expected as they gave us a discount.

RMS Eye shadow swatches
After Content we had a walk followed by a hot and sweaty bus ride across London to Nature and Co. 

I was in mineral make up heaven eyeing up the Alima Pure make up - as I had already splashed out on the RMS goodies I didn't want to spend any more on high end make up just yet but it was very nice to see it 'in person' along with other great brands like Dr Hauschka and some 3/5 free nail varnish brands like Butter London.

We headed across the road to Wholefoods and met the other group for lunch. We took over the food court and marvelled at the food selection. There was a brilliant choice of food and everything I had tasted delicious.

I got to try the Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk that Sarah (Sugarpuffish) talks so highly about and I can say it did not disappoint! Sorry I don't have a photo as I was too busy enjoying it to photograph it! (If you don't know what I mean, link is here)

After an all to brief catch up with the other group they were on their way to their next shop and we headed down stairs. Even though I have just been to the LNLO show I can still say that Wholefoods had the most natural beauty, make up, skin and hair care that I had ever seen in my life! I mean, they had 5 different brands of natural sunscreens and different varieties within those brands! I really was in heaven and so were the other girls.

I was very restrained and only purchased a Hurraw Lip Balm (SPF) and a wholefoods bag. It was almost painful not to buy anything else!

We met an awesome woman who examined our skin with one of those special machines you see on 10 Years Younger and other make over shows. Apparently my skin's not that bad but I was a bit shocked by my own face!

I loved the idea of Bath Salts in metal buckets for you to pick yourself:

After that we trekked across London to Beauty Mart - by this point we had lost a few members of the team who had to go home early and we were all pretty tired! Unfortunately Beauty Mart didn't have many natural brands as their stock rotates and changes all the time but it was still nice to get to see another bit of London... Although we got swarmed by giant, flying ants. Ew.

At this point we said goodbye to our awesome host and one half of the brains behind the operation, Mayah of Call It Vanity. Our group severely diminished we headed back to Paddington to grab some food before heading home.

Maddie had decided she wasn't going to sleep until she saw me so her smiling face greeted me and Jen when Hubby picked us up from the station. We dropped Jen off and then finally got back home at gone 8pm... over a 12 hour day!

I was exhausted but excited, my feet were killing me (still are now) and I decided this was the perfect excuse to use my Bathing Beauty Pop! tablet. I filled an old washing up bowl with warm water then enjoyed the fizzing treat and marvelled at how my sore feet 'healed' in the water and how soft they felt after. I will be stocking up on those for myself and definitely giving them as gifts!

All in all an amazing day with wonderful people, what an opportunity and an experience. Huge thank you to the Call It Vanity girls who masterminded it all, particular thanks to Content for our special treatment and lots of love to the girlies that I shared the day with - I really loved meeting you all and hope to see you again soon. 

I look forward to reading everyone's posts, leave links please! Goodies (haul) video and post will be up early next week.


This post does not include any products sent for consideration. (although the Pop! foot soak was a sample/gift from George at Bathing Beauty)
The links are not affiliated.
All opinions are honest and my own, any suggestions made are based on my own experiences and are meant as a guide. Please always take care when making any DIY products and patch test to rule out an adverse reaction.


  1. Yeah the flying ants were out in force yesterday, I noticed it happens a lot on hot days in London. It was good to meet with you if only briefly. I am crossing my fingers and toes that we will get to do this again xx

  2. It was so lovely to meet you! It was such a great day. And thanks for the description - don't think I have ever been described as 'glamorous' in my life!! x

  3. And you! :-) haha, really? I think you are the epitome of glamour!! x

  4. I hope it becomes an annual thing! Every summer :-) xx

  5. Sounds like a you had a blast! Cant wait to see what you purchased. Love the new look of the blog by the way, it looks brilliant.x

  6. Dedicated or crazy, I'm still unsure haha ;-) But it was definitely worth it! It was great to meet you Rach, and that Bathing Beauty Pop tablet looks amazing, definitely came in handy. xx

  7. can we just all meet every week at Whole Foods for lunch? Great to see you again Rach & hope we can meet again soon :)

  8. Wow this looks like such fun! And wowieee those RMS eyeshadows they look beautiful :D xx


  9. Great to see you again & you managed to take some great photos, I'm such a bad blogger I kept forgetting. Love POP it's a simple but effective product :)

  10. Yep you too... at least you got some pics of food! I never did, oops! x

  11. Ah it was... and they are! I will be reporting soon on longevity as they are cream so maybe not the longest lasting but such brilliant ingredients and colours... ahhh swoon! :-) xx

  12. haha! One of the two! ;-) So great to meet you too! And yes it saved my poor feet! xx

  13. WE HAD THE BEST DAY! I'm loving reading everyone's posts xx

  14. We really did! It was amazing and we HAVE to do it again :-) (I'm on it!)

  15. It was so cool! I have seen them on TV and always wanted a go!! :-)
    Thanks, Ria did a great job with the design didn't she :-) xx

  16. The face scanner was only for the cool kids ;-) pahaha only joking ;-)
    It was awesome to meet you too! Can't wait to see you again in October! xx

  17. Brilliant post - and some excellent comments below! It was sooo much fun meeting you - definitely can't wait to do it again xx

  18. Oh! It looks like I didn't reply to you although I thought I had! Sorry! We had an amazing time thank you, and thanks for the feedback on the blog - I love how fresh and clean it is :-) thanks for reading x

  19. Thank you :-) yep not long now, I know we have reading planned but I want to go to London again soon with everyone. Maybe early next year?! xx

  20. karen calladine19 July 2014 at 18:55

    I would love to have my face scanned too. Looks like you had a great time x

  21. It was so cool! I'm really glad I had that opportunity :-) xx


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